Upcoming Dates

Presentation night for 2016-17 will be on Saturday the 6th May from approximately 1730 at Asquith Bowling Club. There will be awards for all LTS / LTS 2+ participants from this season, I encourage you all to attend for a fun night! Full details will be confirmed shortly, but in the meantime you can put the date and approximate time in your diaries. We usually have a slideshow of photos on the bigscreen playing through during the evening to recap the season that was. Any photos you have taken that aren’t on the club’s photo gallery please get them to us via email, a shared link, our facebook page or USB stick. The more photos the better and often different photographers capture different action to our regulars!

2016-17 Fundraising Cause

This season we are raising funds to repower Hornsby #1 with a 4 stroke motor.

Insure Your Boat

      • YNSW has an insurance scheme running with Nautilus Marine Insurance.

      • Click here for more detail.

      • Cost effective and our club gets a rebate for every policy taken via this scheme.