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Corporate support for the GBBA to be announced

In 2011 during the Ghana Women's National Basketball Team's qualification and participation in the Womens Afrobasket 2011 in Mali, the GBBA through the efforts of some faithful individuals within the Ghana Basketball Community was able to secure a couple of Corporate sponsorships which made it possible for the team to prepare and travel to Bamako.

Ghana Invited to NBA Africa Development Camp

NBA's African wing NBA Africa has in the recent past been incharge of putting together the preliminary camps towards the main Annual NBA Basketball Without Boarders Camp. This year the camp will return to Johannesburg, South Africa from the 30th August - 2nd September 2012 and hopefully Ghana might just be represented this year.

Ghana to Qualify for U18 Africa Boys Championship

After Ghana's Women's National Team's qualification and participation in the 2012 Womens Afrobasket Championship held in Mali last year, the U18 Boys Team of Ghana are also gradually working towards playing in the Zone 3 Qualification Tournament to be held in Abidjan,Ivory Coast from the 30th June to 7th July.

Women's Afrobasket 2011 update: Ghana settles for 12th Place

Sadat Balikisu(Forward)

After going down against Rwanda in the Classification game yesterday, Ghana had to play Guinea for the 11th & 12 place earlier today. Ghana and Guinea both came into this game with no wins in the tournament thus one team was going to end their loosing streak by the end of the game.


Women's Afrobasket 2011 update: Ghana battles Rwanda for 9th & 10th Place game

Rahinatu (Center) on the free throw line

Preliminary games have ended and its time to fight for overall tournament positions which goes along way to rank a nation in the FIBA World Ranking. Ghana on friday 30th September at the Stade Du Pavillion arena will go into battle with Rwanda for a place in the 9th & 10th Position games.


Women's Afrobasket 2011 update: Golden Hoop Queens showing courage amidst two defeats

After been the last country to arrive at the tournament the Black Hoop Queens had to quickly get themselves into game mode as two games was pending for them. The first game was a daunting task for Ghana and it was against the host nation Mali at the newly built basketball arena STADE DU 26 MARS recently commissioned by the Malian government.


Women's Afrobasket 2011 update:Ghana arrives with four players short

The Ghana Women's National Team after several financial challenges to fund its trip to Mali finally arrived in Bamako Mali this evening at 5:30pm. The teams journey to Mali didn't come on a silver platter, as the GBBA had to split the entire team including its officials into two to enable them to pay for the trip.


Women's Afrobasket 2011 update:Ghana misses its first game against Tunisia

After Ghana's initial game against the host nation Mali was pushed to sunday 25th September due to Ghana's inability to arrive in Bamako, Mali on friday due to financial challenges of the GBBA. Nevertheless the team has finally arrived in Bamako today at exactly 5:30pm without four of its players.


Ghana government fails to support Ghana Women's Team in Mali

Black Hoop Queens

It's been nine months since Ghana qualified for the 22nd Africa Womens Basketball Championship 2011 hosted by Mali and it's also been the same period within which the Ghana National Sports Authority have known about Ghana's qualification. But unfortunatly Ghana's participation in this prestigious tournament has fallen to the deaf ears of the Government of Ghana.


Exhibition Weekend for Ghana Women's Team

As tournament day draws closer by the days the Ghana Women's Team have being keeping themselves busy with its first series of exhibition games which started on Thursday against Tudu Galaxy U18 Boys from the Galaxy Basketball Academy located in Tudu Accra. It was a close game but the Golden Hoop Queens managed a win by just a point. Game ended 25 - 24 in favor of the Ghana Women's Team.


Black Hoop Queens set to play Exhibition games

Black Hoop Queens Line up

As part of the build up for Afrobasket 2011 in Mali which is just days away, the Womens National Team the Black Hoop Queens are now set to start their series of exhition game to competitevely prepare them for the task ahead.


Ghanaian Female Talents Abroad

In the year of Ghana's participating the 22nd African Womens Basketball Championship Afrobasket 2011 the Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) has set itself to getting back on track to raising the image of Ghana Basketball and this begins with the National Teams. Over the past decades since the Ghana Basketball Association was established it has always been women basketball that has put Ghana on the African basketball stage. One key to life's success which plays a major role in sporting success is to improve on your strengths and work on your weakness. Surprisenly one major strength of Ghana Basketball when it comes to competitions on the big stage is the Womens National Team " Black Hoop Queens". The Ghanaian Womens National has been the pride of Ghana Basketball and the GBBA is fixed on improving this reputation by scouting out and identifying and attracting Ghanaian Female Players abroad to beef up the various Womens National Teams.   


Open Camp towards Afrobasket Womens Championship Mali 2011

The work didn't end after qualification, the Ghana Basketball Association quickly called back the team after one month break for an open camp to work on individual skills and conditioning for the battle ahead in Mali. With no support whatsoever from government the Ghana Basketball Association(GBBA) is keen on executing its plans towards the tournament in Mali come september 23rd. The current team at the open camp is made up of players  based locally in Ghana.


Ghana Qualifies for 22nd Women's Afrobasket Championship 2011 in Mali

The "Black Hoop Queens" of Ghana have qualified for the 22nd Women's Afrobasket 2011 Championship in Mali,Bamako despite loosing in a best of 2 qualification series with the Ivorian Women's Team. The two games which were played a day after the other was more of an exposure for the Ghanaian Team who had not participated in any high level competitions on the continent for years.


GIS Dorminates Rivalry Finals at ISSAG 2010

With love building up in the February air, the finals of the 2010 International Schools Sports Association Games (ISSAG)basketball tournament was all about rivalry action. After regular group action the girls category saw Lincoln Community School (LCS) defeat Akosombo International School(AIS) in the semi-finals 26 - 20, and Ghana International School(GIS) fly past Tema International School

International Schools Basketball Tournament 2010 (ISSAG 2010)

The International Schools Sports Association will be organising its 2010 basketball tournament on the eve of valentines. The event which comprises of international schools in Ghana has been organised for the past three years and has seen the participation of some internatioal schools from across the West-African region such as British School of Lome.

LCS Lions roar quietly over Labone Senior High

LCS Lions of lincoln Community School (LCS) today won their second season game against Labone Senior High School at the Lincoln Multipurpose Sports Facility. The game started with both teams not taken good care of the ball resulting in many turnovers by both teams. Both teams did not take advantage of the turnovers which ended the first quarter at lincoln leading by just a point after....

Greater Accra Basketball Association (GABBA) elect New Management Team

The new and awaited official GABBA management team election was finally held on friday 29th January 2009 at the all famouse basketball club house Lebanon House located at the Accra Central.

No Show for Ghana at the 2010 Youth Olympics

August 2010 will mark the first ever youth olympics in Singapore and unfortunately Ghana will not be making a showing in the unvailing of the new FIBA33 basketball event, which is a 3on3 game played on a standard basketball half court.

One on One with Bill & Brad

We did catch up with Bill Butier and Brad Lane during the young coaches clinic on the 18th of December 2009. This was the first interview done by the editor of the GBBA website and author of the Ghana Basketball page of Isaac Robert Kwapong Jnr.


On wednesday 16th December Brad Lane and Bill Butter who are currently in Ghana working with the GBBA in a three week young players and coaches clinic were interviewed on the show "RUN DOWN" on the TV Africa television station on wednesday evening after Day2 of the young players clinic.


After a week's clinic for young basketball coaches the GBBA is organizing a clinic for young players U16 & U20 at the ICGC basketball court at Abossey Okai from Tuesday 15th December 2009 to the 18th December 2009.


The last day of the young coaches clinic was pretty much packed with both offensive and defensive drills. Coaching instructors Bill and Brat took coaches through both offensive and defensive strategies. The Zone defense strategy which is very common to coaches in Ghana was covered.


Day two's activities started earlier at 3:00pm. The focus on the day's activities was offense, after working on defense on thursday. Coaches were taken through different offensive techniques starting with the triple threat position which is the fundamental positioning of every basketball player.

Young Coaches Clinic Day 1

The programme started at 4:30 with the two coaches introducing themselves to the young coaches who had come from near and fare to attend the first clinic organized by the GBBA this year.


The Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) the governing body for basketball in Ghana in December partnered with basketball groups across the country to organise a three week basketball clinic programme for coaches and players across the country.

U16 Boys Start CampTraining

The Ghana Basketball Association on Saturday 23rd of May will start its U16 Boys camping for the upcoming U16 Zone3 FIBA Africa qualification tournament in Benin from the 24th to 28th of June 2009.


The Ghana Basketball Association will be holding its first quarter Executive meeting on the 29th of January 2009 at the National Sports Stadium in Accra.
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