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Competition Feedback

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1:19 PM, Mon Jul 19 2010

Competition Feedback
Do you have thoughts/comments on how we can improve your playing experience please leave both construction criticism and positive feedback here. Should you require a response please send your comment to
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2:22 PM, Tue Aug 2 2011
RE: Competition Feedback
I am just wondering why Championship Men are still playing games at Lilydale High School? You have build great new courts at Kilsyth but we are still playing on the substandard surface and rings that is Lilydale Court 1. It would be great if we could have all games played at Kilsyth on Court 1 and the new court 2. It would also help some of us players in Championship who travel to play here. For some it is quite a distance to travel to kilsyth but makes it even harder when we have to go another 30 minutes round trip to Lilydale. Hope you consider this.


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