Welcome to Nippers 2018-19


 NIPPERS: Our Nipper's program runs on a Friday night from 6-7pm for Under 6-8 and from 6-7.30pm for Under 9-13.  Nippers are provided the environment to learn all about being safe down at the beach. They’re also trained in the basic skills of life saving including running on sand, wading, open water swimming and board paddling.  There are also opportunities to compete against other clubs at Nipper Carnivals.  It is a fun environment encouraging all age groups to 'have a go' and have fun.  The children are placed in their age groups under the supervision of an Age Manager and Assistant.  

Nippers will commence on Friday 9th November 2018. Additional board and competition training for U9-13 will also be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

 Life Saving differs from other sporting codes due to the inherent danger of the playing field, namely water. Please ensure that you provide adequate supervision for your child.  Children cannot be dropped off and left at the beach, they must have a parent/guardian there at all times.



AGE GROUPS: Nipper Age Groups are determined by the age of the Nipper on the 30 September of each year.  Nippers must stay in their allocated age group.

5 years old on 30 Sep 18 - Under 6          9 years old on 30 Sep 18 - Under 10
6 years old on 30 Sep 18 - Under 7          10 years old on 30 Sep 17 - Under 11
7 years old on 30 Sep 18 - Under 8          11 years old on 30 Sep 17 - Under 12
8 years old on 30 Sep 18 - Under 9          12 years old on 30 Sep 17 - Under 13

UNDER 14 and above: If your child is 13 years or older training is held on a Thursday night 6-7.30pm. This is the first season that Under 14’s will now be training with seniors and competing at senior carnivals. Under 14’s will be required to attend Friday nights for the first few weeks of Nippers as part of their Surf Rescue Certificate training. Once they obtain this award we encourage Under 14s to attend Friday nights and assist in providing water safety for the Nippers. Under 14+ parents will receive information from the Senior Manager regarding training this season. The main thing is to lock in the Nipper & Senior Camp 19th to 21st October at Wilkins Baptist Camp, Anglesea.  

UNDER 6 & 7 PARENTS: Water safety ratios for Under 6 & 7 are 1:1, meaning one parent to one nipper. We need Under 6 & 7 parents to assist with Friday night water safety for their Age Group. To register as a water safety helper please email Natasha Hartley-Jackson - activemembercoordinator@mmlsc.com.au

MERCHANDISE: The Merchandise Shop will be open from 5.00pm for the first 2 weeks of Nippers then from 5.30pm every Friday night thereafter.  Online shopping will be available soon.  Compulsory items required for all training is a hi-vis rash vest and a nipper cap. 

MEMBERSHIP: Your family membership must be COMPLETED prior to participating in the Nipper program, so please ensure all areas have been completed - each family member has been entered online, all members over 18 years have a current Working with Children check registered to MMLSC & LSV, active membership volunteer assistance has been provided.  It is club policy for Nippers that the whole family joins (no extra cost) so please ensure you read the registration process carefully and create an account for each member of your family who is above the age of 5. 

SWIMMING: At Nippers we do not teach swimming but provide great opportunities to develop their pool swimming into the open water environment. All Nippers Under 6-13 will be required to complete a preliminary swim assessment prior to the start of the season. Nippers wishing to compete at Nipper Carnivals will need to also complete their competition swim assessment which will be conducted on a Friday night during Nipper training.


VOLUNTEERING: Life saving is a volunteer community based organisation and relies heavily on its members to provide assistance in many areas throughout the club.  It is extremely rewarding to volunteer within your community and the skills gained along the way can be of huge benefit in your everyday life and personal development. Nipper parents are expected to help with the running of the Nipper program or another area of the club - whether it's patrolling, committee member, coach etc.  Please ensure you have nominated to assist in one of the following areas - Age Manager, Assistant Age Manager, Coaching, Water Safety, Patrol, Competition Official, Junior Sub-committee, no experience necessary, full training and support is provided.  To find out how you can become a volunteer please contact Natasha Hartley-Jackson –



STARFISH NIPPERS is a Life Saving skills program designed for children and young adults with special needs aged 6 years and above. The program caters for nippers with numerous disabilities including Autism, Asperger’s, Down Syndrome, learning and physical disabilities. New members are welcome, for more information please contact Sarah Hilli - starfishnippers@mmlsc.com.au  


INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Nipper sessions run each week during the summer period and during poor weather, it is handy to have a wetsuit for these occasions. We are often able to practice our surf skills in rough conditions; if the bay water quality is good. We do however have a cancellation policy in extreme conditions such as active lightning or temperatures over 35 degrees (in Mt Martha). The program may be reviewed and managed on the night for other inclement weather.


SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE: MMLSC is committed to the Safeguarding of Children and Young People (SCYP) and acknowledges a safeguarding organisation doesn't just happen; it requires conscious action to protect children from harm. It is imperative that we provide a safe and supportive environment for children and young people, with the focus on fun, education and building confidence of our people through positive learning and development.


JUNIOR COMPETITION U8-13:  Each year Life Saving Victoria oversees the Victorian Junior Competition which involves life saving clubs competing at 6 State carnivals.  The season begins in November and culminates with the Junior State Championships in late February. There are many events that may be contested at each carnival, such as flags, sprints, swimming, board paddling, board rescue, relays and more.  As with all junior sport parental assistance is required if your child is competing.


The U14s will be competing at Youth/Senior Carnivals from this season. They will only compete against competitors in their age group and not older. The Senior group will provide more information about Under 14 training and competition shortly.


We encourage all Nippers to have a go at competition and we provide plenty of opportunities to train and improve for those that wish to compete in the State Champs both at the individual level and the team events.  The Carnivals are held both in the Bay and on the Coast. If you would like to know more about Junior Competition please speak to our Junior Comp. Manager Peter Johnstone - jrcompetitionmanager@mmlsc.com.au


EQUIPMENT: All equipment is supplied by the club and extreme care must be taken in its use. There are 4 different types of boards used in Nippers as described below.  It is important Nippers stay on the board they are being trained in for both safety and ensuring there are enough boards for each age group:


6ft Blue Soft Bennett Boards - Under 6-10
6ft Fibreglass Nipper boards - Under 11-13
10ft Soft Foam Racing Mal - Under 14 and above
10ft Fibreglass Racing Mal - Under 14 and above




You are welcome to come down on the weekend and use club equipment - soft boards only, please remember to bring your hi-vis rash vest and let the Patrol Captain know first. Parents are welcome to use equipment also, just remember you need a hi-vis vest too (available from the Merchandise shop).  All non-fibreglass equipment is available for general use.


SOCIAL:  After the beach is packed up on a Friday night we have fabulous volunteers who provide meals upstairs. TIP: pre-order upstairs, be quick as they sell out fast.  We also have a bar which opens from 7.30pm, BYO is not permitted, please ensure if you have non-member guests they sign in at the bar. We also have a weekly movie on the big screen for the Nippers.  It's a great way to finish off the week, relax and socialise with old and new friends.  A friendly reminder that your evening meal and drinks are provided by volunteers so please clear your table of rubbish and return all glasses and dishes to the bar and kitchen. Please note that alcohol is NOT to be consumed on the beach during Nipper training, thank you.


CHRISTMAS PARTY:  We also hold an annual Christmas party on the last Friday night before Christmas.  This is a highlight on the MMLSC social calendar and not to be missed.  Tables and chairs are set up on the beach for you to relax with friends and celebrate the festive season.  Hopefully we've been good and we will have a visit from the special man himself - SANTA.  The kids go crazy each year, as he comes in on an IRB or Jet Ski, he's even been known to water ski in. This event is either BYO picnic or pre-purchased dinner from The Coastal Kitchen (canteen).  


COMMUNICATION: We send out a weekly “Nipper News” via email to all members every Thursday throughout the season. Please make sure you like us on Facebook and check out our website www.mmlsc.com.aufor regular updates.










Ange Iliopoulos

Junior Director


0409 821 836

Peter Johnstone

Junior Competition Mgr


0419 595 105

Kirsty Hardt

Junior Carnival Registrar


 0438 123 184

Dawn Jenkins

Coordinator U6-8


 0414 619 363

Jo Fabian

Coordinator U9-13


 0422 241 104

Steve Hofer

Water Safety Coord.


 0400 082834

Matt Barke

Coaching Coordinator


 0418 595 511

Jackie Jackson

Carnival Coordinator


 0414 695 656


Surf Education Coord.



Deanne Johnstone

Life Saving Awards


 0412 598 350

Tanya Brown

Beach Set-up Coord.


 0439 345789

Sarah Hilli

Starfish Nippers


 0419 313 437


Social/Camp Coord.






Attendance is required at one of the following sessions:



UNDER 8-13 Prelim Swim Assessments

When:       Thursday 11th and Thursday 25th October at 7pm

Where:     Peninsula Grammar Junior School Swimming pool. Access is via the Junior School Gymnasium, please enter car park via Gate 2 in Wooralla Drive, Mount Eliza.


UNDER 6-10 Prelim Swim Assessments

When:      Saturday 27th October at 1pm
Where:     Kingswim, 2 St Catherines Court, Mornington

  This season we have introduced a Swim Assessment Waiver Form that can be completed by your child’s qualified swim instructor, this is an alternative to attending the above swim assessment. Forms can be downloaded from the MMLSC website and once completed can be scanned or a clear photo can be emailed to Ange Iliopoulos – juniordirector@mmlsc.com.au  




NIPPERS: New Members Guide to Surviving Friday Nights!


Nippers will start on Friday 9th November at 5.45pm for 6pm program commencement.  Please have your nipper lined up in their Age Group by 5.45pm.

To help you get organised for a great season, below is a guide for all new Nippers and their parents/guardians.

Parking is at a premium so our advice is to get down to the club as early as possible ready for a roll call by 5.45pm. Park either in the MMLSC car park, across the road in the dirt car park or at the Balcombe Estuary car park and walk down under the bridge to the beach, avoiding the busy Esplanade Road all together! Please use the pedestrian crossing and the boardwalk if you have to cross the road to get to the club.

All Nippers must be assembled in front of the MMLSC club house by 5.45pm for 5.50pm roll call. This will ensure that the program starts on time. Look out for your child’s age group flag. All Nippers must wear a MMLSC skull cap and hi-vis rash singlet to participate which can be purchased from our merchandise shop inside the clubhouse. There will be an Age Manager and an Assistant Age Manager for each age level and they will coordinate and organise the group. They all have a clip board with key information and attendance sheets. Parents MUST notify Age Group Managers if they are removing their child from the group before the scheduled finish time.

With over 300 children on the beach it can be a challenge for new parents to find where they should go. Don't stress – just ask - we are all here to help! Little Nippers program Under 6-8 is conducted on the south side of the club (towards the Yacht Club) and the Big Nippers program Under 9-13 is conducted on the north side of the clubhouse (towards Balcombe Creek). Starfish Nippers is located in between the red and yellow patrol flags. We also run Surf Education upstairs so if you cannot find your child’s age group – check upstairs. J

Quick Nippers Checklist

ü  Nippers cap – Compulsory Item

ü  Hi-vis Fluoro Vest - Compulsory Item

ü  Bathers (available from Merchandise Shop)

ü  Goggles

ü  Hat

ü  Nippers t-shirt

ü  Water Bottle

ü  Towel

ü  Sunscreen

ü  Wetsuit (recommended)

ü  A bag to carry it all in!






Payments to MMLSC - Membership, Pool Swimming, Carnival Fees, Social Functions,
Nipper Holiday Program or any other payment to MMLSC.  Please ensure you add your family name plus what you are paying for to enable us to locate your payment.





CLICK HERE to go to the MMAD Swim Website


(SLSA) Lifesaving Online

(SLSA) Lifesaving Online

Lifesaving Online is Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA)’s self-service membership portal (Surfguard database). It is different to the Club's own database which houses some information that Lifesaving Online can't capture for us.