Registration is a COMPULSORY  annual payment and lasts for 12 months from the date of payment. Please do not renew or take out another registration if you already have a CURRENT REGISTRATION WITH PENRITH. You can check your registration details at (Use this site to check all of your personal and basketball details)

Only register if your current registration has already expired and you are about to participate in one of our Penrith competitons or, are registering for the first time and have been placed into a team and about to start playing within the next week. 

Click here SENIOR COMPETITIONS to pay for registration if  you are over or turning 18 his year and playing in senior competitions. 

Click here JUNIOR COMPETITIONS to pay registration if you are not turning 18 this year and playing in junior competitions

Click here SECONDARY REGISTRATION if you are already registered at another Association and also going to play in any Penrith competition. This SECONDARY registration fee covers you for the current season only.

Click here 14 DAY TRIAL REGISTRATION if you have never been registered for basktball at all and would like to play for 14 days before taking out an annual registration. THIS TRIAL WILL AUTOMATICALLY EXPIRE AT MIDNIGHT ON THE 14TH DAY. If you wish to continue to play you must take out the relevant annual registration for your age.


The link below will take you to the Aussie Hoops registration page where you will able to join one of our programs which are held each school term for approximately 10 weeks. You are able to enrol at any stage during a term and fees are reduced if joining after the mid point of the term.

You will need to enter your Postcode in order to enrol for our Aussie Hoops classes. Please select Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre and then you will have the option to select the day in which you would like to attend. 

Click here AUSSIE HOOPS to pay and join. 

(Your Payment also includes the Aussie Hoops starter pack of a basketball singlet, ball and back sack plus, a registration component to Penrith Basketball for a 12 month period.)


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