The tennis kids

Tennis ball boys and girls provided their own energy and excitement as they served at every game during the nine days of the competition.more

Everyone loves the tennis centre

The new Cook Islands tennis centre at Nikao is possibly the very best tennis facility in the Pacific, says tournament referee David Smith.more

The golden girl of Cook Islands tennis

Kairangi Vano proudly displays the nation’s flag after being presented with the gold medal in the women’s singles event at the PMG tennis tournament yesterday. Vano walked away with three gold medals in total. 09101093more

Kairangi digs deep

It was a decision between pain or glory for Cook Islands tennis ace Kairangi Vano as she battled her way to a gold medal in the women’s singles tennis yesterday.more

Brittany’s comeback


The gold and the glory

It was the Cook Islands women’s day of days and they made the most of it last night as the medals were presented at the conclusion of the PMG tennis tournament.more

All tennis medals up for grabs

Today is the day to be at the National Tennis Centre with five gold medals to be decided at the Pacific Mini Games tennis tournament.more

Brittany faces top seed

Overseas-based tennis player Brittany Teei jumped at the chance to represent the Cook Islands at the Pacific Mini Games.more

Tennis hots up

Be prepared for the best tennis ever seen in Rarotonga over the next few days and possibly the best tennis you’ll ever see on the island for years to come.more

Baudinet and CI women survive attrition

Pacific Mini Games tennis surged through the early rounds of the start of singles and mixed doubles knockout play on Saturday with much attrition for Cook Islands across the divisions.more

Silver a piece of history?

A Cook Islands silver medal performance in the women’s teams event at the PMG tennis tournament yesterday had local tennis officials searching the recordsmore

Kairangi Vano

Davina Hosking & Kairangi Vano outside the tennis courts at Nikao. Kairangi Vano has done exceptionally well on day 5 of the Tennis, winning her heats against the top players from Samoa and Tahiti. Kairangi was in Europe for 5 months playing tennis in Holland, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy.more

Like Mother, Like Daughters

There are a few family ties seen at this Pacific Mini Games, either playing together on the field or against each other. From the Kingdom of Tonga Irene Prescott [15] and sister Sarah Prescott were spotted single and double in tennis.more
Fiji’s Annie Shannon gets down low during her clash with Tahiti’s Ravahere Rauzy yesterday. 09092478

It’s decider time

Cook Islands’ hopes of staying alive in the men’s teams tennis contest of the Pacific Mini Games were being decided under lights at the National Tennis Centre last night.more

Rain stops play

The tennis courts in Nikao were deserted as the rain drenched the court surface.more

Three easy wins

Cook Islands number one tennis player Brett Baudinet stretches out to return a ball from Kiribati number one Ioera Tooti in the team’s singles tennis matches yesterday (Tuesday).more
Marlon CI Rep

Day One Action gets underway

On court 1 for the first match of tennis between New Caledonia and Fiji was a tight match. However New Caledonian swift and powerful hitter was no match for Fiji which saw them take the set win not only for both first and second single.more

Our tennis team

Lynne Samuel is the competition manager for tennis with a team of four men and four ladies.more
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Te Karere Board - Latest Results

To view individual game scores click on detailed results, which can be found beside each team score
Thursday 1st October 2009

Mixed Doubles Final Results:
Nickolas N'Godrela/Elodie Dietrich-Rogge (NC)  def Marvin Soónalole/Tagifano Soónalole-Taosoga (SAM)  6/4  6/3
Leon Soónalole/Maylani Ah Hoy (SAM)  def  Brett Baudinet/Kairangi Vano (CIs)  7/5  6/4

Womens Double Final Results:
Brittany Teei/Kairangi Vano (CIs)    def  Elodie Dietrich-Rogge/Meryl Pydo (NC)  6/4  6/3
Maylani Ah Hoy/Tagifano Soónalole-Taosogo (SAM)  def  Ravahere Rauzy/Mayka Zima (TAH)  6/2  6/1
Mens Double Final Results:
Guillaume Monot/Nickolas N'Godrela (NC) def Patrice Cotti/ Raiarii Yan (TAH)  6/2  6/3
Leon Soónalole/Marvin Soónalole (SAM) def Cyril Jacobe/Jerome Rovo (VAN) 7/6  6/4

Womens  Single Final Results:
Kairangi Vano (CIs)   def  Elodie Dietrich-Rogge (NC)   6/2  1/6  7/5
Brittany Teei (CIs) def Steffie Carruthers (SAM)  6/4  7/6

Mens  Single Final Results:
Nickolas N'Godrela (NC) def Gilles De Gouy (TAH) 6/1 6/1
Leon Soónalole (SAM) def Marvin Soónalole (SAM) 6/4 6/3

Wednesday 30th September 2009

Womens Singles   Semi     Final Results:

Elodie Dietrich-Rogge (NC) def Brittany Teei (CI) 6/2 6/4
Kairanig Vano (CI) def Steffie Carrthers (SAM) 6/2 6/1

Mens Single Semi Final Results:

Gilles De Gouy (TAH) def Marvin Soonalole (SAM) 7/5 6/2
Nickloas N'Godrela (NC) def Lion Soonalole (SAM) 6/2 6/1

Womens Doubles Semi Final Results:

Brittany Teei/Kairangi Vano (CI) def Maylani Ah Hoy/Tagifano Soónalole-Taosonga (SAM) 6/3 6/3
Elodie Dietrich-Rogge/Meryl Pydo (NC) def Ravahere Rauzy/Mayka Zima(TAH) 6/4 6/2

Mens Doubles Semi Final Results:
Nickolas N'Godrela/Guillaume Monot (NC) def Leon Soónalole/Marvin So'onalole (SAM) 6/0 7/5
Patrice Cotti/Raiarii Yan (TAH) def Cyril Jacobe/Jerome Rovo (VAN) 6/4 7/5

Mixed Doubles Semi Final Results:
Marvin Soónalole/Tagifano Soónalole-Taosoga (SAM) def Leon Soónalole/Maylani Ah Hoy (SAM)

Tuesay 29th September 2009
We had the quarterfinals women and mens singles.
Dietrich-Rogge (NC )def Rauzy  6/0 6/3

Teei (CIs) def Pydo 6/3 6/0

Carrutthers (Sam) def Diluccio-Pantoloni  (NC)6/4 6/4

Vano (CIs) def Dietrich (NC) 6/1 6/0

N'Godrela (NC) def Feke (Tonga) 6/2 6/1

Soonalole,L (Sam) def Monot (NC) 7/5 7/6(7)

De Gouy (Tahi) def Baudinet (CIs) 6/4 5/7 6/4

Soonalole,M (Sam) def Jacobe (Vanuatu) 6/2 4/6 6/3

Monday 28th September 2009
Continuation of Saturdays draw also with the start of Mens and Womens Doubles. Kairangi Vano and Brittany Teei progressing into the next round for Womens singles.

Saturday 26th September 2009

 Today we started Mens Singles, Womens Singles and Mixed Doubles
Good round1 with wins in mixed doubles from Cook Islands, New Caledonia,Samoa
Mens and Womens Singles with our own Brett Baudinet going through to the next round.

Friday 25th September 2009
Summary of Teams Events:

Mens:  Bronze
Samoa 2/4/34 def Cook Islands 1/3/23

New Caledonia 2/4/24 def Vanuatu 0/0/8

Womens: Bronze
Samoa 2/4/25 def Tahiti 1/1/10

New Caledonia 2/4/27 def Cook Islands 0/1/17

Thursday 24th September 2009

New Caledonia 3/6/36 def Norfolk Island 0/0/3
Vanuatu 3/6/36def Kiribati 0/0/3
Samoa 3/6/36 def Tonga 0/0/10
Tahiti 3/6/36 def Fiji 0/1/18
Cook Islands 3/6/37 def Tonga 0/0/4

Wednesday 23rd September 2009
9 Games Washed Out

Tuesday September 22nd 2009
Mens Teams:
Fiji 3/5/35 def Tonga 0/1/22
Cook Islands 3/6/37def Kiribati 0/0/13
Tahiti 3/6/36def Norfolk Islands 0/0/1
Samoa 3/6/36 def Tonga 0/0/9
New Caledonia 3/6/36def Fiji 0/0/4

Final Day's Programme


8:00 AM
  Men’s Singles Final - Nickloas N'Goderla (NC) def Gilles De Gouy (TA) 6/1 6/1

9.00AM   Women’s Singles Final - 
                Kairangi Vano (CIs)    def Elodie Dietrich-Rogge (NC)  6/2  1/6  7/5

11.00AM  Men’s Doubles Medal Matches – New Caledonia vs Tahiti 2; Samoa vs Vanuatu

                New Caledonia Gold  6/2  6/3  Tahiti Silver  Samoa Bronze

11.00AM  Women’s Doubles Medal Matches – New Caledonia vs Cook Islands 

                 Cook Islands Gold 6/4  6/3  New Caledonia Silver Samoa Bronze

2.00PM   Mixed Doubles Medal Matches – BRONZE PLAY OFF
                Won by Samoa

2.00PM    Mixed Doubles Medal Matches – GOLD/SILVER PLAY OFF 
                New Caledonia Gold 6/4  6/3   Silver  Samoa 2