Life Jacket maintenance 

If you are involved in any GSC racing events, including twilight races, then you must have your PFD checked or serviced regularly.  Boat skippers who race sign a safety declaration stating that this maintenance is being done.

Even if you don’t race, the State Government recommends that inflatable PFDs be regularly serviced by a qualified provider. 

For boats that race:

inflatable PFDs must be checked and serviced as prescribed by the manufacturer;

non-inflatable PFDs must be checked annually for serviceability.

The good news is that for most popular brands of PFDs, you can do this yourself and the process is reasonably straightforward.

To make it even easier, the Club has placed web links to instructions for some common PFDs below.  If you can’t find your PFD here, then check the manufacturer’s website.

 Don’t leave it to your next emergency to find out if your PFD is okay!

 PFD Manuals

General Care for Inflatable PFDs

Marlin Inflatable PFD Inspection and Maintenance

RFD Inflatable PFD Owners_Manual

Stormy Lifejackets Annual self-checking

Ultra PFDs Care and Maintenance

Axis Inflatable PFD self service manual

Burke Inflatable PFD Self Inspection Procedure

Hutchwilco Inflatable PFD Care and Maintenance

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