Competition Formats, Wet Weather & Rescheduling

We aim to play 18 competition rounds in each division.

In 10-squad competitions, this involves each squad playing each other twice. In competitions of other sizes, squads may not be able to play each other an equal number of times, but we aim to schedule so that top teams have relatively equal opponents.

We aim also to play semi-finals and finals, as long as there is sufficient time. But playing competition rounds takes precedence, as this involves more games for everyone.

The semi format will usually be 1v4, 2v3, then a final. However, some divisions may devise other formats, including round robins.

Regular season games will mostly occur on Saturday afternoons. But because of a shortage of grounds, all divisions except Premier League will have a number of Sunday rounds (see schedule on separate tab).

Further, some regular season games may be scheduled for Friday or Saturday evenings.

We do not intend to make wholesale changes of ground allocations on a Friday, when some grounds are closed. This is because of the difficulty in rescheduling games and referees at short notice.

For the most part, therefore, games will go ahead on grounds originally allocated, if they are open. But games will be postponed if the ground is closed. However, there will be exceptions to this. For example, a game may be moved to a ground that was not previously scheduled for use; or from a Saturday to a Sunday; or, if there are only a few grounds open, they may be used to catch up on previously washed out games. It is essential, therefore, that players continue to consult the website for any updated information about games, and not just assume that their game is on or off.

Games washed out before Easter may be rescheduled on Easter Saturday, Easter Monday or Anzac Day. Washed out games may also be rescheduled for Queen's Birthday Monday. Others may be scheduled for mid-week evenings, where there is adequate lighting. Some washed-out games can be held over to spare weekends in August. However, some Saturday/Sunday double-ups may be unavoidable, particularly to catch up any rounds that have been partially washed out.

We aim to give at least a week's clear notice of rescheduled games. However, this may not always be possible (eg where a fixture is washed out on a Saturday, but is playable on the Sunday).

Wet Weather