The Alpine Motorcycle Club is located only 5 minutes from Myrtleford and is surrounded by scenic bushland making it a great place to ride. 

We offer a family atmosphere with many relaxed practice and club days where everyone is guaranteed to be tired at the end of the day.

Our track is 1.2kms long providing challenges for all levels of riders.

Each year we hold club championships and a round of the Northern Region Series which are always well attended and enjoyed by all.

We offer a different style of Motocross with our Grass Track Series.  These events are held on private property with a natural terrain track marked out especially for that day. We hold 4 rounds, with each round on a different property. 

For more info on what's on and where, refer to our calendar.

See you at the track!






SUNDAY 11 September

AT Howells property

Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite

ENTER NOW www.cloudentries.com.au

entries close 22.00pm Friday 9 September 2016







2016 Memberships due 1st January 2016. Register online by clicking on the link below





Entries for Alpines 2016 Round 2 Grass Track Series Sunday 11 September at Howells Property

Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite

  are now open on www.cloudentries.com.au



Date for Rounds 2, 3 & 4 of Alpines 2016 Grass Track Series are now once again pending weather permitting

Watch this space for further updates.




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Monthly Meetings

 Next  Commitee Meeting 
Tuesday 4 October 2016
7.30pm at the Buffalo Hotel Myrtleford
All Welcome
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