YF Documentation 2017-18


Sailing Membership Renewal 2017-18 Click Here.

Race Entry 2017-18 Season Click here


BBIC Details Click here


2017-18 Notice of Race Click Here

Sailing Instructions: Click Here.

Inshore Courses Attachment I updated 22/8/17

Offshore Courses Attachment II

Inshore Fixed Marks Attachment III


Offshore Intention to Race and Crew List  Click Here

Winter Series Courses Click Here




Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 Click Here

Special Regulations Part I 2017-2020 Click Here




Audit Forms 2017-2021

email equip@gossail.com.au to arrange your 2017-18 audit. 

Link to Sailing Australia for a zip file containing all of the audit forms for 2017-2021. Click here

For individual Cat forms

Cat 7 Form Click here

Cat 6 Form Click here

Cat 5 Form Click here

Cat 4 Form Click here

Cat 3 Form Click here


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