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First Class Service by United Caterers, Samoa Na G

A big thank you to the Caterers and Staff for the food provided to the Wrestling Venue, Multi Sports Complex, Tuanaimato. Malo, malo le galue lelei.more

Excellent Emcee

Dan Aiafimore

Wrestlers withdraw from Competition

Three wrestlers withdraw from competition due to injuriesmore

Exciting heavyweights

Thundering cheers as the Giants meet!more

Wrestling Injury Day 2 Freestyle

James Gurr of ASA injured in early rounds of Freestyle competitionmore

Final update of medals for Wrestling Greco Roman

The final results can be viewed in the Results/Fixtures section of the Wrestling website. This is a commentary of the excitement within the arena for those who prefer excitement, as the atmosphere cracked with fun and cheers as we lead up to the medal rounds..... click on moremore

Saufoi Togia of Samoa returns

After injuries in round one and a trip to the hospital, Saufoi Togia of Samoa returned to continue his next match against FSM's Keitani Graham. The match proved to be the most exciting. Despite his injuries, Saufoi did not give Keitani an easy fight. Both fighters gave their all but Keitani proved to be much quicker and more agile. Keitani won 3 points to 1 over Saufoi. Congratulations to Keitani for his sportmanship and to Saufoi for his courage and determination, to return and fight after being severely injured. The match represented the true spirit of the South Pacific Games in the respect and sportmanship that both wrestlers showed to one another.more

Excellent quality in Wrestling (Greco Style) Day 1

At the first day of competition for wrestling (Greco style), the day started out cautiuous with one injury to Samoan Wrestler Saufoi Togia. The start of the second round drew a full house crowd that grew boisterous and supportive with every move. The lighter weights did some quick moves that got them locked and the crowds cheering. The 66kg 2nd round match saw Iutana Iutana of Samoa lose to Franson Gibbons of Palau despite his quick moves and techniques. Ethan Lake, a coach and wrestler for American Samoa was the most vocal and passionate as he coached his lighter weight wrestlers during their matches. FSM vs Samoa proved to be the most exciting match. Match 26 in Round 3 saw Keitani Graham of FSM beat Saufoi Togia of Samoa in a well fought and very professional bout. Keitani showed great respect of an injured Saufoi who fought a courageous battle to the end.
The 96Kg weight category Round 2 match 34 saw Faafetai Iutana of Samoa face John Tarkong Jr of Palau. The big boys of wrestling gave a wonderful performance as John proved hard to topple. He was immovable despite Faafetai's many moves to try and flip him. In the end, Faafetai managed to lift and topple John extracting a big wow from the crowd. John won 3 points to 1. Faafetai did manage to win the crowd though with that wonderful flip in the end. The super heavy weights in Round 3 match 36 saw Kun Killin of FSM face Jerry Wallwork of Samoa. Both wrestlers seemed immovable as they face each other clench after clench. It was an intense match as the two giants try to topple each other. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd responded with thundering cheers, stomps and encouragement as the Samoan coaches spoke rapid Chinese encouraging Jerry. It was a close match seeing Jerry Wallwork of Samoa beat Kun Killin of FSM.more

Wrestling Injury

Injury in Wrestling for Day 1
In Round 1 match #5 Greco style wrestling, Saufoi Togia of Samoa wrestled Masunu Pugeva of Solomon Islands. A few minutes into the match, Togia was injured. His injuries were attended to and he continued on to win his match 4 points over Masunu Pugeva's 1. After the match, the medics attended to his injuries and decided to transport him to the hospital as his injuries were quite severe. He sustained injuries to his head and nose. Saufoi was quite emotional as he was taken away on a stretcher by the medics, as he fought valiantly to win his match, and is now out of Day 1 competition.more

Samoa Aim High at SPG 2007

Samoa's wrestling team has set a high medal target for themselves at the South Pacific Games.

Coach of the Samoa Wrestling team, Tuaopepe Jerry Wallwork, says a lot of hard work has been achieved in getting a team together for the Games and results to date have been positive.more

Six Countries for SPG 2007

Six Countries will compete for 12 wrestling medals at SPG 2007.

Marshall Islands, FSM and Palau will join Solomon Islands, Samoa and American Samoa in what should be a great competition featruing around 40 competitors over all.

Team lists will be posted shortly to check athlete eligibility.more
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