Finals Showdown - Cook Islands vs. Fiji

The two top teams in the competition battle it out in a grueling match that saw both teams give it their all till the final whistle blew with Fiji coming out on top. Click read more to get the full scoop.more

Gold finish was league’s plan

The Cook Islands league team came very close to a gold medal yesterday but the flighty Fijians dashed their hopes after beating the Cooks 20-12 in the gold medal final.more

Bronze Medal Battle

First try of the Bronze medal match goes to Tonga’s number 4 Lisiate Kuli this was followed by a successful conversion. A runaway try to Samoa’s number 7 Tom Iosefo was successfully converted bringing the score to 6 allmore

Day 2 League Games Update

The sun bright and early welcomed a new day…. The League Finals for the Mini Games are well underway…. Four Pacific Island Teams as we are underway into the final day of competition.more

Day 2, Game 1 Report - Cook Islands vs. Samoa

Before the first game kicked a one minute silence was observed in remembrance of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Samoa.more

Samoa leads in league

The Cook Islands league sevens team could still win the gold medal despite losing two of their three games and drawing with Samoa 16-all in yesterday’s round robin competition.more

Day 1 Comes To An Awesome End

Day one comes to a climatic end and all teams are now headed home to rest for the gruelling day that lies ahead. Who will take out the coveted gold medal ...check this site tomorrow to find out...more

Game 6 Report - Fiji vs. Samoa

The final game of competition features Fiji vs Samoa. Both teams have an array of speed and agility making quite a deadly combination and a tough gamemore

Game 5 Report - Cook Islands vs. Tonga

First try of the game goes to Tonga’s number 9 Atelea Okati, this is followed by a successful conversion. The Cook’s hit back with a try of their own right under the post by number 4 Spoon Marsters, this is followed by a conversion by Turori Matutumore

Game 4 Report - Cook Islands vs. Samoa

Crunch time for the Cook Islands who have just suffered a loss to Fiji and face off Samoa. A kick off by the Cook Islands into Samoa territory to start the game. Relatively steady start by both teams. A structured plan of attack was illustrated by both teams which made it very hard to break past the strong defensive linesmore

Game 3 Report - Fiji vs. Tonga

Game 3 started with Fiji kick off. The first try scored by Tonga’s number 9 Atelea Okati this as followed by an unsuccessful conversion. The second try of the match is awarded to Fiji bringing the score to four all. Tonga scores again, try was awarded to number 5 Tevita Okati, with Tonga successfully converting the kick taking the points to Tonga 10 and Fiji 4. Try from Fiji’s number 12 Jone Ymore

Game 2 Report - Cook Islands vs. Fiji

Game 2 of the day was played between Cook Islands and Fiji.more

Game 1 Report - Tonga vs. Samoa

Welcome to Day 1 of the Rugby League Sevens games. The first battle of the Pacific Mini Games featured “The Kingdom of Tonga” against their “Manu Samoa” neighbours. Tonga opened up with a traditional Haka and Samoa responded accordingly.more

PMG 2009 - Official Rugby League 7s Draw

Rugby League 7s Draw was finlised at the International Technical Committee meeting held at the Chef-De-Mission Room at Tereora College on Sat, 26 September 2009.more

Toa Samoa! Pumped for Gold

The Samoan Rugby League Sevens team is ready for competition.more

League Lads Change their Look

The Cook Islands Rugby League 7s team is sporting a new look.more
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Te Karere Board - LIVE

Day 2 - Final Day

Battle For Gold & Silver - Cook Islands vs. Fiji
Cook Islands 12 vs. Fiji 20

Battle For Bronze - Samoa vs. Tonga
Samoa 26 - Tonga 24

Game 1
Cook Islands 16 vs. Samoa 6
Cook Islands goes on to compete for the gold and silver medal.

Game 2
Fiji 16 vs. Tonga 14
Fiji goes on to compete for the gold and silver medal.

Samoa and Tonga will compete for the bronze medal at 14:55hrs (thats 2:55pm)

Cook Islands and Fiji will battle it out at 15:30hrs (3:30pm) for the Gold and Silver!!!

Day 1

Game 6
Fiji 20  vs.  Samoa 20

Game 5
Tonga 28  vs.  Cook Islands 22

Game 4
Samoa 16  vs.  Cook Islands 16

Game 3
Fiji 20  vs.  Tonga 24

Game 2
Cook Islands  18 vs.  Fiji 24

Game 1
Tonga 12  vs.  Samoa 18