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Next scheduled Trail Ride , 19th Annual Broken Bar 15-16 July for those interested. Links to Nom forms and indemnity

Langwell Desert Race is scheduled for 26th -27th of August, keep your ears open for prep weekends out there.

Flinders Ranges ride 22nd - 24th September

Clunker 14th - 15th October

Anabranch Trail Ride 4th - 5th November

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Memberships are overdue, as of 1st January 2017  Membership is required to attend trailrides and club events, and to legally use the clubs' facilities including the Menindee Road Property, which costs the club some $3000 per year, if you want to have a say/vote in the clubs' direction or nominate for office you need to be a financial member for the AGM. 

Thanks to Kochy and TeeCee for setting up the Facebook pages

Can someone help us out with the missing Mr Anabranch years on this website, I was there pretty well all the time but for some reason can't remember a thing. Also if you were one or can remember SCMCC office bearers from 1993 to 2006, John Clulee and Fruit figured but we dont have the exact years so any help and other names would be appreciated, send us an email if you are any the wiser.

Memberships for 2017 are due and payable as of 01/01/17  membership forms 

Facebook page set up by Kochy

Facebook page set up by TeeCee

Future dates may be subject to change as deemed by the Trailride Committee.

See you Tuesday nights 7.30 to discuss. 

Transmoto Magazine ran an article on the Anabranch Trail Ride 2010, a good read  Article  video clip

There are a few old photos of Gidgee Stephens and his sister (circa 1930), also a short article about the early days of what was to become the SCMCC Inc., and Ivan 'Gidgee' Stephens (Dec. Life Member) racing times. and the interesting stuff galllery.

Non-members need to ensure they are financial before nominating for any trail ride

Dates may be subject to change

SCMCC meet most Tuesdays from 7.30 PM

Members old and new welcome

SCMCC sponsors and patrons

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