Sailing Membership Renewal

You can renew you Gosford Sailing Club Membership here.

Senior Sailing - $280

Intermediate Sailing (18-23) $185

Junior Sailing (under 18)  $90

For Family Membership enter the number of adults and children on the next screen.

Enter the details for all family members one at a time selecting 'Family Membership' for each.

You will be charged a maximum of $440 for a family.

A family is considered to be two or more sailing members living at the same address.

No new members can be added this way. Please contact the sailing club office if you wish to join a new member.

For Senior Sailing, Intermediate or Junior sailing member

Select one adult or child from the next screen and then simply follow the screens through completing the required information as you go.

For New Memberships or First Year Crew

Please contact the office as these memberships are not renewals.

For Sailing Volunteer Membership & Sailability Volunteer Membership

Please call at the office Mon-Fri 10:30-17:00







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