Contact details

Jason - 0412 856 784

Higgo - 0400 663 416

Robyn - 0413 683 301


Wet weather

Unless the fields are unplayable or lightning, we play even if its raining. In the case that it is called off , check the website for details or call Higgo or Jason after 5pm. Captains will be sent a text and if possible emails to team contacts.

Jewellery & Nails

Please ensure that you remove all jewellery before taking the field, if it cannot be removed then it may be taped. The referee will request that you leave the field until it is removed or taped.

Long nails are not permitted on the field due the damage they can cause.

Team Shirts

All teams will be required to have their team shirts by Round 2 with numbers on the back.

Sign on sheets

Sign on is now at the fields. All player must personally sign on for insurance purposes and the sign on sheet is requested by insurance with your claim. 

All players are to have played 5 games in order to be eligible to play in the finals.


Any team that needs to forfeit must notify Jason, Higgo or Robyn before 12pm on Monday, failure to notify may result in loss in points or fines.

You require 4 players (3 males max) on the field to play, should you not have 4 players after 5 mins this will be an automatic forfeit.

Referee duty

Any one who is unable to fulfil their referee duties must notify Higgo before 12pm on Monday, failure to notify or continual not fulfiling duty may result in loss in points or fines. Please come to the canteen to have your name marked off.

Unfinancial players

A team permitting a unfinancial player on the field will result in an automatic forfeit and that player will not be permitted for registered for the season.

Playing for another team

You can only play in the team inwhich you registered. Playing in another team will result in an automatic forfeit for that team. Should you wish to transfer to another team you must notify us so your details can be changed.

Insurance information

Please be sure that you have signed on and if an injury occurs that you notifty the referee on the night of the injury - failure to do so may result in you not be able to claim insurance. 

To claim insurance you will need to produce the following:

  • Sign on sheet with report of injury
  • Receipt of registration and
  • they may request other documentation

To review the coverage available please refer to the insurance tab, we recommend all individuals to consider their personal circumstance and assess if additional external coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure of TFA.


Notice Board

Referee Duty

Monday 31st October 2016


Field 1 - CLS & F45

Field 2 - Higgo & Mae

Field 3 - Jimi's Plumbing & Bombora

Field 4 - Climax & Nowra Local Pools


Field 1 - IBD & Ty Cloos

Field 2 - Aussie Home Loans & Geriatric Tigers

Field 3 - Hardons & Culburra Hardware

Field 4 - Cumo & Busta Move


A grade
1 F45 3
2 Mixed Bags 3
3 IBD 3
4 Aussie Home Loans Nowra 1
5 Bishops 1
6 White Chocolate 1