SPG 2007 Judo News

Judo: (French transl avail)

The New Caledonian judo team have been a strong force to be reckoned with and they are going to keep it that way. Young judo competitors Vaea Chadfeau and Coralie Bretegnier are making sure of that.more
Vaea and Coralie

New Caledonian girl warriors

The New Caledonian team have a great asset- their younger generation of girl warriors!more
Sisilia relaxing after some hard work

Fiji's Judo Machine

Fijian girls show how to mix competition with relaxation.more

Tonga's "Brother" Team

The Fakaosi brothers were proud to join forces to represent Tonga at the South Pacific Games judo competition.more
Bertrand and Hinniger

The Tahitian Fight Club

The Tahitians fought and rammed their way through the judo competition this year!more
Magauli Sofai from Samoa

Judo : Day 2

Fiji v Fiji
Samoa V Naurumore
Lesley Suri from the Solomon Islands

Honiara judoku- Lesley Suri

Lesley Suri has come all the way from the beautiful Solomon Islands to compete in the 2007 South Pacific Games.more
Jianli Feng, Sophy Chen with the Samoan team

Jianli Feng and Sophy Chen

Jianli Feng and Sophy Chen worked together to make the Samoan team ready for action at the South Pacific Games this year.more
Fa'antasi Fa'auuu'li

Fa'antasi Fa'auuu'li

Fa'antasi Fa'uuu'li was proud to represent Samoa at the South Pacific Games this year. He trained hard with the Samoan team for this event.more

Costume change for Judoku


Aniki Tuipulotu


Judo: the acrobatic fighting sport?


Fiji women's judo


Samoa's Iuma Su'a

Samoan judo competitor- Iuma Su'amore

Judo Women's comp kicks off

Judo women's competition has started at 9.40am.more

Judo Comp players hard and fast

Men's competitors jump straight into fighting, the competitive edge is here.more

South Pacific Games Judo comp begins!


Tensions Resolved at Technical Meeting

26th August 2007

Tensions at the Judo competition reached an all time high as concerns over the readiness of the competition venue resulted in a delay to the start of the meeting. This was then followed by the difficult task of separating out the competitors to ensure that athletes all had their best chance to compete for Gold.more

Fiji Judokas target good outing

SHEER determination will see the new-look Fiji Judo team to the upcoming Samoa Games go a step higher.

With 16 gold medals at stake, the 21-member team consisting of a mixture of the old hands and the new caps, is gunning for an improved performance from the 2003 South Pacific Games.more

Judo Venue Complete

The last of the 'Big Gymnasiums' is now complete with Combat sports venue at Faleata now completed and ready to go.

Judo promises to be an exciting and competitive competition with traditional champions New Caledonia under threat to hold onto all their gold from a number of Countries.more
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