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The Queensland Government provides ongoing funding to support Queensland Lacrosse to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation



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'Home of the Pumas'! 

Queensland lacrosse and our clubs are looking for Member Protection information officers. There are courses in Tennyson and Keperra. Please contact your club or QLA for more information.


Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures. They are also the ‘go to’ person if you want to discuss problems at your club or association, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint. MPIOs can also provide impartial advice and information to sports administrators and complaint handlers with regard to the Member Protection Policy of their sport.

The MPIO course comprises of seven on-line modules which take approximately three to four hours in total to complete. This is followed by a three hour face-to-face workshop. Completion of the on-line component of the MPIO course is required before attending the face-to-face workshop. At the completion of the on-line modules and workshop, participants receive an individual certification number and are eligible to register as a nationally recognised MPIO.

Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse
University of Queensland Lacrosse Club
Gold Coast Sharks Lacrosse
Knights Lacrosse Sunshine Coast Queensland


 QLA Round 4

Brisbane Eagles Hosted a wet and eventful round 4 of competition.

Ladies game was postponed 

Men's game 1
Brisbane Eagles raced out of the blocks leading at 10-3 at half time. The second half saw the home team holding on by their finger tips against a strong finishing Sushine Coast. Final score 15-11 to Brisbane.

Men's game 2

UQ saints took advantage of a weary brisbane team extending their lead to 7-2 at half time. Unfortuneately the game had to be postpone for medical reasons.

The committee will finalise a date for the Ladies and Men's (game 2) in the coming days!!


The Competition table:

Mens Womens
Brisbane 12 University of Queensland 8
Sunshine Coast 10 Sunshne Coast 4
University of Queensland 6    





 QLA Round 3


Sunshine Coast lacrosse club hosted round 3 of competition.

Women's competition

Sunshine Coast Maidens V UQ Lady Saints

Sunshine Coast maidens stepping up every round leveling with
 UQ saints 1-1 on the final whistle. Well done ladies!!


Men's competition

Sunshine Coast V UQ Saints  

5 all at 3/4 time. Unfortuneately 2 long range bombs from lacrosse newcomer Hayden Hardcastle (#uqsport) for the Saints was not enough to halt the knights storming home in the last quarter 12-6 on the final whistle. Best and fairest Zac Fagan


Sunshine Coast V Brisbane Eagles    [The rivarly continues...]


Nick Marchant on the Sunshine Coast lead the way with the scoring with 4 goals! Brisbane fielded 2 debutants James Dunlop along with Brock Norton both having blast on the field. The game came down to the last 2 minutes with game locked at 7-7. Brisbane unable to convert with a "give and go", turned it over to the Knights for young Nick to score his 4th for the day (8-7). With 20 seconds left Alex Hanley from Brisbane gained possession with the must-win face off. Brisbane waited and waited until the last second to dump it to Jean Bronkhurst on the crease who finished with a spin around jump shot to the top right (8-8 on the final whistle). Best and fairest Jean Bronkhurst. 


Brisbane to host round 4 of competition. 



QLA Round 2

University of Queensland Lacrosse Club hosted round 2 of competition.


Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse did well playing the whole game a man down but could not hold on. 

UQ triumphant 12-5.
UQ backed up the next day against an expereinced Sunshine Coast  and went down in a very physical game 3-12.
The lady saints continued their unbeaten run 9-3 against a growing Sunshine coast women's team.
A huge thank-you to all volunteers for a smooth day. Sunshine Coast to host round 3!



QLA Round 1

 What a fantastic weekend of lacrosse in Queensland!.  Brisbane Eagles hosted a double header.


University of Queensland 9 vs Sunshine coast 1 


Sunshine coast knights 8 vs. brisbane eagles 9

University of Queensland 8 vs brisbane eagles. 13

Photos and video can be found on our facebook ---> page https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandLacrosseAssociation/ 



Nominations for Queensland Lacrosse Association 2016 Women's Representative Program


Queensland Lacrosse Association is again calling for nominations from interested persons for the following positions;

Womens Coach

Please email qldlacrosse@gmail.com and complete nomination form to be returned to Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc by no later than Friday, 8th April, 2016. Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc will this year play host to New South Wales in the annual East Coast Cup Lacrosse Tournament and will be fielding a women's representative team.



Queensland Lacrosse Association Mens Mouthguard Policy


The management committee of Queensland Lacrosse Association would like to advise that the committee has endorsed the wearing of mouth guards for all QLA endorsed competitions, trainings and events.

Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse​; University of Queensland Lacrosse Club​; Gold Coast Sharks Lacrosse​; Lacrosse Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia​


Nominations for Queensland Lacrosse Association 2016 Mens and Womens Officiating Courses


Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc are preparing to host mens and womens officiating courses for 2016!! Please email qldlacrosse@gmail.com for nomination form and return to Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc by no later than Monday, 29thth March, 2016.


Please be advised that for the courses to proceed, it is essential that there are at least eight (8) participants attend each course.


Welcome to 2016

Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc will this year play host to New South Wales in the annual East Coast Cup Lacrosse Tournament

Nominations for Queensland Lacrosse Association 2016 Men's and Women's Representative Program are no open! 
We are calling for nominations from interested persons for the following positions;

Mens Coach

Womens Coach

Email us @ qldlacrosse@gmail.com for your nomination form no later than Friday 26th Feb,


State championships

Lacrosse Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia took an early lead at half time of 3-2. By the end of the game Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse Club rallied to win 8-6 

Photos can be found on our facebook page

QLA state championships 

Volunteer of the Year

The season is coming to a close and the management committee of Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc are now calling for nominations for the 2015 Volunteer of the Year and look forward to receiving nominations from clubs and individuals to acknowledge our hard working volunteers. Without them our sport would cease to exist.


Please email qldlacrosse@gmail.com for a nomination form.


Presentation of the 2015 Volunteer of the Year will be held following the conclusion of the 2015 State Lacrosse Championships which will be held on Saturday, 29th August at Mount Gravatt Youth and Recreation Grounds, home of the Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse Club


QLA Round 5 and 6 

QLA round 5 and round 6 have finished up with Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse Club coming away with the win in both occasions (13-4 and 13-5).


State championships to be held at the Brisbane home field on the 29th of August



2015 Asia Pacific Lacrosse Tournament (ASPAC)

QLA would like to wish Johan Meyer #20 all the best in representing Queensland on the U23 Australian team. This years tournament is held in Bangkok, Thailand 4th July - 11th July.

Follow us and them on facebook:




QLA Round 4

The Rivalry continues!

The Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse Club has leveled the series (2-2) with a 14-5 victory over Sunshine Coast Lacrosse last Saturday.

Thanks goes to the refs, time-keepers/scorers for keeping the day running smoothly.

Due to the poor weather limited photos are available.


2015 June Lightning Premiership

The Roughnecks have done it again winning the 2015 June lightning premiership!!!.

A big thank-you goes to:
The 3 refs who volunteered their time and rotated throughout the whole day to keep the games running smoothly.

Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse Club who supplied a BBQ + gas + cooking utensils + eskys, marquee, cones, goals, tables, cables (extension), balls.

The 3 Sunny coast representatives - always great to see more clubs represented.

Corinda Physiotherapy for the use of radio and Physio support!!

Kangaroo Point Rovers FC for field hire.


QLA Round 3

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!!! We know the (Lacrosse Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia are on the back of the 10-7 win over the Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse Club. Bringing them infront with a 2-1 Win-loss for the competition.

The Ladies game a draw (7-7) between Brisbane Eagles Yellow and Brisbane Eagles White.

QLA also welcomed Wes Monts representing JCU Lacrosse Club (Townsville).

A very big thank-you to the scorers, time-keepers, referees and all other volunteers who helped keep the game we all love alive.

A special mention to a majority of the Brisbane Eagles men's and a couple of the Sunny Coast players who stayed behind to support the women's game!

The next QLA event will be the 7-a-side mixed social Lightning premiership held at Kangaroo Point Rovers FC. SUNDAY 14th June, Captains to nominate their teams by Wednesday 10th June 7pm. qldlacrosse@gmail.com




2015 14th JUNE Queensland Lacrosse Lightning premiership!

Queensland Lacrosse is pleased to announce the 2015 Lightning Premiership, a social modified mixed teams format for everyone to enjoy. It would be great to see as many teams nominated as possible.

Members of all clubs are invited to get together to create a team and nominate to compete on the day. The competition will be held over one day and will be a great chance to enjoy social lacrosse. 
Please find enclosed below the format for the competition.

Lightning Premiership Format 
1) Nominating teams must be mixed teams of males and females (where possible). 
2) Competition games will be 7 v 7 on a modified field. 
3) Minimum of 2 females to be present per game (where possible) 
4) Short lacrosse sticks only for the competition. No goalkeeper sticks allowed. 
5) Games will be of 2 x 7 minute halves with 2 minute break for half time 
6) No time outs are permitted. 
7) Round robin format for part 1 of competition. Part 2 is knockout. 
8) Team captain must nominate colour of team shirt and register team with qlalacrosse@gmail.com - first come first serve basis 
9) Lighting Premiership is $10/player (payable on the day). New players/friends/family welcome (contact qldlacrosse@gmail.com for insurance forms)

Competition Venue and Date 
1) Lightning premiership will be held at Kangaroo point Rovers soccer club - Baines St Kangaroo Point QLD 4169. QLA is looking at putting on a barbeque + soft drinks to fundraise for future development. Please support the growth of the sport in Queensland.

2) Venue date - Sunday, 14th JUNE, 2015 
The final competition draw will be prepared following the close of nominations for the event and circulated to all nominated teams.

Competition Nominations 
1) Nominations for the lightning premiership close on Wednesday, 10th JUNE at 7:00pm. So get your team together and make it a great day of lacrosse.


The QLA would like to Thank Kangaroo Point Rovers FC for field hire.

Brisbane Eagles Lacrosse ClubLacrosse Sunshine Coast Queensland AustraliaGold Coast Sharks LacrosseJCU Lacrosse Club (Dropbears)Cairns; JCU Lacrosse Club (Townsville)






Nominations are now being called for the second round of the 2015 Queensland Lacrosse League. Competition will be offered in both senior mens andwomens and clubs are invited to nominate teams and/or players interested in participating in the second round of competition for 2015.   Please find attached team / player nomination form to be completed and returned to Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc by no later than Thursday, 7th May, 2015. Please find enclosed details of the first round of competition. If all clubs could please post this information on their respective websites andfacebook pages.


Venue:                 Meridan Fields Sporting Complex

                              Meridan Way

                              MERIDANPLAINS  Q  4551
Date:                    Saturday, 9th May, 2015

Time:                    Games are to commence at 12:00md.   Final details to be sent out after close of nominations.



An opportunity now exists for those interested players - male and female who are keen to participate in a national competition against some of the best lacrosse players in Australia. In a combined initiative between the management committees of Queensland Lacrosse Association and New South Wales Lacrosse Association, nominations are now being called from interested players for selection in the 2015 East Coast All Stars Lacrosse team to compete at the 2015 Down Under Cup to be held in Melbourne, Victoria from the 28th - 31st May, 2015.

Email QLA for your nomination form (qldlacrosse@gmail.com) that needs to completed and returned by the due date for consideration by the selection panel. Further details of the event have also been included on the attachment. Final costings, etc are still being finalised, but it would be expected that full details of the event will be available for distribution by the closing date of nomination. 

All interested players are to note the following before making a decision on nominating for the East Coast All Stars - 
1) time will be required away from either work or study from Wednesday, 27th May, 2) all players must be fully financial and registered members of their respective state association.

This is a great opportunity for players - male and female to enjoy a full weekend of high intensity lacrosse which hopefully will lead to East Coast All Star Teams competing at 2016 ALA National Championships.



Nominations are now being called for the first round of the 2015 Queensland Lacrosse League. Competition will be offered in both senior mens and womens and clubs are invited to nominate teams and/or players interested in participating in the first round of competition for 2015. Please find attached team / player nomination form to be completed and returned to Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc by no later than Thursday, 16th April, 2015. Please find enclosed details of the first round of competition. If all clubs could please post this information on their respective websites and facebook pages.

Venue: Mount Gravatt Youth and Recreation

Weedon Street West
Date: Saturday, 18th April, 2015
Time: Games are to commence at 12:00md. Final details to be sent out after close of nominations.

Competition Rules and Regulations 

1) A minimum of eight (8) players per team to be eligible to compete for points. 
2) Drafting of players to be allowed but the number of drafted players is not to exceed the total number of players representing the opposition team.
3) Games to start as per the competition schedule. Should a team not be ready to start play, a two (2) goal penalty to apply.
4) Points - 3 - Win, 2 - Draw, 1 - Loss, 0 - Forfeit. 
5) Mouthguards are compulsory for all female players.

Queensland Lacrosse looks forward to seeing new and returning players to this first competition game of the 2015 season


Our International Representatives

Queensland Lacrosse would like to congratulate Johan Meyer who was selected for the Australian U/23 team to compete in Bangkok for the ASPAC 2015 Championship (Asia-pacific championship). The Aussie team will come up against teams from:

Hong Kong
He is the 1st QLD player since 2009 to represent us in this Asia pacific tournament
The Competition will run from 4th July - 11th July 

Our second congrats goes to Jean Bronkhorst who will represent the QLA in the ANZAC Commemorative Match - "The game that never was" in New Zealand on ANZAC day.



2015 QLD Lacrosse Upskilling Weekend

Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc will be hosting a weekend of lacrosse which will incorporate a womens officiating course, Australian Lacrosse Association Ltd strategic planning forum and an elite coaching upskilling session.  All these activities will take place at Mansfield State High School, Broadwater Road, MANSFIELD on the weekend of the 28th and 29th March, 2015.

Women Lacrosse Officiating Course - This course will be presented by Tammy Varga (ALA international umpire) and will be the club level introduction to officiating womens lacrosse.  The course will include classroom theory and practical mentoring over the weekend.

Australia Lacrosse Association Ltd - Representatives from ALA will be attending the weekend to host a strategic planning forum for interested members who would like to provide input into the future direction of the sport in Australia and also gain an insight into what is happening with lacrosse on a national and international stage.

Coaching upskilling sessions - These will be held during the weekend and will be presented by Alan Lewer (Assistant coach - ALA Indoor Mens Team).  The session will comprise individual and team skills and drills including session introduction (goals and objectives), warm up, individual skills, team skills, game situations, cool down and review of the sessions. 


QLA look forward to having as many interested participants as possible attending one or all of the activities over the weekend.  Interested persons are asked to completed the attached forms and return these to QLA by the required date.  Please ensure that you complete the relevant forms relating to the activity you will be attending.  If attending all three, please complete the three forms and return.  Please also note that there is no cost for the officiating and strategic planning.  The coaching program will involve a cost of $20-00 per participant payable to QLA.


The 2015 Calendar of Events has been released.  Queensland Lacrosse looks forward to a fantastic year of lacrosse for all involved.   Please refer to the news ands updates  for a copy of the calendar of events. 



 Congratulations to the following who were winners at the recent QLA presenttation awards

Team Awards
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse League Winners  - Brisbane Eagles
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse State Champions - Brisbane Eagles

                                           2014 Lightning Premiership - Roughnecks

Individual Awards
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse Rising Star Award (Womens) - Hayley McDonald
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse Rising Star Award - (Mens) - James (Jimmy) Beck
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse Volunteer Award (Inaugural) - Natasha Meyer
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse Best and Fairest - (Womens) - Phillipa Tyler
                                           2014 Queensland Lacrosse Best and Fairest - (Mens) - Alex Hanley


Congratulations to the NSW Fighting Wombats who have claimed the annual East Coast Cup after downing Queensland in the mens and womens games.  With both games closely contested, some individual efforts from the NSW mens and womens players enabled them to grab wins in what was another fantastic weekend of lacrosse on the Gold Coast.  Thanks must go to the Gold Coast Sharks for the great venue and sensational facilities, plus all the volunteers including  officials and scorers.  Photos from the weekend can be seen in the photo galley. 



Congratulations to the Brisbane Eagles who have scooped the double taking out the 2014 State Championship to add to their 2014 Queensland Lacrosse League title.  Another great day of lacrosse was held on the Sunshine Coast with the Sunshine Coast Knights prvoiding excellent opposition, great venue and a post game BBQ enjoyed by all.  Check out photos of the day in the photo gallery.


Do you have a son or daughter interested in learning to play lacrosse?  Are you a student at your local school who has played lacrosse at school and now you would like to join a club?  Are you a player or supporter who knows someone who has children and are keen to get their children involved?  Then check out the 'Learn Lacrosse' programs underway at clubs around south-east Queensland.   'Learn Lacrosse' programs are being offered at Brisbane Eagles, Gold Coast Sharks and Sunshine Coast Knights for children aged between eleven (11) and fifteen (15) years of age.  The programs are available for both boys and girls with each club offering great programs with accredited coaches in a fun and friendly environment.  Why not check out the details in the 'NEWS and UPDATES' banner for further information on a program near you.

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Men's League

QLD Mens Lacrosse League
1 Brisbane Eagles Mens 100.00
2 Sunshine Coast Knights 0.00
3 UQ Saints 0.00

Women's League

QLD Womens Lacrosse League
1 UQ Saints 100.00
2 Sunshine Coast Maidens 0.00
3 Brisbane Eagles Womens 0.00

Notice Board

Round 1 of QLD Lacrosse League

Starting 16th April 2016 at 10:00am at Brisbane Eagles home ground.

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