To the victor go the spoils

The skies above the National Hockey Centre in Suva opened up and a heavy downpour brought the curtains down on the successful weeklong Oceania Pacific Cup tournament which was blessed with fine sunshine throughout.

The big crowd had just seen one of the most thrilling finals to be witnessed at an Oceania Pacific Cup Championship.

It was a final made in heaven, New Zealand Barbarians up against a fired up young guns from Australia Country.


Patience pays off: Brownhalls

The Fiji – Australian Country U21 women’s final at the Oceania Pacific Cup Championship in Suva, Fiji was full of action from start to finish.

Six months of preparation finally paid off for the defending champions from Australia as they edged Fiji 2-0 in the final.

Australian captain Lauren Brownhalls said her girls came off knowing they had just played their hearts out in a tough encounter.


Bronze and top Oceania ranking satisfies Smith

Winning bronze and finishing as the top Oceania Pacific nation in the men’s competition is a consolation for Fijian captain Hector Smith Junior.

Following their elimination from the gold medal playoff, the son and namesake of national coach Hector senior was satisfied with the 5-1 win over Papua New Guinea in the bronze medal playoff.


God is in control: Tapo

The Papua New Guinea women’s team offered up a thanks-giving prayer before walking off the field after defeating Fiji Under-23, 2-0 in their bronze medal playoff.

“We believe that God is in control and He’s first in everything we do. Put God first and that’s how we won the game,” said jubilant PNG captain Tiani Tapo.


Fiji goes down fighting!!!!

Again the final match was the one everyone was waiting for. It was between the men of Fiji and Australia Country.

But it managed to surpass all the previous games, and many spectators, officials and players alike will agree that it has been the best game that has been played out thus far at then 2011 OPC. Even the New Zealand Barbarians were in the crowd, who were at first probably just studying the game of the two teams, one of which they would face in the final, soon found themselves caught up in the electrifying atmosphere, lending there voices to the cheers of the Fijians, as they competed with Aussie supporters mostly made up of Australia Country Women’s team.

Australia Country 4 Fiji 2


Sticking to the game plan

The match between Fiji and Papua New Guinea was a crucial one because it would decide who would go through to the final to meet Australia Country.

With Shaun Corrie, the Fiji Head Coach barking orders from the sidelines, his girls listened to his instructions and played according to plan.

Fiji 3 PNG 1


Consolation goal makes it all worthwhile

NZ Babaas 16: PNG 1

Despite their assured place in the final, the Barbarians weren't going to go easy on PNG.

PNG had many good opportunities to score but to the dismay of the all those supporting the underdog, the last man always made a terrible finish.

The Babaas on the contrary had pin point accuracy, the fluid passes resulting in a fast flow of play that usually resulted in good goal opportunities. PNG was no match for such skill, but just like their island counterparts, showed the Pacific attitude and never gave up.


Tourney Debutants win first ever OPC victory

Vanuatu 5: Samoa 0

The 2nd match of Day 5 was between Vanuatu and Samoa. Made up of young inexperienced players, both sides were still looking for their first victory, having lost to all the other teams. With this being the debut year for the Vanuatu side, and Samoa having a better goals difference, Samoa had a slight advantage.


Australia Country (Women) on their way to glory

With skills and experience that for exceeded the other, the match between Samoa and Australia Country was a David and Goliath struggle.

And this rang true for a while when Samoa, a team that has not been exposed to such a style of hockey, were mostly caught flat footed in the first half.

Down 4-0 at half time most thought it would turn into another route.

However the Samoans were able to rally and produce a good second half performance, managing to concede only one goal.

Australia Country 5: Samoa 0


Surprise Comeback shakes PNG!!

The last match of the day usually promises to be one of the best and today was no different. The final game was between Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.

The way the match played out took many by surprise.

PNG 5: Vanuatu 2


Fiji on track to finals spot

The 4th match of Day 4 was another bitter rivalry as the Samoan women took on the Fijians. Samoa put up a brave fight but it was Fiji who capitalized on their chances and came away with the points to win 7-1.

Catherine Thaggard of Fiji had an exceptional game scoring 4 of their 7 goals.

Fiji Women’s coach Shaun Corrie was happy with his girls’ performance and said that they had accomplished what they had set out to do.


the Cibi vs the Siva Tau

The scorching midday sun was a perfect backdrop for a match between the friendly neighbours yet bitter rivals; the men of Fiji and Samoa.

Fiji were looking to keep their hopes alive for making the final while Samoa was playing to win their first match of their OPC campaign.

With Fiji doing the Cibi and Samoa doing the Siva Tau, both teams were fired up, ready to play.

Both teams had a slow start but Fiji managed to get into the game as it progressed.

Fiji 7: Samoa 0


Trans-Tasman Thriller

The match between the New Zealand Barbarians and the men of Australia Country was probably one of the most anticipated games of the Oceania Pacific Cup, since it had all the makings of a final. Whoever won this game would have a vital confident boost heading into the playoffs.

Clean balls, fast plays, impenetrable defense and exhilarating attack were all on show as Australia and New Zealand went toe to toe in an epic showdown.

But the Babaas were able to find the form that has seen them win the past 3 OPC titles, as they managed to scrape a win over the Aussies. NZ Babaas 2: AUS Country 0


Fair way to go for young girls

Day 5 of the Oceania Pacific Cup kicked off with the match between the Fiji Under 23 and the Papua New Guinea women.

The Papuan New Guinea side definitely looked like the better side as they were able to run in 3 goals to win 3-0.


Sensational Sport sparks Suva spectators to life

The final match of Day 4 was a definite blockbuster. Both sides had tremendous support in the crowd, and the match lived up to all expectations.

John Issinni scored the first goal for Papua New Guinea in the 2nd minute and there was a loud shout from members of the PNG team.

The Fiji team hit back in the 22nd minute with a Penalty Stroke to Cecil Nasikivata to level the scores at one-all, the crowd responding with a loud roar and drumming of bottles.

It was a really fast-paced game which had spectators enthralled for the full 70 minutes. Such was the intensity of the game that few could draw their attention away from the turf.

Fiji 5 : PNG 1


Hitting their stride

As the sun set on Day 4 of the 2011 OPC, the cool afternoon ensured that there would be some good hockey played. In the third match of the Men’s category, the New Zealand Barbarians took on Vanuatu.

Despite the result being one-sided it was still a joy to watch due to both sides each having their glimpses of brilliance.

NZ Babaas 15- Vanuatu 0


Setting things straight

With Papua New Guinea losing their first match and Samoa coming away with a draw in theirs', the clash between both teams was an attempt to set things straight and get their respective campaigns back on track. It was a tough match as both teams were able to match the others skills. But it was evident by the end that the Papuans wanted the win more than the Samoans did, as the former were able to run in 4 unanswered goals.

PNG 4- Samoa 0


On the learning curve

The Samoan coach, Faamausili Taiva Ah Young, was a different sight from yesterday. After the heavy loss to the New Zealand Barbarians yesterday, Ah Young said that the boys had definitely improved in their game against Australia Country.

Australia Country 11: Samoa 0

“It was really good. I was very proud of them,” said Ah Young who was all smiles after the game.


Fiji spirit not enough to stop Aussies unbeaten run

The Fiji Under 23 women took on the Australia Country this morning. It was a fine match to watch as the Australians showed exceptional skill while the Fijians showed admirable spirit.

All the pressure came from the Aussies, with most of the Penalty Corners awarded to the Australians inside the Fijians own half. The Fijians were forced to defend continuously to which Kirk Corrie, the Assistant Coach, said the girls gave their all.


Walk in the park for NZ Babaas

The New Zealand Barbarians easily beat the Samoans, surpassing the score set by the Australian Country men in the previous match against Vanuatu. The Samoans tried their best to stay within reach of the Babaas but were powerless against a side that has won the OPC 3 times in a row. The NZ Babaas won 16-0.


Vanuatu coach commends boys despite Aussie route

The Vanuatu boys were in the game of their lives when they took on the Australian Country in the first OPC match of Day 3. The difference in experience between both teams was evident as the Aussies ran around the young Vanuatu players, racking up a high goal tally. At the break they lead by 7 points, and by the final siren, the Australians had won by 14 goals to nil.

A major feature of the match was that it saw the Vanuatu coach, Ross Fraser, playing a leadership role on the turf rather than just instructing his boys from the sidelines.


Fijian Tussle- no love lost

The much anticipated tussle between the two Fijian women’s team at the Oceania Pacific Cup competition lived up to expectations.

The injury hit senior team was taking no chances against their younger siblings on a fine Suva afternoon.

It was the final match on Day Two of competition.


Young guns play their hearts out

(MEN) Fiji 10 defeated Vanuatu 0

Fijian men’s coach Hector Smith had high praise for the gallant newcomers to the Oceania Pacific Cup championship– Vanuatu, who went down fighting at the National Hockey Centre in Suva. The Vanuatu team played valiantly in their first test match ever, and many local spectators commended their efforts by cheering them on too.

“I’m happy with the level of hockey Vanuatu’s come up with,” said Smith the 10 nil scoreline.

Despite the final scoreline, the match was far from a walkover as the young guns from Vanuatu kept Fiji at bay in the first half restricting the home side to 2-nil at the break.


Aussie Women follow suit

(WOMEN)   Australian Country 3 defeated PNG 0

The Papua New Guinea women’s team was hoping for a draw against the Australian Country in their first outing at the Oceania Pacific Cup Championship in Suva after a bye yesterday. But the Auzzies were able to emulate the performance of their male counterparts earlier to beat the Papuans, 3-0.


Beautiful Day for Hockey

Australian Country Men played their first game against Papua New Guinea.

(MEN) Aust. country 3 defeated PNG 1

Splendid Suva sunshine once again greeted hockey enthusiasts on Day Two of competition at the Oceania Pacific Cup championship at the National Hockey Centre.

The opening match in the men’s competition saw Australian Country fronting up for the first time in this championship while Papua New Guinea with their tails up from the 5-0 drubbing of Samoa yesterday were eager to face the Aussies.

The fine weather meant that the heat on the artificial turf was going to favour PNG but the scoreline of 3-1 at the end of the match favoured the Australians who came prepared for the heat.



Thrilling Opener to OPC 2011

The 2011 OPC began yesterday with 8 of the ll teams in action. The scorching Suva heat did not deter the spirit of players as each team set out to have a good start.

The first match of the tournament came from the Women's’ category, where the Fiji Under 23 side took on their Samoan rivals. The Fijians drew first blood when Asena Rokosevu was able to combine with Meredani Kiliraki to produce the first goal of the tournament in the 16th minute. But in the second spell, Lelava Laupepa was able to equalize for the Samoans in  the 59th minute. The first match lived up to the hype, ending in a one-all draw.


Aussie girls beat Fiji

Australia Country team manager Temeka Hood said it was the girls’ first game and they did not know what to expect from the Fijians.

After an early lead by the Fijian team in the first half Hood said they did not panic but concentrated on their game.

Fiji women’s coach Shaun Corrie said there wasn’t much difference between the two sides. “They took theirs and we didn’t.”


NZ Babaas start on a high

New Zealand Barbarians took on the Fiji team in their first match.

Fiji men’s coach Hector Smith was stunned with the 6-1 drubbing at the hands of the New Zealand Barbarians.

“No, didn’t expect that score. I was happy with the first half and midway through the second half. In the last 15 minutes we let ourselves down,” said a disappointed Smith.


Michael's hat trick helps PNG win

PNG leading by only one goal at the break, quickly pulled away from the Samoans in the 2nd spell, with Michael Potuan scoring a hat trick. PNG won 5-0.

Potuan who’s here for the second time said he wanted to encourage the youngsters in their side.

“I didn’t expect to score, but I was at the right place at the right time to score,” said the Port Moresby based player.

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DAY SEVEN - SATURDAY December 10th

Men's Gold Medal Playoff 

New Zealand Barbarians  3 defeated Australia Country 3 (NZB 6 to AC 5 in penalty shootout)

Women's Gold Medal Playoff 

Australia Country 2 defeated Fiji  0

Men's Bronze Medal Playoff

Fiji 5 defeated Papua New Guinea 1

Women's Bronze Medal Playoff

Papua New Guinea 2 defeated Fiji U/23  0



GOLD - NZ Barbarians

SILVER - Aust county U/21



GOLD - Aust Country



DAY SIX - FRIDAY December 9th

Men's Game 1 -  Vanuatu 5 def Samoa 0

Men's Game 2 -  NZ Barbarians  16 def Papua New Guinea  1

Men's Game 3 - Australia Country 4 def Fiji 2

Women's Game 1 - Australia Country 5 def Samoa  0

Women's Game 2 - Fiji 3 def Papua New Guinea  1

 THURSDAY December 8th -   Rest Day


Men's Game 1 - NZ Barbarians 2 def Aust. Country 0

Men's Game 2 -  Fiji  7 def  Samoa  0

Men's Game 3 - PNG  5 def Vanuatu  2

Women's Game 1 - PNG 3 def Fiji Under 23 0

Women's Game 2 - Fiji  7 def Samoa  1

DAY FOUR - TUESDAY December 6th

Men's Game 1 - Aust. Country  11  def Samoa  0

Men's Game 2 -  NZ Barbarians  15 def Vanuatu  0

Women's Game 1 - Aust. Country 5  def Fiji Under 23  0

Women's Game 2 - PNG 4 def Samoa  0

DAY THREE - MONDAY December 5th

Men's Game 1 - Aust. Country 14  def Vanuatu 0

Men's Game 2 -  NZ Barbarians 16  def Samoa 0

Women - Rest Day

DAY TWO - SUNDAY December 4th

Men's Game 1 - Aust. Country 3  def PNG 1

Men's Game 2 -  Fiji 10 def Vanuatu 0

Women's Game 1 - Aust. Country 3  def PNG 0

Women's Game 2 - Fiji 4 def Fiji Under 23 0

DAY ONE - Saturday December 3rd

Men's Game 1 - PNG 5 def Samoa 0

Men's Game 2 - NZ Barbarians 6  def Fiji 1

Women's Game 1 - Samoa 1 drew with  Fiji Under 23 1

Women's Game 2 - Aust. Country 3 def Fiji 1

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