2018 Intermediate School Leagues

Term 2 2018 School Miniball & Basketball League Information.


Our basketball leagues will be back in Term 2 2018! We have listened to teams feedback and taken it on board. Dates for the leagues have been extended. Each term is now 12 weeks long (excluding Junior and Senior College which play for 14 weeks).

All leagues will run as long as there are enough teams to fill the grades.

Registrations are open now and will close Friday 20th April at 5pm. Please note if grades fill beforehand those registrations will be closed early.

We have bought the Grading Games back! When registering, please register where you believe your team should be playing. After the 3 weeks of grading we will make the changes that are necessary. 

Intermediate (Year 7 + 8) Basketball Grades lowest through to highest:

  • Beginner
  • Social Div 2 (only in some leagues)
  • Social Div 1
  • Intermediate
  • IPL DIV 1 & 2 - Played on Friday Afternoons
  • *Intermediate grades can have a maximum of 8 teams in each grade.

Once you have registered all the teams you need to, you will be sent your invoice. It is up to you to pass this onto the accounts team at your school/club to be paid.

ALL Invoices are to be paid by Sunday 20th May 2018.

Once game times are set they will not be changed - Non-negotiable. 


Start Date: 8/5/18
End Date: 7/8/18
Cost per 12 Weeks: $652.50 per team
First Round: 4:00pm
Last Round: 5:20pm
Game Length: 40 Minutes
Grades: Beginner, Social (DIV 1 and 2) and Intermediate
Exclusion Dates: July 10th and 17th due to School Holidays



Start Date: 11/5/18
End Date: 10/8/18
Cost per 12 Weeks: $750 per team
First Round: 4:00pm
Second Round: 4:45pm
Game Length: 45 Minutes
Grades: DIV 1 and DIV 2
Exclusion Dates: July 13th and 20th due to School Holidays




No Mouthguard = No Play

Wellington Basketball bought this policy in last year. Please make sure all players in your team are wearing a mouthguard while they play in out leagues.



Non marking shoes/soles are to be worn by all players, bare feet is not acceptable.

No food, drinks, chewing gum is permitted on the court.

Team Coach to WB office by 9am day of play if team must default.

Players must not wear jewellery, watches, hats, jeans or clothes deemed not appropriate to wear in a game.

Basketball Year 7 and 8 - Players must be Year 7 or 8 students in 2018.



Zero tolerance of unsportsmanlike behaviour of physical or verbal abuse to an official/player or spectator.

Deliberate fouling or provoking of an opponent by a player will not be tolerated instead WB will coach the player(s) involved in good sportsmanship behaviour.


BASKETBALL - Game Rundown

Start game with a jump ball. Running Clock. 4 x 8 minute quarters (IPL) 2 x 15 minute halves (Tuesday league). Games played on full court. Clock will stop in the last 2 minutes of the second half. 1 minute break at halftime and teams are to switch ends. Restart with possession arrow. One timeout per half. Subs to report to scorebench. Compulsory Man to Man. Team Fouls: 7 per half. Personal Fouls: Five personal fouls is the absolute limit. Basketball hoop will be set at a standard height of 3.2 metres (10 Feet). FIBA rulings apply to all grades in the Intermediate League. IPL teams to have numbered singlets - Front and Back.


IMPORTANT: For those teams entering the Intermediate Premier League this announcement is for you!

ALL Players must be registered in Sports TG (where you register the team) by 9th May 2018.

Why? IPL teams will be given full use of the GloryLeagues app, this includes videos of each game and a scoring system done on an Ipad which will track players stats. Players will be able to watch their game tapes, create highlight reels and share them with family and friends. GL is also a great tool for coaches to look at workons.

ALL OTHER LEAGUES: Your coach will be able to enter their email address at the beginning of each game and will be sent the game tape. 


For Online Banking - Payments can be made into the following account:

Account Name: Wellington Basketball
Account Number: 38-9014-0643999-00 (Kiwibank)
Reference: INV-Number (this will be emailed to you upon registration)




Mouthguard Policy