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Curriculum Vitae
Brian R.G. Minikin B.Phys Ed (Hons), M.Sc.

1. Personal details

Contact details: GPO Box 798, Suva, FIJI
 +(679) 9997738

Nationality:  British and Australia

Current Employment: Manager: Regional Sport Development
Oceania National Olympic Committees

2. Higher education

2008 - 2009 University of Poitiers    MSc.
1974 - 1978 University of Western Australia.   BPhys.Ed (Hons)

3. Employment history

2001 -   Oceania National Olympic Committees  Sport Development
1995-2001 Australian Sports Commission   Sport Development
1992-1995 Tonga National Olympic Committee   Sport Development
1990-1992 Laboratory Standards Assistance Scheme  Performance assessment
1988-1989 Tasmanian Institute of Sport  Exercise Physiology
1985-1987 Australian Institute of Sport  Exercise Physiology
1983-1985 Australian Dept. of Sport and Recreation  Government sport
1980-1983 Australian Federal Dept. of Finance   Administration
1978-1980 University of Adelaide    Student health

4. Selected academic and professional outputs

Robinson, L. and Minikin, B. (2012) “Understanding the competitive advantage of National Olympic Committees” Managing Leisure: An International Journal, forthcoming.

Minikin, B. (2012) ‘Chapter 4: Planned development of sport organizations’ in Robinson, L; Chelladurai, P., Bodet, G. and Downward, P. (2012) (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Sport Management, Routledge: London.

Robinson, L. and Minikin, B. (2011) “Developing strategic capacity in Olympic Sport Organisations” Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal 1(3) 219-233.

Minikin, B. (2011) ‘IT in managing sport’ in Robinson, L and Palmer, R. (Eds) (2011) Managing Voluntary Sport Organisations. Routledge, London.

Robinson, L., Minikin, B and Palmer, R (2011) ‘Chapter 14: The future of management in voluntary sport organisations’ in Robinson, L and Palmer, R. (2011) (Eds.) Managing voluntary sport organisations, Routledge: London

Robinson, L.; Jarvie, G.; Gratton, C.; Sparks, L.; Morrow, S. and Minikin, B. (2011) “Developing the Malaysian Sport Industry: A programme of capacity building research”, Research report for the Malaysian Government, School of Sport, Stirling.

Robinson, L. and Minikin, B. (2011) “Developing the capacity of National Sport Associations”, Research report for the Malaysian Government, School of Sport, Stirling

Kalounaviti, J., and Minikin B. (2009) ONOC the first 25 Years. Oceania National Olympic Committees, Suva, Fiji.

Minikin B. (2007) An Analysis of Participation and Performance at the 2007 South Pacific Games. ONOC, Fiji.

Minikin B. (2003). An Analysis of Participation and Performance at the 2003 South Pacific Games. ONOC, Fiji.

Minikin, B. (1992 – 1994) Your Health and Fitness. A Weekly Column. Taimi O Tonga, Nuku’alofa, Kingdom of Tonga.

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RD. Telford, BR Minikin (1989) The tri-level test for runners — A simple method of general fitness evaluation. Excel, 6 (1) (1989), pp. 33–36

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RD. Telford, BR. Minikin, AG. Hahn et al. (1989) A simple method for the assessment of general fitness: the tri-level profile. Aust J Sci & Med in Sport, 21 (3), pp. 6–9

Minikin, B. and McElligott, M. (1983) Fitness: Make it Your Business. Fitness and Safety Section, Federal Dept of Sport and Recreation. Canberra ACT.

Minikin, B. (1975) The Development of Lacrosse in Western Australia. (Partial Requirements for completing Degree in Physical Education at the University of Westrn Australia).

In addition regular publications on:

5. Relevant sport history



State coach Junior and Senior - Tasmania and ACT.

Coaching advisor for national teams Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu.

FIVB Level 1 Coach Instructor

Club coach - Western Australia, Tasmania and ACT.


Trainer - Canberra Cannons (National Basketball League)

Netball: Trainer – ACT Netball Team


Trainer – World Series Cricket.

Rugby: Trainer – Ikale Tahi preparations for 1995 World CupBoxing: Trainer and advisor – National team Athletics: Coach and Trainer – National Teams of Tonga. Tasmania Junior Team.Fitness:

Established the first National Fitness Centre in Tonga. Advisor to King of Tonga.Fitness Assessment and counsellor Western Australia and South Australia.Swimming: Coach and Trainer Royal Life Saving Society Instructor and Examiner.Extensive experience in learn to swim programs.

6. Awards

2009 Alberto Madella Research Award
2006 ONOC 25th Anniversary Distinguished Service Award
2006 FASANOC 50th Anniversary Distinguished Service Award
2004 Solomon Islands Medal
1999 Australian Sports Commission `Excellence in Sports Award'
ACT Volleyball Merit Award – Establishment of the ACT Academy Volleyball Program

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