CONGRATULATIONS - Malvern Marlins !!!

As you know, one of the coverted trophies of the MMAD SWIM goes to the largest team.  Nothing to do with speed, or age, gender or even which event - just numbers who take part.  

Since running this component of the event, The Peninsula Pirates have won it every year but each year, other teams are getting closer in numbers.  This year's results are fascinating !!!!

However, this year, as registrar, I wasn't able to actually be at the swim and in the last minute flurry of things to do I neglected to send the team trophy results to Andrew, the swim's director - so apologies for that - but here they are:

Thanks again for all these clubs and teams supporting the great work of the Mt Martha Lifesaving Club


Poistion Team Name Numbers
1 Malvern Marlins 33
2 Peninsula Pirates 28
3 CA Tritons 27
4 Swimland Swim Club 13
5 Doncaster Dolphins Swim Club ** 12
6 Powerpoints 11
6 Peninsula Flyers 11
7 Swimming Victoria 10
8 Boroughcoutas 6
8 Casey Seals 6
8 Rosebud Swim Club 6
8 Surrey Park 6
9 Glamourheads 5
9 Toe Bruise City 5


I am going to say that the 1st three place getters are clear cut in that the team names on the entry forms were very consistent and clear.  I'll take advice on some of the other team names below that were different but may be the same team and therefore may change the minor placings:

Doncaster / Doncaster Swim Club / Doncaster Dolphins - are they all the same.  If so, your total is above.  If not, you can make the adjustment yourselves





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