About Us

Touch Football was introduced to Geraldton during the 90’s by a handful of rugby enthusiasts on an on and off basis, with no real structure and no affiliation to Touch West. Games would be played on a Sunday with players showing up in whatever gear they liked, there was no uniforms. Games would last for hours, and they used to use a pair of thongs as markers for the score line.

In 1999/2000 we joined Touch West and formed our first committee. We had 4 mixed teams and used to only play with 1 girl per side. To get more ladies interested they started a men’s & ladies competition in the summer with 5 men’s teams (including one from Kalbarri) and 4 ladies teams.

We then took our first team to State Titles in 2000. It was a mixed side and the team learnt how to do moves like dags, daggers, wraps and dummies –moves we still use today.

Things have changed since then, we now have dedicated fields at Eadon Clark Oval, we use paint to mark the fields and score lines, teams are decked out in uniforms and we have three playing divisions A Grade, B Grade and C Grade. 

Touch Football is a fun, friendly sport that the whole family can play. Whether your new to the game or a seasoned veteran, all are welcome at Geraldton Touch Football Association. 

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