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Abaiang Men Take Silver

9 September 2006

The Abaiang Men had to be staisfied with Silver today but a great achievement for this young team...

Some Final Comments

The Rules Apply
Volleyball competition at the Te Runga 2006 drew 17 Men's and 16 women's teams making it overall the largest sport played in this National Games with 33 teams against football 29. The Game of Volleyball is immensely popular in the villages of Kiribati and the KVA has gone to great lengths to establish a higher standard of Game in the Country.

Volleyball Action Hots Up

Wednesday 6th September

Well you know it is getting serious when people head for their rule books. After some heavt Quarter Final action there are two protests for the Committee to deal with. On in the men and one in the women's competition......

Games Move to Betio

Monday 4th September 2004

Women's Round of 16 matches have been taken to Betio in order to complete to number of Games required.

All Games are on time and well refereed by an enthusiastic anbd competent group of KVA Officials.

Down to the Quarters.

Tuesday 5th September 2006

There are eight men's and eight women's team left in the volleyball competition.

Yesterday, Kiritimati, Betio, TUC, Marakei, Abaiang, Barnaba, Makin and Aranuka won through for the women while in todays remaining men's rounds, Banaba, defeated Nonouti 3 - 1, TUV defeated Tab Sth, Kiritimati defeated Teraina 3 - 0 and Abaiang defeated Aranuka 3 - 0 to progress to the quarter finals with Betio, Nth Tarawa, Marakei and Tab North.

The volleyball has been enthralling with many close matches and many more to come. Go to the results section for all details.

Volleyball Completes Preliminary Rounds.

The Volleyball competition gets serious as of monday with the Knockout stage getting underway....

16 Teams will take part in the knockout stage with each team being placed on the Tree depending on where they finished in the early rounds.

See the Fixtures and Results section for full details.
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