Powerlifting took place as part of the Opening Ceremony at Centenniel Hall with 19 lifters competing in a Bench Press Competition.

Here are the results.

 Names  Team  Category/Body wt  Weight
 Lyall Engar  Evergreen  67.5/65  140kg
 Gouba  Evergreen  67.5/65.4  No Lift
 Jasper Ueba  Blues  75/74.5  170kg
 Hammer Akua  Blues  82.5/79.5  130kg
 Denken T  Blues  82.5/78.4  No Lift
 Raboe Roland  Aida  80/86.4  215kg
 Rink Akua  Blues  100/97.1  170kg
 Elton Scotty  Ubenide  100/96.3  200kg
 Malaki Tamaki  Blues  100/97.5  215kg
 Zulu Herbert  Ubenide  100/95.9  190kg
 A.L. Temaki  Evergreen  100/98.7  Ni Lift
 Kinston  Aida  110/108  240kg
 Ario Engar  Evergreen  110/104.5  225kg
 Bayo Scotty  Ubenide  110/109.7  No Lift
 Nathanial Akua  Blues  125/115.2  180kg
 Gabriel Akua  Blues  125/124  230kg
 Jezza Ueba  Blues  125+/149.8  240kg
 Tawaki Kam  Evergreen  125+/133.3  255kg
 Nathan Hiram  Evergreen    250kg


Notice Board

Bench Press Competition Only.

Centenniel Hall

7th November 2009