2011 Smarter Than Smoking WA State Motocross Rnd 6

Smarter than Smoking
WA State Motocross Championships
Season Finale
Lightweight MC Hendley Park Byford 18th September 2011

Bethwyn Gaisford

Hendley Park Byford- The stage for WA’s finale to the Motocross championships, as the saying goes, Beautiful one day Perfect the next, but we arnt in Queensland, and the weather and track conditions accelerated downwards spiral as the predicted major weather front Hit Perth on Saturday night. Inches of rain were recorded and the track was footpeg deep in mud.
For Michael Addison who had secured the Pro Open Championship, his decision to not ride left the formalities of 2nd and 3rd to be fought out between Louis Calvin and Paul Humberston, Daniel Woodward, Anthony Hicks  and Jamie Shaw.  Race 1 saw and extraordinary fete by Calvin, lapping the entire field, the trying conditions saw bikes stuck in the mud and for the 15 minute journey it was almost painful but comedic to watch.  Louis Calvin took the round win, while Anthony Hicks was second and Daniel Woodward 3rd.
Pro Lites Robbie Clark put in a huge round at his local club, showing everyone his talent and speed in very trying conditions, he took second in the first moto and won the last race of the season to clinch the overall for the day.
The Pro Lites Class was lead by youngster David Birch for the entirety of the season, he jumped out of the blocks at Kalgoorlie, his ex home track and built his lead at each round, taking out the series with two races to run. Sean Robertson came in second with Ashley Whisler on the podium in 3rd
The Womens Solo Championship competing in their 4th round of the series saw Jess Moore and Courtney Hirst back on track after injuries and securing 1st and second for the round, but it would be Chelsea Blakers who would come out Queen for the series, a hard fought consistent series campaign  saw Chelsea take the win in front of Courtney Hirst and a thrilled Bronwyn Aplin rounding out the podium in 3rd.
The Quad Championship was declared at Round 6 with Luke Gaisford taking back to back wins in front of young guns Jordan Dummett and Josh McKay. The Quads were unable to run at Byford due to the depth of mud on the track which made it impossible for them to race.
The Womens Quads who unfortunately had run 2 of their 3 rounds, and had their 3 rd round shuffled to 3 events due to unforeseen circumstances declared their championship with Bernice Ackermann on top of the podium with Sarah Moore in second and Caitlin Piesse in 3rd

With the series now over for another year, it is time to reward all classes at the State Round Gala Presentation Dinner. All riders are welcome to come along and celebrate the podium placegetters receipt of trophies, door prizes, sponsors products, a transponder, Series Entry to 2012, Announcement of the Jamie Brockman Award recipient, the Highest Point Scorer of the year etc, a great night out at the East Fremantle Yacht Club on Oct 8th, book your tickets now with Alison Norton  ali2norton@hotmail.com
Overall State Championship Class Results

Pro Open
1st Michael Addison 340
2nd Louis Calvin 304
3rd Paul Humberston 291

Pro Lites
1st David Birch 366
2nd Sean Robertson 293
3rd Ashley Whisler 273

Quad Championship
1st Luke Gaisford 346
2nd Jordan Dummett 298
3rd Josh McKay 241

Quad Women
1st Bernice Ackermann 147
2nd Sarah Moore 124
3rd Caitlin Piesse 114

Round 6 Results
Pro Lites
1st Robbie Clarke 47
2nd David Birch 45
3rd Riki Day 40

Pro Open
1st Louis Calvin 50
2nd Anthony Hicks 40
3rd Daniel Woodward 40
4th Paul Humberston 40

Womens Championship
1st Jess Moore 50
2nd Courtney Hirst 40
3rd Bronwyn Aplin 40
4th Chelsea Blakers 40

Clubman Lites
1st Daniel Guy 45
2nd Brendan Orlandi 40
3rd Jake Hill 31

Clubman Open
1st Stuart Kreush 50
2nd Phillip Cross 40
3rd Asley McTaggart 35

Intermediate Lites
1st Reece Colgan 47
2nd Charlie Creech 47
3rd Kyle Pacey 38

2011 Smarter than Smoking WA State Motocross Championships

Bethwyn Gaisford

The Motocross season comes down to this weekend, the riders and teams will have everything prepped and ready to race for a Championship or a top 10 seeded plate in Pro Opens and Pro Lites. The importance and urgency is obvious to all as the racing at the final round is more intense, fast and sometimes fierce with no holds barred, no one leaving anything in the tank after every race. If you’ve not been to Motocross this year, then mark this round on your calendar for Sunday, come early and secure yourself good parking for a great days racing.

2011 has been a massive season for Motocross in Western Australia. Between Club Runs seeing 500+ riders racing each weekend at their local clubs or Open events with large prize pools to attract the countries best riders to the West, Eastern Regional and South West Series, and the only place you can take a State Championship away with you, the WA State Motocross Championships.

Whether it has been the return of Western Australia’s Champions Michael Addison and Louis Calvin, The fantastic riding of English Rider Jamie Law, the stunning early season performances of Luke Davis, the hard fought battles between Paul Humberston, Jamie Shaw, Daniel Woodward and Anthony Hicks. Every round has had its highlites, and riders who have excelled across this long 6 round series on their favoured track terrain. Sunday will be about winning the highest honour in Motocross in WA, the right to wear the #1 plate for 2012, and the honour to be named forever as a State Motocross Champion.

The Pro Lite Championship is up for grabs this Sunday, historically this class has had the title on the line til the 18th and final race of the season, this year David Birch has dominated the series and put some breathing space between himself

and a tightly fought battle between Sean Robertson, Ashley Whisler,Craig Bolton and Robbie Clark. The outcome of this final round and all 3 moto’s will certainly have the teams working out calculations to get their riders on the podium for the series.

The Quad Championship will be competed for by a group of riders, who are the best in the country. Ryan Lancaster is Australia #1 and will defend his title 2 weeks after round 6 in Coolum Queensland, while WA’s defending #1 Luke Gaisford takes a 48 point lead into the last round, Gaisford and second placed for the WA series Jordan Dummett, will also trek to Coolum in the hopes of taking, a full WA sweep on the Australian Championship podium.

The Womens Classes feature at round 6, both two and four wheel, the pits will have no less than 20 women racers competing for their respective titles.

Bernice Ackermann holds a handy 23 point in the Quads over Sarah Moore with Caitlin Piesse in third. The Solo girls have had quite an exciting series with

WA’s defending #1 Jess Moore missing the first two rounds with injury, Courtney Hirst took the early lead with six straight wins over two rounds, only to also miss round 3 with injury, elevating Chelsea Blakers to the top of the leader board with Hannah Lovett, Taryn Leighton in 2nd and 3rd. Moore will be at round 6 keen to finish the season well, while Courtney Hirst will also be back, keen to race for a podium finish.

Without our sponsors and the help of Healthway, the series couldn’t run financially and without the pool of brilliant riders that put themselves, and their equipment on the line each and every race meet, the WAMX Clubs and sport committee thank you all for making this year really special.

Come along this weekend and see the best the West has to offer in Motocross, as we celebrate the seasons end with presentations and the splashing of champagne on the podium.

Lightweight Motorcycle Club

Hendley Park Byford

Sunday Sept 18th

Racing from 9am

Full canteen and Bar available

Adults $20 Kids Under 16 free

2011 WAMX Senior Presentation Dinner

**2011 WAMX Presentation Dinner**
Saturday 8th October 2011 
East Fremantle Yacht Club
Click here for the Flyer

2011 Smarter Than Smoking WA State Motocross Rnd 5

Noble Falls is one of the more technical tracks in WA, lightening fast and for spectators great viewing and a great day out just 30minutes from the city.
Huge congratulations must go firstly to Michael Addison, with a round to go he is unbeatable for the WA State Pro Open Title. His lead of 86 points over his competitors a hard fought battle over five rounds thus far. Louis Calvin sits in second outright with a few points separating him and next 4 riders Paul Humberston, Daniel Woodward, Jamie Shaw and Anthony Hicks.

Round 6, the finale to the series to be held on Sept 18th at Lightweight Motorcycle Club Byford which will see the minor positions fought out, but you can bet Addison will be there with all guns blazing, his fitness and stamina is only matched by rival Louis Calvin, every race is fought out to the chequers, so if your in town for this one, don’t miss it!

Round 5 racing between the Addison and Calvin crews didn’t disappoint with both riders out for the round win. Calvin took the lead early in the 11 lap journey with Addison pacing himself just enough bike lengths off Calvin as to not get constantly sprayed with the gravel roost. Circulating and pulling a massive lead soon enough the lapped riders came into play, Addison pulled up alongside Calvin a few times, made a pass, and was passed back, the race was on to the last corner, both hitting it together, one inside, one outside with a drag race uphill to the chequers, Calvin would claim the prize this time while Josh Adams would come through in 3rd.

Race 2 the 6 lap sprint saw Addison out to a better start, but soon enough Calvin took the lead, again they took the race out from the pack and battled it out amongst themselves, this time just 1.4 seconds across the finish, Luke Davis marked his return to racing with  3rd place with Jamie Shaw and Josh Adams close behind.

Race 3 Calvin with a great start, while Michael Addison was caught up in a tangle of bikes all ending up off the track, recovering to about 10th place Addison put the hammer down and start passing riders at will. Woodward meanwhile was fighting it out with Jamie Shaw for 2nd and 3rd until late in the race , when they were both overtaken for 2nd by Michael Addison. Shaw took a well earned 3rd just a second behind Addison with Woodward, Adams, Humberston and Davis rounding out a very competitive group of young Pro’s.

Pro Lites was a relatively smaller grid than usual with some riders out with injury, never the less the current Series leader David Birch arrived with sites on ending the series today like Michael Addison. His first race 1st position from start to finish was the best start to the day, while the minor positions were fought out between Robert Thorne who had a great start, never the less the 11 lap moto soon saw the hard pack specialists of Sean Robertson, Ashley Whisler and Craig Bolton move up to the front of the pack while Thorne settled for 7th.

Race 2 – 6 Laps Chris Ruttico took the lead and held it for 2 laps, Birch made the pass while battling it out with Robbie Clark who would eventually take 2nd. Sean Robertson and Ashley Whisler would turn it on for the crowd accelerating over the chequers, just a mili second the difference.

Race 3 saw the battle of the day for Pro Lites, David Birch again took the early lead, while Thorne and Bolton battled it out for 2nd and 3rd, but mid journey Birch suffered a flat tyre and immediately fell back through the pack to see an epic battle between Bolton, Thorne, Robertson and Whisler, positions changing lap by lap. Bolton pulled away to a good lead with Sean Robertson taking 2nd, Whisler coming through for 3rd.
David Birch didn’t quite clinch the title this round, but has a 62 point lead going into the finale at Byford in 3 weeks time.

The Quad Championship Class field had some brave young riders coming back from injury, Hyden Ironman 300 youngest ever winner Josh Mckay was on  a high after his massive weekend only to have a nasty crash in practice, he still pulled on his helmet and fronted up for the first moto. Jordan Dummett had also suffered injury in the South West Series in which he was leading and was on the line to defend his second placing on the ladder.

Race 1 it was Aus #1 Ryan Lancaster who got out to the early lead with Luke Gaisford in second, lapping around the same speed as the pro lites, the quads put on some great speedway style cornering to the delight of the quad followers, Josh Mckay and Joel Mortimer fought it out for 3rd and 4th.
Race 2 was a huge battle, Luke Gaisford out in front from the second corner with Ryan Lancaster on the back wheels of his competitor for 7 laps, Gaisford holding the lead, and fighting off the attempted passes of Lancaster, the two riders getting out to a 35 second lead in front of 3rd placed Jordan Dummett with Joel Mortimer just pipped over the line for 4th.

Race 3 saw Gaisford out to a great start, with Dummett and Lancaster in behind, Gaisford hit corner 1 5th gear pinned going into lap 2, hit a rut and was high sided and slammed into the track, Lancaster made the pass and put a huge lead on his competitors, Dummett, Mckay and Mortimer fought it out in a 3 way battle across the 7 laps finishing within a few seconds of each other, Gaisford circulated and finished the race for lucrative points.

Round 6 is just 3 weeks away at Hendley Park in Byford, on September the 18th, don’t miss the finale to the Championships as we will celebrate the winners and podium placegetters from all classes of round 6 and  spray some champagne for the five State Championship Classes including the Women’s Solo’s and Women’s Quads

Round 5 Results

Pro Open
1st Louis Calvin 75
2nd Michael Addison 66
3rd Jamie Shaw 56

Pro Lites
1st Sean Robertson 64
2nd David Birch 61
3rd Craig Bolton 59

Quad Championship
1st Ryan Lancaster 72
2nd Luke Gaisford 61
3rd Jordan Dummett 58

Vets Clubman
1st Brendan Parnham 75
2nd Tony Wood 66
3rd Barend Swart 60

Vets Pro/Int
1st Justin Thomas
2nd Kamahl Godfrey 60
3rd Michel Drean 58

Quad Clubman
1st Matthew Robbins 75
2nd Anthony Pearce 62
3rd Aaron Tate 62

Intermediate Open
1st Daniel Strickland 64
2nd Damon Gibbons 60
3rd Luke Kitto 58

Intermediate Lites
1st Jonty Thomas 72
2nd Dylan Sexton 67
3rd Kyle Pacey 54

Clubman Open
1st Stuart kreusch 75
2nd Russel Rosati 60
3rd Brendan Orlandi 55




2011 Smarter Than Smoking WA State Motocross Rnd 5

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club hosts the 5th round to the WA State Motocross Championships at the infamous Noble Falls circuit at Gidgegannup. A huge line up of riders will take advantage of the end to winter and come out to race on one of WA’s fastest Motocross tracks. The five week break between state rounds has seen riders travelling to National rounds across the country, and far and wide competing in Southern Cross, AJS’s King of the Sand, and also a precursor to this round, The BSA Cup.

The main event for the day will be the Pro Open featuring the Series points leader Michael Adison, his return to WA along with Louis Calvin has upped the anti in all races they enter, Englishman Jamie Law has been right up there with them along with visiting Eastern State riders, but unfortunately Jamie has suffered an injury and wont be at BSA. Australia’s #1 four time winner Jay Marmont has been in WA racing along with Kade Mosig and Codie Mackie all revving up the WA guys to go harder and faster, racing in this round could be at a whole new level of intensity. Second in the points is WA’s Paul Humberston, he is putting in some really consitent races this year and sits above Anthony Hicks by 15 points. As we head into the last two rounds on hard pack terrain, it will be interesting to watch the likes of Daniel Woodward, Jamie Shaw and others battle for top spots in each race.

The Pro Lite class leaders have also been putting in as many races as they can, also travelling to National rounds, points leader David Birch took out the Pro Lite class at King of the Cross, while Sean Robertson also tried his hand at Nationals. Ashley Whisler is doing the job this year bringing a new intensity to all his races, while Shaun Cornick makes a huge return after a stint in the nationals series and a lay off with injury. The Pro Lites class is full of talent to take the championship to the wire come round 6, after Noble Falls the calculators will be working overtime, don’t miss a minute of round 5 as these youngsters put everything on the line to set themselves up for the finale at Byford in just 3 weeks time.

The Quad Championship Leaders along with their two wheel counterparts travelled to Coolum to compete in the last round of the Nationals as an invitational Pro ATV Cup, WA’s Ryan Lancaster, Luke Gaisford and Jordan Dummett all finished in the top 4 placings, a good result 5 weeks out from the Australian Quad MX Championships which will be held at the same track. Gaisford won the King of the Cross, Lancaster won King of the Sand, and the duel continues at BSA at round 5 where anything can happen. The 2010 Junior National Champ Josh McKay is holding third, doing amazing things in this class, in his first season as a senior, while Joel Mortimer and Brad Filbey and Patrick McNally get stronger and compete for better placings in every race.

2011 Smarter Than Smoking WA State Motocross Rnd 4

2011 Smarter than Smoking WA State Motocross Championships
Bunbury Motorcycle Club Shrubland Park July 17th 2011

Bunbury Motorcycle Club held the largest State Round in 2010 and is ready to back up last years event with an even bigger spectacle this Sunday July 17th. The South West town now on the end of the new freeway, had a massive crowd last year, circling the entire track with every vantage point filled with cars and spectators. Shrubland Park has attracted some new large corporate sponsors and will be eager to showcase and show off their new facilities and advertise their prospective events for the upcoming summer season.

At the half way point of the series, the Pro Lites class is being lead by David Birch, he has quite a commanding lead over Craig Bolton, who displaced Sean Robertson to third at the AJS round just two weeks ago. Ashley Whisler had a good round at the sand track and elevated himself to fourth with Robbie Clark rounding out the top five. The Bunbury Round has again attracted Louis Calvin and English rider Jamie Law to compete between their Australian MX Nationals campaign.

Interestingly it will be Law and Calvin again in the Pro Open Class that will bring everyone to the fence, the duo will take on WA’s Michael Addison who is currently leading this years series. A few controversial moments in previous race meets, will have everyone out in force for this battle. Paul Humberston is holding second place for the series and will have to be on his game to hold off third placed and Bunbury’s own Anthony Hicks. The youngster is doing the job this year without much fan fair and his consistence is paying dividends.

Quad Championship is lead by Luke Gaisford, he goes into round four ahead of Jordan Dummett and Josh McKay. A bit of bad luck saw Joel Mortimers day end early at AJS and finally separate his points tie with Mckay. Ryan Lancaster also suffered problems at Wanneroo and cost him the win at his new home track. Adam Larson took 2nd at last round, but the young Victorian hasn’t entered Bunbury.

Clubman Quads has shown six different winners across the 9 races so far, it is good to see a grid of riders where anyone can come out with the win. Leading the series is Shaun Woodhead in front of Kalgoorlie trio Dave Harris, Mathew Robbins and Aaron Tate.

Clubman Lites rider Andy Brack is leading the way, he has taken 2 wins this season in front of Daniel Guy who missed round 1, but never the less has 5 wins to his credit. Robert Malone holds 3rd place.

Clubman Open is being dominated by Stuart Kreush with 5 wins from 6 starts, John Broadhurst is in second place while Nicholas Hereman rounds out the top three.

Veterans shows Barend Swart at the top of the leader board, Tony Wood in second and Colin Greeby in third. Pro / Intermediate Veterans is lead by Bunbury local Mark Jones, he is closely followed by Trevor Unstead and Kamahl Godfrey.

Intermediate Open’s Daniel Strickland holds a massive lead of 47 points over his nearest rival Damon Gibbons, with Hayden Vermeer’s win at AJS elevatinghim into third place for the series. Intermediate Lites takes a break this round, but 2 riders will try their hand at Pro Lites instead of taking the weekend off.

Shrubland Park is on the South West Highway

Racing starts at 9am
Spectators $20 each
Kids under 16 free
Full canteen and Bar available

2011 Smarter than Smoking WA State Motocross Rnd 3

2011 Smarter than Smoking WA State Motocross Championships AJS Motorcycle Club- Wanneroo Park June 26th 2011

AJS Motorcycle Club is prepped and ready to host round 3 of the WA State MX Championships. After the battles from round 2 at Coastal Park, and the fantastic performances by WA riders at the recent Manjimup International, excitement remains at fever pitch for spectators to witness each and every duel between the states top racers.
Heading the program, the Pro Open class sporting the 450cc machines, will feature two ex Western Australian Champions going to head to head, Michael Addison and Louis Calvin will take on home track favourite Paul Humberston, with a string of talent including yound Bunbury rider
Anthony Hicks, Sam Reeves, Ryan Litterick, Tyson Whincup and Brett Norton. Last years mammoth battle between Calvin and WA #1 Dean Porter, still fresh in our minds, on a track that may make you a leader at the half way point of the series, or have you playing catch-up for the remainder of the year. AJS is a thrilling track to watch all the Pro Classes, as they fly through the air and into the quarry, over the step ups and jumps or out braking at the many technical corners, Holeshot is a must here!.

The Pro Lites 250cc Class, races are very exciting, David Birch has been dominant thus far having 5 from 6 wins, with Sean Robertson and Craig Bolton close behind in every race. Youngster Shaun Cornick who was impressive at last years AJS Round, and has been competing in the National U 19’s class, has been out with injury, but he is back on track, and will have his first ride at round 3. Ashley Whisler, Robbie Clarke and Vince VanLeeuwen are also the ones to watch, their consistency has propelled them into the top 10 and it will be an interesting table of results after every race for this class.

The Quad Championship Class see’s AUS #1 Ryan Lancaster back in fine form, he has moved from the North West and now calls AJS home, coming from a win in the second round, after missing the first with injury, Lancaster will be out to race for maximum points. Victoria’s Adam Larson based in WA for the season has excelled between rounds dominating the Manjimup Open, Luke Gaisford leads the series with Jordan Dummett second in points, Josh McKay, Joel Mortimer and Brad Filbey round out the top 5.

The Intermediate Open Class is being dominated by Daniel Strickland, it won’t be long before this youngster stamps his mark in the Pro’s, while Dylan Sexton, Jonty Thomas and Reece Colgan make the Intermediate Lites class their own personal battle ground. Stuart Kreush is leading the Clubman Open Class, while in Clubman Lites Daniel Guy won round 2 with a hatrick of wins, but Andy Brack holds a comfortable lead for the series.

Mark Jones and Trevor Unstead battle out the Pro Veterans for top honours, while in the Clubman Vets Tony Wood and Barend Swart lead the way, Michael Adlam had a huge second round, and the local AJS crowd will no doubt be there to cheer on Steve Mouritz as he makes an appearance in the Pro Vets. For more info on the Smarter than Smoking WA State Motocross Championships www.wamx.motorcyclingwa.org.au  

Bethwyn Gaisford


2011 Smarter Than Smoking State Motocross Press release

Pro Open

Round 2 of the 2011 Smarter Than Smoking State Motocross Championship, Coastal Park
Coastal Motorcycle Club hosted round two of WA Motocross Championships over two big weekends, May 21st for the Quad Championship class in action at a full Quad day.

The Championship class running a 15min moto to start the day saw Jordan Dummett take the holeshot,
with Ryan Lancaster an Luke Gaisford all over the back of him for 5 laps til Gaisford made the pass,
he took the lead and headed off to a good win, Ryan Lancaster 2nd and Jordan Dummett 3rd.

 Race 2 was a frantic 6 lap sprint, with Lancaster taking the lead and holding first across the chequers,
Gaisford having a shocking start, making his way through the pack up into second, with youngster Adam
Larsen taking third place.

Race 3 another 15minute moto would see 11 laps completed of the water logged Coastal Park Circuit.
Ryan Lancaster took the lead early, with Luke Gaisford second and Adam larsen again in third.
Gaisford holds a 22 point lead for the series, in front of Jordan Dummett, with Joel Mortimer and
Josh McKay holding equal 3rd place.

Sunday 29th May saw over 220 riders head to Coastal Park to compete for round 2 points for the series.
early entries from Luke Davis and Matt Moss, Jamie Law, Louis Calvin etc excited the organisers, but with Luke and Matt late withdrawls and out with injury, the podiums were now open to all.

Spectacular start to the Pro Open races, Jayden Smith with the 1st holeshot, while Louis Calvin got caught up in the first corner carnage, WA’s Michael Addison took off to an early lead with British rider Jamie Law in tow, a few laps in they both came together, giving local boy Daniel Woodward the lead with Paul Humberston now in second, it didn’t take long though for Jamie Law to get back to the front of the pack, with Addison back in second, while Louis Calvin gallantly fought his way back to third place.

Race 2 the 6 lap sprint saw Addison with the holeshot, Jamie Law soon on his back wheel with Louis Calvin in third, Addison dropped the bike, and Law made the move into first, results saw Addison hold second, with Calvin coming through for third.

The finale to the day had everyone lining every vantage point. Addison again had the jump on Law, this time Calvin was right there with them along with Daniel Woodward and Paul Humberston. Half way through the long ten lap journey, Law took the lead, Calvin seemed to be off the pace, while Addison sealed second place,
it wasn’t til late in the race, when Calvin put the hammer down and charged after Addison, again it was Law
with the win and the overall for the day, Michael Addison in second and Louis Calvin taking third, Daniel Woodward 4th and Jamie Shaw 5th

For the series to date, Michael Addison increases his lead to 39 points in front of Paul Humberston
with Jamie Shaw’s consistency propelling him to third place.

The Pro Lites class first race saw David Birch take the holeshot, and put 10 solid laps in never being challenged and taking a 20 second lead across the chequers. Sean Robertson was in second for most of the race with Jamie Law contesting both classes on his tail along with Tim Bell. With one lap to go it was Law who made the move along with Bell coming through to take 2nd and 3rd just a second apart. Sean Robertson having to settle for 4th.

Race 2 being a 6 lap sprint saw Birch again take the holeshot with Bell in second and Law in third, Law put the pressure on Birch, made the pass, then Birch came unstuck, Bell passed him and held onto the back of Law for the remainder of the journey, going across the finish line .020 behind. Birch came through for third with Ashley Whisler storming through the field to take 4th

The final moto of the day, another 10 lap moto saw David Birch take the lead with Jamie Law, Robbie Clarke, Sean Robertson on fire, Birch cemented his lead when Law pulled off the track with a mechanical incident leaving the minor places to be fought out behind him, Fifty three seconds would elapse before
Craig Bolton, Sean Robertson and Robbie Clarke would cross the line just 3 seconds apart. So after a gruelling day, David Birch 1st, Craig Bolton 2nd Sean Robertson 3rd.

For the series David Birch now holds a 35 point buffer over Sean Robertson, with Craig Bolton 3rd
narrowly in front of Shane Murray 4th and Tim Bell 5th




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