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Damien Ah Sam and Ghee Ming Fong discussing tactics with teammate, Ryan Fong

Fiji and Samoa play Doubles

Fiji defeated Samoa in the last men's doubles match for the night.
Fiji and Samoa had an exciting match with both sides working for a win. Ghee Ming Fong and Damien Asam represented Fiji; Tupu Fua and Horice Jensen represented Samoa.more
Heseti Mafaufau, Ainsof Soo (IT support) and Ae Wilson

Heseti Mafaufau

Heseti Mafaufau has proved herself to be one of Samoa's super badminton players. She is based in Melbourne where she trains at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAQ) with the Australian Elite Squad. She has been playing badminton for 12 years. When she started, she had just moved to India with her family as her father was studying to be Reverend. She was given two options at that time: cricket or badminton!more
Samoa’s Tupu Fua preparing to engage

Tupu Fua

Samoan Tupu Fua had a tough game against New Caledonian Fabien Kaddour. Fabien Kaddour won this match against Tupu with two straight sets. Kaddour's play was excellent with his racquet always looking to be in control of the shuttlecock.more
Burty Molia of Fiji receiving treatment for his pulled calf muscle

Burty Molia injured

Tonight's singles competition commenced between Fiji and New Caledonia. Burty Molia pulled a calf muscle and had to stop playing. New Caledonian Florent Mathey won by default.

This is the first time Burty Molia has had this injury.more

Fijians outmatch New Caledonians in Mixed Doubles

Fabien Kaddour and Valerie Sarenget played Fijians Andra Whiteside and Berty Molia. The match was battled out over three sets with the New Caledonians winning the last two.more

New Caledonia marking its territory in badminton!

New Caledonia continued to play well at the competition tonight. Despite there being some gaps in their court work and minor errors, the New Caledonians did well and will dominate the finals tomorrow.more
Some of the fans during the game

Roaring crowds for Samoa

Samoan spectators were revved up for their team's matches against New Caledonia, Tuvalu and Fiji tonight.more

Tuvalu joins the battle for Gold

Tuvalu is the newest member of the Badminton World Federation. This is the first international competition for the Tuvaluans. Tuvalu did not have enough women on its team to enter the Team Competition. Solomona Arun and Muaifono Kusi were able to enter the open open-draw men's competition.
Teuteuga Iasiai is the only female competitor for Tuvalu. She is competing with Muaifono Kusi in the mixed doubles match against Samoans Sene Tokuma and Mesepa Risale.more
Mr Robin Bryant

Badminton Open-Draw Competition begins!

Mr Robin Bryant has arrived in Samoa to watch the SPG badminton competition.
Robin Bryant wears many hats: he is the Vice President of the International Badminton Federation; the President of Oceania Badminton; and, the President of Badminton Australia.
Mr Bryant was very impressed with the badminton facilities. He was also present at Samoa's first international badminton event in 2006.
The badminton facilities in Samoa have come a long way!more
New Caledonia receiving gold for the Badminton Team Competition

Samoa wins first SPG badminton medal - Gold for NC

Tonight marked a historic moment for Samoan Badminton. It is the first time they have come away with a medal since competing for the South Pacific Games. However the night belonged the New Caledonians taking away Gold for the Mixed Team Events. Meanwhile, Fiji took the Silver and Samoa the Bronze.more
Heseti Mafaufau and Ae Wilson win women’s doubles match against Fiji

Samoa Womens duo Wins Again

Heseti Mafaufau and Ae Wilson defeated Fiji in tonight's women's doubles match. Their scores were 21-13 and 21-10.
They were keen to repeat last night's victory over New Caledonia.
Gabriella and Danielle were shakey against the Samoan girls from the start.more
Victorious Fijians Damin Ah Sam and Ghee Ming Fong after their win against Samoa

Men's Doubles Match Fiji verses Samoa


Fijians Damin Ah Sam and Ghee Ming Fong easily defeated Samoans Horace Jensen and Tupu Fua. The Samoans were defeated in two rounds; the scores were 21-14 and 21-11more
Mr Eric Matthes- Samoan badminton coach (right) with Heseti

Mr Eric Matthes- Samoan badminton coach

Mr Eric Matthes is the coach of the Samoan badminton team. He is pleased with his team's play so far on the second day of competition.
Samoa did not win any of its singles matches tonight against Fiji.
"They are still playing well," said Mr Matthes, "they have not had much exposure to large competitions like this."more

Women's Singlesn - Heseti (SAM) v Andra (FIJ)


Fijian Andra Whiteside defeated Samoa's Heseti Mafaufau in the Fiji-Samoa women's singles match. Andra defeated Heseti in just two matches, the scores were 21-16 and 21-11.more
Samoan Tupu Fua serving up the shuttlecock to Berty Molia of Fiji

Fiji powering through Singles Matches

Men's Singles Fiji's Berty Molia defeated Samoa's Tupu Fua in the first men's singles match for the evening. Berty won the two matches against Fua very easily. The Fijian's play was both accurate and gymnastic. He seemed to be in five different places at once.
21-7 21-9more

Wallis and Futuna forfeit their match

Wallis and Futuna forfeit their match against New Caledonia. 5-0 because of forfeit...more
Samoa v Wallis and Futuna

Samoa surprises Wallis and Futuna!

Dinh Olivier, a 27 year old badminton player from Wallis & Futuna played in the men's doubles match against Samoa and was very impressed by how much the Samoan team has improved since playing them at the last Games in Fiji in 2003.more
Heseti and Ae of Samoa after their impressive win over NCL Womens team

You can do it Samoa!!

The Samoan crowd roared and cheered the two women through their magnificent match against the New Caledonian team...more
Samoan Horace Jensen verses Nicolas Martoredjo

Men's Singles SAM v NCL/Womens Mixed FIJ v WAF

Ghee Ming Fong had complete control of the court in this match. He maintained an evenly paced game against Paulo. Fong is a better player technically and has more experience. The match was over relatively quickly and left Fong pondering who he would face next!more
The Fijian Dream Team prior to the mixed doubles match against Wallis and Futuna

Mixed Doubles - WAF vs Fiji

Fiji defeated Wallis and Futuna in their first match played at 7pm. The score was ...more
New Caledonian pair Valerie Sanangat and Kaddon Fabien with their cuddly mascot

Mixed Doubles - SAM vs NCL

Kaddon Fabien and Valerie Sanengat of New Caledonia (NC) played a dazzling match against Samoa. Horace Jensen and Ae Wilson of Samoa were nervous playing the New Caledonians. Their nerves ...more

Women's Doubles - NCL vs Fiji

Utilizing power plays combine with refined teamwork, the New Caledonian Women's Doubles team of Johanna Kou and Cecile Sanengat bested the sister duo of Andra and Danielle Whiteside of Fiji. In a close fought contest, the Whiteside sisters produced a great effort however they were outdone by quality team that oozed of experience. New Caledonia won the match two (2) sets to love (0).more

Mixed Doubles - SAM vs WAF

The Samoan pairing of Tupu Fua and Heseti Mafaufau (SAM) proved too strong for the Wallis and Futuna mixed doubles pair of Oliver Dihn and Palepa Ofutuku with a 2-0 victory. The luckless Wallis and Futuna doubles seemed overwhelmed by the speed and precision of their opponents.more

Men's Doubles - Samoa vs Wallis and Futuna

The pairing of Tupu Fua and Horace Jensen were given a light workout as they strolled to a 2-0 victory. Their Wallis and Futuna opponents seemed hapless as the Samoan duo showcased skill and tenacity to come away with the win.more

Men's Singles -Tupu Fua (SAM) vs Oliver Dihn (WAF)

Tupu Fua (SAM) proved to be too good for Oliver Dihn (WAF) with a 2-0 win in the first round of men's singles. The Samoan local presented future opponents with a dire warning as he easily disposed of his opponent.more

Men's Singles - Kaddon Fabien (NCL) vs Burty Molia

A tough fought encounter between Kaddon Fabien (NCL) and Burty Molia (Fiji). The game was a closely contested match with the outcome not decided until the final set. B. Molia showcased great stamina and finesse as he outpointed K. Fabien to take the match 2-1.more

First round of women doubles

First round of women doubles, Samoa showed its intentions early with a decisive 2 - 0 win over Wallis & Fatuna.more
Seki a facilities!

Badminton Commences at the Apia Park Gymnasium

Day one of Badminton commences at the Apia Park Gymnasium. With the upgrade of the facilities, Badminton is now staged at a world class venue. Five (5) nations of the South Pacific are contesting with the Samoan Team fielding a strong team with an excellent chance of producing medals. However, the New Caledonian and Fijian contingents are serious medals contenders with the other teams needing to be on their game.more

Badminton gearing up for the South Pacific Games

Competition details for Badminton in the South 2007 Pacific Gamesmore
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