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2019 Club Challenge - December 8th 2019

Entries for the 2019 Club Challenge on December 8th 2019 are now openmore

2020 State Calendar Now Available

A Draft of the Full 2020 Calendar is now available. It includes State and National Competitions, Weapons Camps and Special Events.
There may be changes from time to time - these changes will be published and a notice placed in the weekly newsletter.more

Epee Squad Christmas BBQ - 14th December

The will be the Traditional Epee Squad BBQ after squad on Saturday 14th December - Bring something to share.more

VICSPORT - Helpful Hot Weather Resources For The Summer To Come

This article provides Resources put together by VICSPORT to help mitigate the risks of exertional heat illness during hot weather. We all know Summer will be here eventually and that it will be hot, so here are some helpful ways to make sure you, and your club, avoid the worst effects of the heat.more

State Fencing Centre Piste Booking Policy

Attached is the New State Fencing Centre Piste Policy This policy begins on the 1st July 2019.more

2019 Fencing Victoria Selection Criteria For U15, U17 & U20 National Championships

2019 Fencing Victoria Selection Criteria – U15 & U17 (Cadet) National Championships
Fencing Victoria Selection Criteria – 2020 U20 (Junior) National Championshipsmore

2019 Junior & Senior Schools League National Championships - Selection Criteria

The Selection Criteria for Athletes representing Victoria in either the Junior Schools League National Championships – August 2019, or the Senior Schools League National Championships – September 2019, are attached.
Please ensure that they are read and understood.more

Fees For 2019

The new 2019 fees were passed in a resolution at the FV SGM in November. These Membership Products will be available to purchase from next week - 12th December.more

Access For Clubs in the New Sporting Pulse System for 2020

Please contact if you wish to set up your Transaction and Membership Portal within the New Sporting Pulse System for 2020more

Fencing Victoria Fencing Mask Requirements

New Requirements for Masks in State Category 1 Competitions and all AFF Competitions commence 1st January 2019more

New Fencing Victoria Merchandise

Eureka Jackets - Come in Children's Sizes Only - 8, 10, 12 & 14
Fencing Victoria Rugby Tops - Come in S, M, L & XL
Photos attachedmore

Club Help Information- Club Health Check

The Australian Sports Commission and Leisure Networks now have free information to help sporting clubs become more productive and access information they may need in the general running of a successful club.more

New Competition Protective Clothing Requirements

Attached is a table of Protective Clothing Requirement for State Tournaments which will take effect as of the 10th April 2015.more

Fencing Victoria Phone App. for i-phones

There is now a Fencing Victoria Phone App. that can be downloaded onto i-phones.more

FIE Rule Interpretation

FV have had inquiries about the penalties to be applied to rule t63.3 and the scope of brutality in Epee. The rule itself is open to interpretation so FV have asked for David Mok's, Stephen Darragh's, and David Baker's(all are FIE referees)opinion on it. The attachment is a summary of their opinion on the penalties to be applied for t63.3 & also a summary on the current standing of Corps a corps.more


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