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2009 Annual General Meeting

A new era dawns with the hand over of the ONOC Presidency to Dr Robin Mitchell and new Secretary General Ricardo Blas. This is the first time in the history of the ONOC that its two most senior positions have been held by Pacific Islanders.

Another Gem From Goldsmith

Another Gem of thought from Wayne Goldsmith.

We all need to take heed of the thought behind this article and get serious about what we are trying to achieve.

Winning Aint Easy

In this article, posted originally on My Sport Page we take a look at winning medals at the Olympic Games.

The reality is an Olympic Medal is pretty darn hard to come by and so there has to be more.

Well there is. For every competing athlete at the Games who completes their event in whatever place, they earn the title of 'Olympian'. It is a special title, one that should be earned with good decision making, dedication, sweat and sheer hard work on top of talent and an ounce of luck.

As you will see in this article, the medal winners are a pretty exclusive club, but one where the fun is in gaining entry.

Wayne Goldsmith Tells it Like it Is.

In sport, there are no excuses. You turn up, you perform and you get a result. That result is recorded and becomes history but with an expectation that that if you have performed well, history will repeat itself and that if you have not done so well, you will go back to the paddock and work very hard so that history doesn't repeat itself.

The following article from Wayne Goldsmith really sums it up.

In sport, there are no excuses, only challenges...

2nd Meeting of Olympic Solidarity Offices

Meeting Opened By Mario Vasquez Rana
25 October 2006

Dennis Miller and Brian Minikin were priviledged to attend the second meeting of Olympic Solidarity Offices, in Mexico City from 25 - 27 October 2006.

The purpose of these meetings is to develop a common policy for implementing and administering Olympic Solidarity Programs and better coordinate the formats of planning and reporting as well as evaluating effectively the outcomes of projects....

Oceania Sport Education Program - Getting There

10 October 2006

As the Australian government funded component of the Oceania Sports Education Program (OSEP) draws to a conclusion, we in the Pacific make ready to roll this program out to the Region. The original intention of the OSEP has a long history in the Pacific, dating back to a realisation that our human resource development was vital if we in the Pacific are to move ahead in sport and in developing a successful and viable sports industry throughout the Countries of the Pacific.

The Forum on Olympism in Africa

In the following section, a summary of the outcomes of the Forum on Olympism in Africa. Check this article daily as updates for each day will be placed here and the story overall built.

Andrew Minoque, M2006 Attends ANOCA

The Queen's Baton in Tuvalu

Following the late withdrawal of Oceania Vice President of the CGF, John Tierney, I was fortunate to join the Queen's Baton Relay Team to Tuvalu from 23 - 31 October 2005.

Here is my Story...

Julius Lockington Patching - 25 years of ONOC

During an extensive visit to Melbourne last week, i had the great priviledge to spend the day with Julius (Judy) Patching, the first Secretary General of the ONOC.

Judy Patching in front of tree planted by Australia's Legendary Betty Cuthbert, at his home

Vanuatu On Line!!

More and more it is becoming evident that technology, especially in the area of communications is essential to promoting excellence in sports administration. With this in Mind, the Vanuatu NOC has embarked on a whole new phase in their development.....

Helping to 'Raise the Bar' for Sport in Fiji

Read about the experiences of Patrick Boyd and download his excellent Planning Resources.
Planning For Sport
Sponsorship For Sport

Away from the gravy train

If you thought Olympic Committees were all a bunch of fat-cat administrators who travel the world first class being showered with gifts by supplicant wannabe host cities, well, think again. Blog correspondent Snicky writes:
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