Manly Junior Easter training at Lake Windamere

Bill Horder is a very inspiring man. At the age of 73 he has put much time and energy into rebuilding five Manly Juniors so his grandchildren and their friends can learn to sail.

After hearing about Bill last year, the Manly Junior Association of NSW applied to Communities NSW for one of their “Participation in Sport” grants. We are thrilled to have been successful and are using the money to support Manly Junior sailing in rural areas. Support is in the form of providing boats, equipment, training and the means to join our Rookie Fleet in the 3rd Round of our State Titles at Point Wolstoncroft in February. We are also keen to promote the exchange of experiences between coastal and country kids.


Over Easter several Manly Junior families from Sydney joined the Windamere Sailing Group (WSG) for a fun filled family sailing experience. Thank you to Bill Horder and his sons Martin and Gerald and their families for making us feel so welcome. We camped by Lake Windamere, waking to a good country frost, something our coastal sailors rarely experience. There was always a welcome roaring fire to warm up by while sharing a morning coffee.

Kingsley Forbes Smith came as our Association coach. He was brilliant, encouraging the kids whilst slowly building their sailing skills. We had fifteen country kids, six experienced MJ sailors and eight boats. They learned basic skills. Sail setting, wind observation, holding a straight course, tacking and gybing. The kids were really inspired and by the Monday, after sailing everyday their skills were noticeably improved. There were many classes sailing and some also enjoyed the thrill of flying the trapeze on a Nacra. When the wind was light there was much fun to be had “biscuiting” and canoeing.

On the Friday and Saturday nights, the “Rabbit Hunt“ was hugely popular, bouncing around paddocks in the back of a ute by the Easter moon. What could be more fun than that ?

Perhaps the “Egg Hunt” the next day!   That was amazing and enjoyed by all.


On ANZAC Day a moving ceremony was held at dawn. This was a unique setting with the rising lake mist, a bagpiper and the Australian flag flying from a boat mast.

It was wonderful weekend and great to see Bill’s hard work and initiative being taken a step further. We're all looking forward to next years event and encourage Manly Junior family to enjoy a wonderful country sailing experience.

Sally Colley

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