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Summer Social Basketball Season - Team Nominations
Nominations for the Summer Season at Marion Basketball Stadium will open Wednesday 18 September.
To allign with Basketball Australia's National Registrations Framework all players will be required to pay the Player Affiliation fee at time of nomination.
To off-set this one-off annual payment, Social Team Nomination fee has been reduced to $50 per team during this transition period.

The Annual Player Affiliation Fee is explained in detail on the Basketball SA website by clicking HERE

We have also added a new role to Social Basketball “game night,” a Venue Services Officer (VSO). The VSO will ensure a smooth night of games are played on time and in the right spirit, they are also there to support referees, players and spectators through any issues or conflict that may arise.

They have the full support of Basketball SA to ensure all visitors to the venue adhere to the newly posted Conditions of Entry signs at all our venues and if not have the ability to remove unruly patrons.


Marion-Pasadena Miniball
All Miniball players must complete the Miniball Player Registration Form which can be done online by clicking HERE  
For more information contact Tom on 0419 851 769 or email tmitchell@basketballsa.com.au