Tournament Manual

 Micronesian All-Around

Micro All-Around Venue

Micro All-Around Competition will be held at Meyuns in front of Head Start.


A Technical Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 18, 2015, at 10:00am at the Palau NOC Conference Room. One (1) Coach and one (1) delegate from each team may attend. Event will be on June 19, 2015.
All competition rosters/entries will be finalized as well as rules governing the competition at this meeting.


Men: Coconut Tree Climbing, Coconut Husking, Spear Throwing, Run/Swim and Diving
Women: Coconut Husking, Coconut Grating, Spear Throwing, Run/Swim and Diving
The rules for the five Micronesian All-Around events shall be:
Coconut Tree Climbing
The participants will climb three (3) coconut trees in the quickest time (running
time) possible. Two marks will be placed on each tree. The highest mark will be
marked by a bell or other sound-making device that must be rung to signify that
the athlete has reached the top. The height of the bell is approximately 20 ft high.
The bottom mark will be approximately six feet from the ground and the athlete
must pas this mark prior to jumping from the tree. (The athlete cannot jump
from the tree once ringing the bell)
Coconut Husking

Each male athlete will husk ten (10) coconuts in the fastest time possible. The
coconuts will be husked until they are reasonably clean. No outer shell covering
of the husk or large clumps of the coconut fibers should be presents, and the
hairy crown where the plant sprouts shall be stripped from the nutshell. The
husking implements must be provided by the athlete but they must be made of
Each female athlete will husk ten (10) coconuts, followed by grating five (5) of
the husked coconuts (both halves). There should be no grateable coconut left in
the shell. The event is timed and the athlete who completes the grating all 10
halves in the shortest time is the winner.

Run / Swim

Each athlete will start at a starting line about 10 meters from the edge of the
dock; run and dive into the water, swim to a marker approximately 100 feet out;
at which pint the swimmer will submerge and swim underwater approximately
25 feet where there will be a buoy. At the buoy, the athlete will surface and ring
the bell on the buoy and then continue swimming back to shore. Athletes
surfacing anywhere between the first marker and the buoy will be penalized
with a deduction of five (5) points. There will be an Official located at the point
of the buoy to observe whether the swimmer has rung the bell or not. A White
flag will indicate a successful bell ring; whereas a Red flag will indicate an
unsuccessful attempt. Athletes who fail to ring the bell at the buoy will be
penalized a deduction of five (5) points. This is a timed event; the athlete with
the fastest time will earn 20 points, the athlete with the second fastest time will
earn 19 points, and so on down the line.


Each athlete will be taken in a boat out to water at a depth of approximately 10 to 15 feet for men and 8 to 10 feet for women. Contestants will dive for 5 objects. On a signal by the Official, the athlete will dive into the water and swim to the bottom and retrieve a specified object and resurface and place the object inside the boat. The swimmer will continue another 4 dives, for a total of five dives in all, and retrieve the objects each time. The Official in the boat will be timing the dives starting with the first dive until the last (fifth) dive is completed and the fifth object has been placed inside the boat. Athletes are allowed to wear masks/goggles for this event; however, snorkels will not be allowed. The athlete with the fastest time will earn 20 points; the athlete with the second fastest time will earn 19 points and so on down the line

Spear Throwing

Three targets will be placed in the water at three different distances; distances for men are 10 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet; distances for women are 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet. Each athlete is allowed one (1) practice throw at each distance. Each competitor will have three throws at each distance. No points will be awarded for simple touching or grazing of the target; the spear must penetrate the target.
NOTE: All events are timed except for the Spear throwing which is awarded points. It is suggested that the times and points be awarded as places in each event, 1st place receiving the fastest time or most points in the throwing event. These then should be tallied and the overall winner would be the person with the lowest number of points. The order of events should be that shown above and a random draw taking place for the first event. For the other subsequent events it would be up to the organizing committee, the person with the most points should then go first or the person with least points, or a random draw for each event. All events should take place on the same day, with two or three in the morning, and the rest in the afternoon.

Protests to the Jury of Appeal

Any written protest, verbally notifies the Tournament Director that a protest has been lodged and forwards the written protest (in English and sign by the leader of the delegation or the authorized deputy). A check or cash in the amount of $100.00 must be included with each protest.
The Jury of Appeal shall consult, all relevant person, including the Referee and Judges. If the Jury of Appeal is in doubt, other available evidence may be considered. If such evidence, including video evidence, is not conclusive, the
decision of the Referee shall be upheld. The Jury Chairman gives the jury’s decision to the Tournament Director, who institutes preparation of an Amended Result, if required.


All events are timed except the Spear Throwing. The fastest time in each event will be awarded one point. The next fastest will be awarded two points, and so on. After all five events have been completed, the points will be added up and the athlete with the lowest point total will be the winner, second lowest point achiever will be second place and so on.

Determination of Medals

1. The top three athletes with the most points in each division will be awarded medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).