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Welcome to Saxby's Stadium.

The home of Taree Basketball Association Inc promoting enthusiasm for basketball and emphasizing skill development and fun for school students and enjoyable participation for adults.

Positive attitudes and conduct make sport enjoyable for everyone. Some people can ruin the experience with poor behaviour.

This can include things like undue pressure, abuse, taunting, poor sportsmanship, foul language, harassment, bullying, victimisation and more. It can be verbal, written, physical or emotional.

Poor behaviour can occur in many places – during play, on the sidelines, at training, in the clubhouse or outside of the sporting arena.

It can be coaches, players, parents, spectators, officials or administrators who behave poorly. Any one of these people, children or adults, can be the victim of poor conduct too.

Taree Basketball Association Inc proactively supports “Play By The Rules “

“Play by the Rules” is a unique collaboration between the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, all state and territory departments of sport and recreation, all state and territory anti-discrimination and human rights agencies, the Office of the Children’s Guardian (NSW), the Australian New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA) and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW. These partners promote Play by the Rules through their networks, along with their own child safety, anti-discrimination and inclusion programs.

If you have any further questions or wish to report an incident, the contact details for Taree Basketball at Saxby’s Stadium are on the telephone at (02) 6551 7456 or by email tareebasketball@hotmail.com

Basketball at Saxby’s Stadium in Taree is travelling along nicely and will run all the way to mid December 2017.

Junior, senior women and men afternoon/night competitions are played on Tuesday with the Sunday school competitions for players from kindegarten to year 10 set to end on Sunday, 10 September 2017 before new competitions which will cover terms 4/2017 and 1/2018 will tip off.

Individual players need to hold a current NSW Basketball registration card and registration fees for 2017 have remained unchanged from last year

Juniors on Tuesdays from 4.00pm, Women and Men on Tuesdays from 6.00pm and children from Kindergarten to year 10 on Sunday mornings from 8.30am.

Annual Registration and weekly game fees apply.

"Aussie Hoops" which is Basketball Australia's introductory program for children aged between 5 and 10 may be returning to Taree but will that will be determined by court availability. Details will be posted here or you may like to visit www.aussiehoops.com.au then simply tap the 2430 postcode into the program locator on the website for details of the programs as they become available. 

Taree Basketball also provides players wanting to take their game to the next level with the opportunity to play representative basketball with the Taree Tornadoes junior teams.

Planning has started for 2018 the Molten Waratah Northern NSW Basketball League where age groups range from U12 to U18 for both girls and boys. For families with children interested in representative basketball here is information about birth years for the various age groups in 2018. U12 for players born 2007 and 2008, U14 for players born 2005 and 2006, U16 for player born 2003 and 2004 and U18 for players born 2001 and 2002.

Individual weekend playing costs (advance payment required) are set at $35.00 (reduced from $50.00 through the fundraising efforts) plus travel and accommodation costs. There is usually one weekend per month, March through to July, with travel to such places as Armidale, Tamworth, Lismore and Grafton. 

Fundraisng is a major focus for 2018 as Taree Basketball seeks to provide all representative players with the opportunity to defray rcosts by selling raffle tickets and being involved in other activiies currently on the drawing board.

Please contact Taree Basketball on (02) 6551 7456, email tareebasketball@hotmail.com or search Facebook for Taree Basketball or Saxby's Stadium for all the details.

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School Basketball @ Saxby’s Stadium - Sunday, 10 September 2017 - Last Sunday games

Floor refurbishment at Saxby's Stadium to commence Saturday, 16 September 2017. 

Divisions – Mixed K to Y2, Mixed in School Years 3 & 4, Girls in School Years 5 & 6, Boys in School Years 5 & 6 and High School Mixed in School Years 7 to 10

 Individual Basketball NSW registration fees apply - Weekly playing fee $5.00

This competition which started in term two will end on Sunday, 10 September 2017 – New competition which will run through term 4 this year and term one next year on Saturdays will start in October 2017.

The normal Sunday schedule is 9.00am Mixed K to Y2, 9.50am Mixed Y3/4, 10.40am Girls Y5/6 11.30am Boys Y 5/6 and 12.20pm Mixed Y7 to Y10.

New players welcome and if you would like to give basketball a try pop into Saxby’s Stadium at the time that fits your year at school with the $5.00 game fee.

Court 1

9.00am (Mixed – K to Y2)  All interested players - (Duty One person from each team)


9.50am (Mixed Y3/4)   v  - (Duty One person from each team)


10.40am (Girls Y 5/6)  v  - (Duty One person from each team)


11.30am (Boys Y5/6)  v  - (Duty One person from each team)


12.20pm (Mixed Y7 to Y10) All interested players (Duty One person from each team) 


Court 2

9.00am (Mixed – K to Y2) All interested players - (Duty One person from each team)


9.50am (Mixed - Y3/4)  v - (Duty One person from each team)


10.40am (Girls Y5/6)  v  - (Duty One person from each team)


11.30am (Boys Y5/6)  v - (Duty One person from each team)


12.20pm (Mixed Y7 to Y10) All interested players (Duty One person from each team) 



Mixed Y 7-10 Teams






























































Magic Monday

The "Magic Monday" skills sessions are conducted at Saxby's Stadium from 4.00pm to 5.30pm each Monday during the school term for the low cost of $2.00

The sessions are designed to provide registered players from the Sunday school competitions with a training afternoon to work on the individual fundamental skills of the game to assist in providng a more enjoyable experience when the children take the court in the competitions.

The ball is in your court but here is a good quotation from legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, for you to consider " I have always believed if you put the work in, the results will come"

Go on, take the first step to see where the basketball journey may lead you ! ! !



Junior Basketball


Saxby’s Stadium.  

Tuesday 12/09/2017 - Round Seven

Court 1

4.20pm  -  Magic v Celtics  

(Duty – One person from each team)  

Referee –               

5.10pm - Tornadoes v Slammers  

(Duty – One person from each team) 

Referee –      

Court 2 

4.20pm  -  Wanderers v Bulls 

(Duty – One person from each team) 

Referee –               

5.10pm - Wizards v Hotshots 

(Duty – One person from each team)  

Referee –   

Tuesday 19/09/2017 - No games

Floor refurbishment at Saxby's Stadium to commence

16 September 2017 and facility should be ready for play on

Monday, 09 October 2017 after the school holidays


Hotshots (Dark Blue)

Tornadoes (Black)


Wizards (Green)

1) Jamain Morris - Jul

1) Jack Scott - Feb

1) Benny Williams - Feb    

1) Jordan Woodward - Mar

2) Cameron Wendell - Feb

2) Jack Davis -

2) Adam Koch - Jul  

2) Myles Mitchell - Mar

3) Fergus Sweeney - Feb  

3) Odin Augey - 2018 

3) Tom Kladis - Feb 

3) Alex Milliken - Jul

4) Jackson Brody - Feb

4) Izaak Lavandero -2018

4) Jarrod Smith - Jul

4) Lachlan Burnes - Jul

5) Jake Saunders - Feb

5) Flynn Pereira - Jul

5) Drey Mercy - Jul     

5) Jack Robertson - Jul


6) Reece Jeffriess - Jul



















Wanderers (Red)

1) Kyesha Wilkinson - Jul

2) Angel Jordan - Feb 

3) Beth Macdonald -Feb  

4) Lauren Chadburn-Feb 

5) Sophie Croker - Feb 

6) Hope Extrem - Feb

7) Grace McCallum - Feb





Magic (Light Blue)

1)  Joel Christensen - Jul

2) Maxine Debreceny - Feb

3) Danny Hobbs  

4) Cory Wilkinson - Feb 

5)Jake Saunders - Feb

6) Logan Towers -

7) Connor Scott -





Bulls (Silver)

1) Thomas Neal - Jul

2) Elias Wolferstan - Jul

3)Ty Croke - Feb    

4)Morgan Gao - Jul

5)Lewis Brown - Feb    

6)Aaron Smith - Feb     

7) Hayden Northam - Jul

8) Jimmy Michaelidis - Jul

Celtics (White)

1) Jackson Brody - Feb 

2) Tom Kladis - Feb  

3) Koby Gibson - 2018 

4) Flynn Pereira - Jul 

5) Kenzo Roxas Jul 

6) Jack Robertson Jul 

7) Mhalikai Mercy Jul

 8) Ashton Scott - Jul






























     Basketball Draw Women's and Men's Competitions.

*** Please read carefully ***

Draws for this week and next week appear below. 

Tuesday 12/09/2017 - Round Seven

Court 1 

6.00pm (Women) Oreos v MRD Electrical 

(Duty Wing Nuts) 


6.50pm (Women) Wing Nuts v Sharks

(Duty MRD Electrical)  


7.40pm (Men) Kings v Tigers

(Duty Sharks)


8.30pm (Men) Wildhogs v Hawks 

(Duty Kings)


Court 2  

6.00pm (Women) SOS Phone Repairs v Legal Sphere 

(Duty Anonymous)  


6.50pm (Women) MJR All Stars v Anonymous 

(Duty Legal Sphere)   


7.40pm (Women) Howard Funerals v Towers Smash Repairs

(Duty MJR All Stars) 


8.30pm (Women) Johnson & Thompson v Mayo Private Hospital

(Duty Howard Funerals) 


Byes :- Wizards (M)



Tuesday 19/09/2017 - No games

Floor refurbishment at Saxby's Stadium to commence

16 September 2017 and facility should be ready for play on

Monday, 09 October 2017 after the school holidays


                                                                  Men’s Teams

       Kings (Red)

     Hawks (Green)

     Tigers (Yellow)

     Wizards (Orange)

Troy Knutson - Jul 

Christian Agcaolli - 2018

Jacob Straub - Jul 

Jordan Woodward - Mar

Elliott Bruton - Jul

Cameron Galle - 2018

Jarrod Smith - Jul 

Dakota Manton - 2018 

Alex Beckton - Jul

Cameron Wendell - 2018 

Eddie Corben - 2018

Alex Milliken - Jul

Alistair Eldred - Jul 

Nic Ryan - Jul

Mark Hamilton - 2018

Myles Mitchell - 2018

Bernie Doran - Apr

Xavier Jabar - Jul

Tom Ethell

Jack Boyd - May

Reece Jeffriess - Jul

Ben Wainwright - Feb

Paul Shahoub - 2018 

Lachlan Burnes - Jul

Jack Scott - 2018

Fergus Sweeney - 2018

Jacob Green - 2018

Ben Williams - 2018

Colin Scott - 2018

Steve Atkins - Jul

Rory Mitchell - 2018

Chris Turner - 2018

Dean Wyman - 2018

Adam Kock - 2018

Nathan Smith - 2018

Michael Wright - Jul




Steve Turner - 2018













Kane Kriss - 2018




Kye Riley - 2018




Nathan Maher - Jul




Justin Davis - 2018




Ryan Kriss - 2018




Simon Day - 2018




Matthew Agnew - 2018




Lawrence Nguyen -




Merv Brown - 2018