Official Reports

Report to EB, July 2009

A virtual repeat of the 2008 Annual Report, highlighting issues that is hoped the EB will discuss and agree on a way forward.more

Development Report 2009

Highlights use of the Oceaniasport system, the need for Monitoring and evaluation and much much more..more

Development Report 2008

For presentation to the 2009 AGM to be held in Queenstown, New Zealandmore

Development Report 2007


Development Report 2005-2006

This is one of the more detailed Development Reports Written for ONOC representingthe beginnign of a new Quadrenniel it seeks approval for a series of recommendations covering topics such as Oceaniasport, National Games, Dart Fish and other new Technologies, Games Support Programs and the need t promote our educatin programs from within the Region including progress on the development of the OSEPmore
Executive Meeting Melbourne 2006

Executive Meeting - 18th November 2006, Melbourne,

The following summarises developments since the ONOC Meeting of April 2006:

Matters Highlighted include:

Oceaniasport, Communications, The Oceania Foundation, The Oceania Sport Education Program (OSEP), The Talent ID Program, National Games, and much more.more

Development Report 2003-2004


2003 SPG Results Centre Report

The Birth of Oceaniasport.

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