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The Craigieburn Basketball Association Incorporated encompasses the Metropolitan Junior Championship, Senior MMBL, Senior & Junior Domestic and the Big V Basketball League Competitions.

The Craigieburn Basketball Association encompasses the Metropolitan Junior Championship, Senior MMBL, Senior & Junior Domestic and the Big V Basketball League Competitions.

Currently we have 4 Representative Squads in the Big V Basketball League, Division 1 Women,  Division 1 Men, Youth League 2 Men & Youth League 1 Women. These teams are supplemented with Junior Representative Squads participating in the Victorian Junior Basketball League.


Our mission is to facilitate the game of basketball in the Craigieburn and surrounding region. To promote, develop and encourage participation  in community activities, particularly sport with the main emphasis on basketball.  Significantly all participants at every level should endeavour to consistently demonstrate continued improvement.


President          Jason Moore
Vice President
   Rohan Milich
Secretary         Deb Wadwell

Treasurer         Leanne Green

BIG V Delegate
Belinda Patterson

Club Administrator
Laura Janes

Referee Administrator
Jenny Fox

Junior Rep Co-Ordinator
Laura Janes

Uniform Sales
Jenny Fox, Rohan Milich

Assist Treasurer
Helen Bugeja

Junior Domestic
Anita Chahine, Rohan Milich

Senior Domestic
Leanne Green (Tues Nights)
Natalie Eggins (Wed Nights) 

Email:  info@craigieburneagles.com.au

"Basketballers should be people who do not boast; nor quit;
nor make excuses when they fail.
They should be cheerful losers, and quiet winners.
They should play fairly and as well as they can.
They should enjoy the pleasure of risk.
They should give their opponents the benefit of the doubt and
value the game itself more highly than the result".




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