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Similar to the Bronze Medal Game, the Gold Medal Game went into overtime, with Fiji winning the match before the end of the first 7 minutes. Both teams we tied at 2 all after the final hooter, and went back for 7 minutes both ways. The Fijians under the guidance of Hector Smith were dubbed the favourites and proved their supremacy over its Pacific neighbours with this win. Fiji and PNG will be flying out of Samoa, early Saturday morning to join the Olympic Qualifiers in Queensland, Australia. The Samoan Hockey Association wishes these teams all the best in their upcoming games.more
Samoan captain during penalty strokes


The Samoan hockey team secured the bronze medal, after a nail biting match, which saw both teams coming off the field 2 all. There were no scores during the extra time, so the game went into penalty strokes. There were two rounds of penalty strokes, with Samoan defender Miti Samau Falasii pushing Samoa ahead with 1 point, before Samoan Goalie Doreen Pese denying Tonga's last chance to secure an equaliser.more
Samoan war dance


Samoa will try to step up their game today against Tonga for the Bronze medal, after losing to them yesterday 1-0. The same teams played for Bronze back in 2003, where Samoa won. The Tongan team has developed over the years, and it is currently under the guidance of a Samoan, Coach Josephina Ah Sam. Samoa hasn't won a game in this series and will be trying to secure a good result.

Fiji and PNG will be playing for the Silver and Gold Medals, in what is expected to be a tough match. Fiji beat PNG in 2003 and during this year's SPG round series. The results for these games will be posted soon, after the games are played.more
OHF hosts officials

Oceania Hockey Federation thanks SPG 2007 Official

The Oceania Hockey Federation (OHF) hosted a dinner to thank the SPG 2007 organising committee as well as the officials from around the Pacific who have ensured the success of the SPG 2007 Hockey Competition in Samoa. Derek Wilshere and Gill Gemming delivered several speeches, thanking all the officials as well as the general workforce for their determination, in organising and facilitating the games. Gill encouraged the Samoa Hockey Association to build their hockey standard, and start introducing hockey into schools. Derek also provided information regarding OHF funding and assistance for the development of hockey in the Pacific.more
Fijian forward hits a score


The Fijian Women's Hockey Team remains undefeated throughout the hockey SPG competition round robin after beating the Tongan "Tavake Tamafua" 11-0. Lute Finauvala of Tonga defended bravely against the Fijian onslaughts but towards the end of the match, the Tongan keeper Tokilupe Veamatahau was sent off the field with a yellow card creating lots of scoring opportunities for the hard working and extremely skilful Fijian team. Fiji had possession throughout most of the match, executing most of the given opportunities successfully.more
Tongan defenders on the go


The Tongan team achieved their first win of the tournament yesterday (Wednesday 29th Aug) against Samoa, 1-0. Their Goal Keeper Lupe Veamatahau was the player of the match with many courageous saves with some of these clearances going right out of the circle. Fakoala Malungahu at right half had an excellent game in both defence and setting up attacks on the right flank.more
Fiji on the go against PNG

Fiji Hockey Team outruns PNG Tamioks

The third day of SPG 2007 hockey competition started with a tough match between the tournament favourites Fiji and PNG. The two teams were very skilful and played constructively throughout the game. Fiji managed to edge out several PNG attempts for a goal to win 3-1.more
PNG supporters


The third day of grass hockey SPG competition will see the two top Pacific teams, PNG Tamioks and the Fijian Team go head to head in the first match. Fiji and PNG have each won matches. The second game will feature Samoa's "Tafesilafa'i" against the Tongan "Tavake Tamafua". Keep an eye out for the results coming up very soon.more
PNG vs. Tonga


Following their scoreless match against Samoa, the PNG "Tamioks" were quick to convert scores against the Tongan "Tavake Tamafua" on the second day of competition (Tuesday 28th Aug). The Tamioks played vey constructively and with a lot of skill, securing a 6-0 lead at half time. The Tavake Tamafua defended bravely in the last half of the game, keeping the PNG onslaught at only 9-0 at the end of the match. Despite the final score, the Tongan defenders and their goalie managed to save a lot of goals by the PNG.more
Tongan team

The Tavake Tamafua Arrives

Despite their late arrival, the Tongan "Tavake Tamafua" team are full of confidence that they will give all the competitors in the 2007 SPG Hockey Competition a run for their money. Manageress Luva Kuli, stated that Josephina Ah Sam (Coach) and Rev. Ikani Taliai Tolu (Stand in Manager) and the team are ready for the competitions and they will try to improve their last SPG's standing, which is in 4th place.more
Fiji testing Samoan defence

First win to Fiji

The Fijian Hockey team has drawn first blood for the 2007 SPG here in Samoa on the second day of competition (Tuesday 28th Aug), by beating the hard playing Samoan "Tafesilafai", 3-0. Despite several close attempts for a goal, the Tafesilafa'i came out scoreless. The Fijian management stated that they were quite surprised with the standard the Samoan team are playing, saying that "they have really stepped up their game, with lots of good moves and a hard lined defence". When asked about their next games, Mili Smith stated that they are not writing off any of the teams, as they are not sure about the level of hockey development in those countries.more
Keith Long-TO from PNG

PNG Official assist SPG 2007 Hockey Comp

Keith Long is a Technical Official from Papua New Guinea, assisting in the Hockey Comp run this year. He stated that he is interested with this years SPG because of the international coaches who've assisted in preparing the Tongan and Samoan sides. He commented on the preparations by the Tamioks, which included a training camp in Cairns, Australia.more
Dawning of Day 2


The Second Day of the SPG 2007 Competition will feature Samoa and Gold Medal defenders "Fiji" in the first match before the Tongan team, spar off with the PNG Tamioks. The weather is fantastic with the sun shining brightly and not a sign of a rain cloud in the sky. We will have more on these games later in the day.more
Short corner by PNG


The early morning rain might have socked the fields, but it did not dampen the spirits of the all local Samoan Hockey Team, as they performed their opening war-dance "haka" against the more experienced PNG Tamioks team.

The PNG came out strong, securing a penalty short corner in the opening minutes of the game. Despite their attempts at more than 10 short corners throughout the match, the Tafesilafa'i defenders were defiant in pushing the ball out of the semi-circle to a 0-0 draw.

The PNG was the most skillful of the two teams but they were often blocked by the Samoans who defended bravely.

Photos of this match can be viewed from the Photo Gallery, under "PNG vs. Samoa.more


Fiji will only have its eyes on Gold" is the general reply from the Technical Officials from Fiji when questioned on their views of the Fiji Hockey Team's preparations. Valerie Finau [Judge], Sue Hicks [Umpire] and Iris Peters [Umpire] are the TOs from Fiji helping the other overseas and local TOs in facilitating the 2007 SPG Hockey competition. Team Fiji arrived early Saturday 25th Aug, at approximately 4:45am on Air Pacific. The TOs are currently staying at the TOFA MAMAO while Mili Smith [Fiji Hockey Team Manageress] and Hector Smith [Fiji Hockey Team Coach], are with the team, currently staying at Leifiifi College.more


The organising committee for the 2007 SPG Hockey Competition hosted a series of meetings on Sunday 26th August at the Hockey Games Venue, Tuanaimato, to officially introduce the various technical officials [TOs] from around the Pacific Region who will facilitate the 1 week competition, which will commence on 10am Monday 27th August. Present at the meeting were umpires, judges, secretariat table members and representatives from the Oceania Hockey Federation [OHF]. Technical officials from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji were enthusiastic about the upcoming competition, stating that they are looking forward to the upcoming challenges.
The second meeting was between the OHF reps and the organising committee, sorting out all the house keeping matters. During his introductory speech Mr. Derrick Wilshere and Ms. Gill Gemming of the OHF gave a short thank you note to the organising committee, particularly Sina Mualia, who has devoted so much of her time in promoting hockey in Samoa. They further acknowledged the work on the venue and the effort put in by the numerous volunteers not only for organising the competition, but also for organising transport and IT.
The last meeting for the day was between the management of the different competing teams and the OHF to understand the expectations of the organising committee and TOs.more


The Samoa SPG Hockey Organising Committee carried out a practice run of their entire program on Saturday 19th so that all volunteers and officials, get a realistic feeling of what to expect in two weeks time, when the actual program commences. Everything from flag raising to medal presentations were practiced to ensure there will be no flaws in two weeks time. Volunteers commented that they were confident that all will go well on the day. The committee is organising another practice run on Thursday 24th.more


The Samoa Hockey Team on the 4th August 2007 supported the SPG Team Samoa Radiothon, in front of the Government Building to raise funds for the country's final preparations to host the 13th South Pacific Games. Present were the 18 manned Samoan Hockey Team and management, the President of the Samoa Hockey Association Ms. Sosefina Hanipale and the three Chinese trainers facilitating the hockey team's fitness and skills exercises.

The total funds raised at the event hasn't yet been finalized but we will provide an up-date when preliminary figures are released by SASNOC.more


The Continental Development Officer (CDO) for the OHF Ms. Gill Gemming during her recent visit to Samoa was able to assist the Samoa Hockey Team with new hockey sticks totaling over a $1000. The OHF assistance was provided to help the Samoa Hockey Team preparations for the upcoming SPG games. Samoa is schedule to play the two favorites PNG and Fiji in the first two days of the competition before sparring off with Tonga for what is expected to be a great match.more


Officials from the Oceania Hockey Federation (OHF) Ms. Gill Gemming and Caroline Bigham were in Samoa from the 12th -16th July to assist with the preparations for the South Pacific Games, Hockey Competition. Gill Gemming who has recently become the Continental Development Officer (CDO) for the OHF assisted the organizing committee on final details of the tournament with regards to the final draw and other programs. During her visit she was accompanied by Caroline who is an experienced umpire, coach and technical official. Caroline conducted several trainings with local umpires to ensure they are ready for the games, come August. During their visit the pair also inspected the venue and reported that the pitch is in good condition and should be in great shape by competition time.more
Vaipe & Mechanics before their game

Westpac Bank Samoa Ltd. supports Samoa Hockey

The Westpac Bank Samoa Ltd. was the main sponsor backing the 2007 Samoa Hockey Association Tournament. This year's tournament kicked off on the 7th of April and finished on the 23rd of June with finals for both the men's and women's divisions. The two men's teams from Apia clashed in a close match with the more experienced Vaipe team defeating the younger Vikings team. The women's league was totally dominated by the usual favorites Mechanics, still undefeated since the start of the tournament. Prizes for the top 3 teams in each division were presented by the President of the Samoa Hockey Association and a representative from the Westpac Bank Samoa Ltd.more
Champions of the Women's Division, 2 years in a row - The Mechanics

Samoa Games-Chance for Perfection

The Samoa Games 2007 held during the country's 45th Independence Celebrations was a special event for the Samoa Hockey Association because it was not only a chance to increase awareness on grass hockey in Samoa, but it was also an opportunity for the National Women's team to gear up against some of the country's toughest teams as preparations for the SPG. The team members expressed their excitement in representing Samoa and were glad to cross sticks with some of the men's teams, and perfect their skills and strategies for the upcoming challenge in a few months time. National men's teams indicated their disappointment regarding the absence of men's hockey competition for the 2007 South Pacific Games due to some countries not being represented, and thus not meeting the required number of teams for a tournament to proceed.more

Four Countries Contest Women's Hockey

As in 2003, four countries will play for Gold at the 2007 South Pacific Games. Fiji, PNG, Samoa and Tonga will line up once again at the new grass field at the Faleata Sports Complex.

Team lists as at 27th May 2007 will be posted on this web site later this week.more
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