2016/17 SEASON




2017 Representative Season in collaboration with South Tweed Stingers!

Would you like to be part of our 2017 representative team?  

We are now taking expressions of interest for Players, Coaches, Managers and various Committee positions.
·Players wishing to be considered for representative selection please come to the main table after your game today to complete the Player Expression of Interest form.

·Coaches and Managers please send an Expression of Interest to bilambiljuniortouch-reps@hotmail.com outlining your experience and qualifications.

·Committee members please send an Expression of Interest to bilambiljuniortouch-reps@hotmail.com

·Referees if you would like to be a Referee for the representative season send your expression of interest to bilambiljuniortouch-reps@hotmail.com Referees will participate in all representative carnivals, and have opportunities for further development and upgrade.

Please send any queries to:

In addition to the current representative season South Tweed Touch Football will be hosting a Gala Day on Sunday 12th February 2017.



Please find below our Current Team Lists for the 2016/2017 Season(Subject to minor changes)!!


Can the Delegate/Manager from EVERY TEAM please send us an email with your Team Name, your full name and your mobile phone number ASAP.




You will notice some teams have ‘no team name’ a Delegate/Manager is needed for each of those teams. Please remember that the teams cannot operate without a Delegate/Manager. You will also then be able to choose the Team Name. Please volunteer for this role/s by sending us an email at: bilambiljuniortouch@hotmail.com 



Please see season dates, age divisions & game times below.





Registrations are now OPEN please click on the relevant REGISTER NOW BOX at the bottom right hand side of this page.

If u do not have a team please select register as an individual option (If some of your mates are also playing. Pease let Jodie know via text 0468 747 763 so we can hopefully get you all in the same team)

Registration $60.00 per player

Please deposit Registration Fees into our bank account

Bilambil Touch Association

Please reference: PLAYER NAME, AGE AND TEAM NAME (if you have one)




October 7th, 2016: Friday afternoon 5:30-7pm.

December 9th: Round 9- last game of year

Feburary 3rd, 2O17: Round 10 - games recommence

March 3rd: SEMI FINALS


Please note: dates are estimated only. Washout rounds are caught up at the end of season before semis begin. 


2016/2017 Team Lists 


U8 Team United

U8 Little Legends

U8 Flying Jets


U8 Regulators

Eden Watson

Charli Capps

Sommer Crossan


Max Godfrey

Jayla Smith

Maddison Kemp

Brody Crossan


James Gresham

Stevi Smith

Cooper Kemp

Olivia Baker


Jai Robson

Noah Walton

Joel Parkes

George Barton


Junior Tamariki

Malia Walton

Jacob Rissman

Ruby Steele


Lincoln Cormack

Malaki Hart

Atlas King

Jazara Bracefield-Jackson


Arjay Irwin

Nixon Klehr

Molly Zolles-O’Regan

Hudson Porter


Ryley Bristow

Max Bradley

Quenton Damon

Jaden Robson


Kahu Jacobs

Koa Harvey

Koby Aberdeen

Cooper Smith


Lennox Pereth


Sonny Aberdeen

Jacob D’Elboux


Chiara Pereth





Jonathan Berger


U8 Flash (Formerly St Joeys 2)

U8 Bilambil Bullets

U8 Super Stars

U8 St Joeys

U8 Bilambil Tigers

Isaies Castillo

Thomas Morris

Sooke Paley

Matthew Scannell

Isaak Law

Lennox Floyd

Daikin Pierpoint

Jago Atwood

Kieran Elliott

Makaira Laing

Maui Williamson

Ben Holcomb

Isla Atwood

Sunny Hynd

Dempsey Lloyd-Ford

Connor McGee

Holly Slaven

Tayah Killey

Noah Rose

Banjo Yoshino

Erin Baker

Crystal Bishop

Tyler Mead

Nicholas Sleiman

Chase Cassidy

Hugo Whiston

Donovan Miller

Jean Aroha Poa-Davies

Cairo Nona

Jake Sharrock

Lara Turnbull

Joshua Candy 

Kahu Green

Tamarni Kelly

Izaiah Marsh



Reuben O’Brien

Victoria Haim

Finn Robinson



Zander Stacey


Michael Windhorst





Shailyse Laing


U8 Dream Team

U8 The Star Team

U8 Storm

U8 Lizards

U8 Fire Flys

Tiona Boxall

Chloe Egan

Layla Kurei

Chloey Symon

Jasmine Iredale

Paige Singh

Bryce Egan

Luka Carmichael

Evelyn Stunt

Aleigha Irvine

Chelsea Singh

Alyssa Cooke

Dash Meehan

Riley Love

Jarah Irvine

Elsie White

Oskar Wood

Taj O’Connell

Dante Kamnerdkan

Lilly Pinkerton

Miley Sims

Kobi McNiven

Jake Woodward

Mason Bryant

Hannah WIndhorst

Brock Fogarty

Jesse Brown

Brody Sindel

Nate Patterson

Montana Roddy

Kohan Ellis

Joshua Fairall

Ryley Taylor

Connor Ellis

Grace Gallagher

Jayden Bekue




Phoebe Gallagher





Annika Robinson











U10 Boys The Stingers

U10 Boys TBA

U10 Boys Rebels

U10 Boys Redbacks

U10 Zombies

Taylor Pinkerton

Lucas Gresham

Cooper Kennedy

Hunter Slaven

Tyler Porter

Jasco White

Max Anderson

Tayden Damme

Maddiex Mexted

Jack Elliott

Cooper McGarrigal

Harry Chadburn

Taj Damme

Riley Monahan

Mitchell King

Noah Buxton

Kalani Green

Lachlan May

Zain Ali

Noah Sleiman

Lachlan Haim

Oliver O’Connell

Zane Blair

Deaglen Jones

Blaize Best

Forbes Porter

Reuben Tamariki

Max Wood

Danny Roddy

Lara Turnbull

Floyd Badger

Jaden Robson

Maxson Zolles-O’Regan


Ryley Taylor

Liam Wilson

Xavier Pereth



Kaelan MacDonald

Harper Hynd

Thomas Hollyman



Jaymie Symon

Malachy Flanagan










U10 Boys Gold Rush

U10 Boys Leopards




Bailey Nelson

Connor Lloyd-Ford




Jaspar Damon

Riley Newton




Zachery Turnbull

Jack Manning




Jackson Love

Kai Stannard




Sonny Brown

Jordan Gavenlock




River Randall

Jesse Jameson

Harrison Grey







U10/U12 Girls All Stars


U10/U12 Girls The Alpacas

U10/U12 Girls Bilambil Bandits

Ruby Iredale


Jacinta Marrison

Lilly May

Mia Anderson


Lilly-May Forbes

Katie Holcomb

Zoe Clifford


Sarah-Jane Forbes

Taylah Newton

Siyah Bishop


Chelsea Clare

Ruby Ogilvie

Summer Barton


Ella Tester

Shari Kurei

Adriana Rissman


Ayva Babovic

Nataya Monahan

Kaelani Sherwood


Ellie Campbell

Amelia Dunning

Chaya Marsh


Chloe Coombes

Amelia Kennedy




Caitlin Baker

















U12/U14 Boys The Jets

U12/U14 Boys Green Machine

U12/U14 Boys Moby Dicks

U12/U14 Boys Black Panthers

Logan Watson

Luke Carpenter

Jack Sharp

Lucas Brown

Noah Carroll

Jaylen Winter

Jayden Aberdeen

Kiahn Bishop

Zak Pettendy

Nicholas Gresham

Joshua King

Jonah Greer

Toby Jenness

Jarrod Eriksen

Cooper Woods

Brendan Tunks

Storm Shipway

Kian Green

William Stannard

Jordan Green

Danny Beverstock

Makenzie McGarrigal

Logan Monahan

Charlie Dunning

Cooper Shields

Ethan Goward

Destin Sharp

Charlie Greer

Jayden Wilson

Nathan Harmer


Oliver Paley-Mason

Malakai McDermott

Aiden Clifford



Reuben Tamariki

Harry Chadburn

Nick Shields

Lucas Gresham















U14 Girls Turbo Snails

U14 Girls Wild Cats

U14 Girls The Divas

U14 Girls The Warriors

Maille Watson

Breeana Coleman

Kate Butler

Amy Robinson

Kyla Rumbelow

Emma Castle

Brodie Chadburn

Abi Westmorland

Ella Parkes

Alicia Osborne

Lilly Chadburn

Madison Turnage

Anisha Webster

Samara Blacker

Sarah-Jane Morris

Emily Tomasetig

Chelsea Uitendaal

Eliza Hall

Xalia Smith

Mia Young

Hanna Carmichael

Victoria Marchioni

Milly Delboux

Chloe Young

Zoe Taylor-West

Mackenzie Jones

Clair Skifleet

Paige King

Olivia Rombo

Kiarni Keys

Amelia Kuhn


Carla Sykes

Kalani Bryce

Kasey-Ann Forbes


Liz Sykes

Sofiyya Ali









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