Office Bearers

 Oceania Baseball Softball Confederation

 2017-2021 Office Bearers

Baseball Confederation of Oceania


Oceania Softball Confederation


BCO President

Laurent Cassier (NC)

1st Vice President

Mr. Bob Steffy (Guam )

2nd Vice President

Mr. Victor Langkilde (AS)

Secretary General

Mr. Chet Gray (Aust)

Executive Member

Mr. Cam Vale (Aust)

Mr.Inoke Niubalavu (Fiji)

Mr.Chip Dawson (NZ)

Ms. Rose Igitol (CNMI)

BCO Development Officer

Mr. Ray Brown

OSC President

Rex Capil   (NZ)

Vice President North

Mr. Bob Steffy   (Guam)

Vice President South

Tony Giles (NZ)

Secretary General

Mr. Chet Gray(Aust)

Executive Member

Mr.Inoke Niubalavu (Fiji)

Mr. Ralph tarasomo (PNG)

Ms. Carolyn D. Niubalavu (Fiji )


Oceaia Baseball Softball Confederation (OBSC 

Discussed in 2017 and yet to be ratified formally of the Baseball Confederation of Oceania (BCO)  and Oceania Softball Confederation  (OSC), the OCEANIA governing bodies for baseball and softball, respectively. Under OBSC's organizational structure, BCO and OSC now serve as the Baseball Division and Softball Division of OBSC. Each division is governed by an Executive Committee, while the OBSC is governed by an Executive Board.

As the recognised governing body in baseball/softball, the OBSC is charged with overseeing all REGIONAL competitions and holds the exclusive rights of all competitions, tournaments and championships featuring National Teams. These rights extend to the Olympic Games, with baseball and softball returning to the Olympic Programme for the 2020 games. OBSC's members hold the rights to organize and select National Teams. This exclusive authority of the OBSC and its Members in each constituent country to sanction and regulate the sport of baseball and softball applies in the  territories in which the OBSC has an associated National Federation.

Discussions to merge baseball and softball world governing bodies were sparked by a Memorandum of Understanding that saw baseball and softball leaders agree to form a joint bid by WBSC to be added to the 2020 Olympics Games sports program.[1] [2]

organizational structure

The OBSC is governed by the Executive Board, 

The Baseball Division is governed by an Executive Committee, which has fourteen members: president, secretary general, 2nd vice president, 1st vice president,three members at large,   and executive director.

The Softball Division is governed by an Executive Committee that has thirteenmembers: president, secretary general, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, Secretary General, two at-large members, 

International Tournaments
WBSC baseball tournaments
WBSC softball tournaments

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