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NF Assessment Sheet

For those who just want a simple tool to rate your sports federation try this spreadsheet. Simply click on the buttons that best match what your federation has in place and then look at the graph on the second worksheet.more

Excel Draws

Before the advent of Sportzware, Oceania were finding ways to help sports orgaisations to run their competitions and do their competition administration a little more easily. Using the magic of Excel, some sheets were developed to quite a sophisticated level.

Feel free to download and play with them as much as you like..


64 Team Sevens Tournament


2 Pools of 4 Round Robin and finals

This Draw Sheet is for up to 8 teams where there is a need to split them into 2 pools.


2 Pools of 6 - Round Robin Format

This Excel Draw was designed to help people who are running a competition with 11 or 12 teams and need to split them into to pools of 6 or a pool of 5 and a pool of 6. It could be used for 2 pools of 5 or even a pool of 4 and a pool of 5 but it increases the number of bye games by quite a lot.

There are two draws to down load, one that cters for sports that score in set, like Volleyball and the other that scores points or goals, like basketball or football. Have fun!!


8 Team Elimination For Team Tennis

Tis Draw was designed for Team Tennis competitions with 8 teams playing 3 rubbers per match. It is an eight team KO Draw.


Eight Team Double Elimination KO Draw

A simple Draw for up to 8 players or teams playing out a double elimination format.


16 Pools of 4 teams - Sevens Format

This Draw is for advanced users who understand their way around a big tournament. Up to 64 Teams can play in this template and it is designed for Rugby Sevens or Touch Football where teams are eliminated after the first set of Round Robin preliminaries.

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