2011 Pacific Games Bodybuilding technical officials meeting 27th August, Games village, Noumea

The 2011 Pacific Games which opened on Saturday 27th August 2011, also saw the first meeting of the Pacific Games Technical Committee, at which International Delegate Philip Hope of the WBPF and Director of Bodybuilding for New Caledonia Gaetano Barbato of New Caledonia briefed the member countries in relation to the event and stewarded the election of the PGC Technical Committee which oversees the logistics and delivery of the 2011 Pacific Games.


Tahitian gets three year ban for steroids at Pacific Game

A Tahitian body builder has received a three year suspended sentence, after being found in possession of performance enhancing drugs in New Caledonia.

Steve Wong Foe, 31, was charged by customs with one count of illegal importation and a further police charge of possession of illegal substances.

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