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Usual at LBSC
Usual at LBSC
The "USUAL" - Trailer Sailer Class


HULL: Overall length; 6240mm (20' 6") Waterline length; 5650mm (18' 7") Beam; 2010mm (6' 7")
Draught; plate up 120mm (5") plate down 1370mm (4'6")
Overall weight 275 kg (611lbs) (MINIMUM) (excluding centreplate but including sheets and fittings);
Centreplate weight; 100 kg (222lbs) (MINIMUM) correctors are to be added to any hulls underweight.
SAIL AREA: Basic sail wardrobe LIGHTWEIGHT SHARPIE.(the only sails allowed for state heats).
NOTE; The Association has set restrictions on the size of sails that can be carried and the spars and hull are marked with bands, beyond which sails cannot extend.

When morale was at its peak amongst the Sharpie Fleet at Largs Bay SC in 1971, Mr. Brian Buttle (a veteran Sharpie sailor), saw that there was a wide discrepancy between the performance of the Lightweight Sharpies and the Trailer Sailers available at that time. Since there were a number of ageing Sharpie skippers looking for an alternative to the docile trailer sailers available, Brian designed a "Lightweight Sharpie Trailer Sailer" using the Sharpie plans as a base.
The boat width and depth was increased, the skin thickness increased, a small cuddy cabin added and two lightweight bunks were installed.
Brian Buttle, built the first of the Lightweight Trailer Sailers and with typical tongue in cheek, called the boat "THE USUAL".
The USUAL 6 Class has a present class basic handicap rating of 0.731.
USUALS are launched and retrieved easily by hand off the beach, without the use of a ramp or a tractor and as such they could be launched and raced from virtually any reasonable beach.
It is with the aim to promote fleet racing that the "USUAL 6 Trailer Sailer Association has set hull and rig restrictions.  This is to ensure fair play and close racing within the class. It also means that your boat will retain its value and won't be outdated or made uncompetitive by modifications that other sailors have made.

The cockpit of the USUAL 6 is roomy and long for both racing and cruising, and enables the crew to hike well out and. position their weight nearer the midships of the boat. This means that the boat is well balanced in the water and does not require large areas of wetted surface around the stern area to support crew weight as is typical with most other classes of Trailer Sailer.
With the proven Sharpie rig, the USUAL in light conditions will perform excellently, and in other conditions will perform similar to the tailenders of the Sharpie fleet. The hull is not the slow displacement hull typical of most Trailer Sailers, but is a planing hull which can be made to plane like a Sharpie under fresh racing conditions.
Down to weight glass balsa core hulls are available.

The Association was been formed to protect the interest of the USUAL owners, to promote the boat, and to organise races, social events etc. It also ensures that safety regulations are not overlooked in the desire for speed and performance.



Usual under contruction
Usual under contruction #2

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