Tournament Manual



1. Age: All participating paddlers must be 13 years of age or older as of the first day of competition.

2. Registration: All teams must be registered with the Canoe Association of Palau no later than three days prior to the first day of races.
Captains or Coaches must submit their final team rosters to the Tournament Officials no later than 30 minutes before the race begins. Late submissions will result in a forfeit.

3. Events: Each State in Palau will be allowed one team per V-6 (six man canoe) 500 and 1500 meter event and the Long Distance Event.
Competitors will be allowed to register for one State only. Racing for more than one State will be cause for disqualification.

4. Eligibility: Each State shall not have more than three (3) paddlers in their men’s team and women’s team roster that were members of any Canoe National Team that has represented Palau in and regional or international event at least 2 years prior to the start of the Belau Games.
Men’s/Women’s Participation: Women’s races are restricted to those of the female sex only. Under no circumstances will men be allowed to race in any women’s events.
A maximum of one woman per team may be used to race in the V–6 (six man canoe) men’s divisions if necessary, however they must be properly registered with the tournament officials prior to the start of the race.

5. 6 Man Canoe (V6-) Team Participation: Teams may have a maximum of 12 team members. Six crew members will be registered for each event with 6 alternates. Substitutions may be made between races utilizing the 12 originally registered team members only.All canoes must start and finish with a full crew six members. All paddlers must be seated in the canoe at all times while paddling and at the moment of crossing the finish line.

6. Six Man Canoe (V-6) Open Water Distance Participation: A maximum of 6 team members may be registered for each team racing in this event. No water changes will be allowed. Each team must start and finish the race with a full crew of six members. All paddlers in V6 must be seated in the canoe at
the moment of crossing the finish line.

7. Uniforms: All V–6 team members must be wearing identical uniforms during each V–6 team event. Specifically the top, to identify your team.

8. Equipment: Canoes used for all races will be those sanctioned by the Canoe Association of Palau in accordance with IVF standard.
Paddles A paddler shall have one blade and may be of any shape or size. It may be constructed from any materials.

9. Race Courses: Race courses for all 500 meter and 1500 meter events will be marked with buoys and colored flags.
The Open Water Distance course (men and women) will be from Meyuns Ramp around the Big Island (Ngerur) to Small Island and back to Ramp.

10. Race Starts: Starting officials will be positioned in a small boat at the side of the course. They will then signal canoes into the starting line up by raising a red flag. Line Officials will call to lanes in which canoes must move forward or back. When all canoes are ready at the starting line the Line Officials will signal the Starting Officials by raising a white flag. Within 5 seconds the Starting Officials will start the race by dropping the red flag and raising a green flag. At the raise of the green flag a blow-horn will simultaneously signal the start of the race. The race starts at the drop of the red flag when the green flag is raised.
Any canoe in front of the starting line when the green flag goes up will be charged with a false start on the first occasion and officials will re-start the race. Canoes will be disqualified if charged with a second false start.

11. Lanes, Buoys and Course Flags
All canoes must start and finish within their assigned lanes. Starting or finishing outside assigned lanes will be cause for disqualification. Canoes will not be disqualified for travelling into another lane during the course of the race provided that they do not interfere with the canoe assigned to that lane.

12. 500 Meter Lanes
Lanes for all 500 meter races will be defined as the area from flag to flag with a buoy marking the lane’s center. All canoes must start and finish between the assigned color flags they started with.

13. 1500 Meter Lanes
Lanes for all 1500 meter races will be defined as the area from buoy to buoy with the flag marking the lane’s center. All canoes must start on the right of their assigned flags (ama to the flag). Turning left (counter-clockwise) to the flag and finish on the left side of the assigned flag and buoy.

14. Open Water Distance
There will be no lanes used during the open water distance races. All canoes must start, pass and finish to the right of course flags (ama to the flag).

15. Turns
During turn races all canoes must turn on the right of their assigned flags (ama to the flag).
Causing the flag to touch the water during a turn will be cause for disqualification.

16. Interference
Interference may be called at any time during which one canoe interferes with another canoe’s pathway on course by forcing the interfered canoe to veer off pathway, or by causing collision. Interference will be cause for disqualification.

17. Overturns
A canoe that swamps or overturns during any Race may be bailed out by its crew and proceed in the race. Bailouts must be completed within five (5) minutes (timed by safety officers in the water) or the team is disqualified. Outside assistance will result in disqualification.

18. Interruption
The Tournament Director may authorize the interruption of a race is an unforeseen problem occurs. A sound signal will be used to halt the race. If the race is declared null and void, no change in the
structure of the team is allowed for the new start.

19. Disqualifications and Protests
All disqualifications must be registered with tournament officials no later than 20 minutes after the respective race. Protests must be submitted in writing by team coaches or captains and accompanied by a $20 deposit no later than 20 minutes after the announcement of race results. If the protest results in the reversal of a decision the $20 deposit will be returned. If the protest is not upheld the $20 deposit will not be returned.
Cause for disqualification includes, but is not limited to:
 Racing paddlers under age.
 Racing unregistered paddlers.
 Racing paddlers for more than one State.
 Non uniformed V – 6 team members.
 Starting or finishing outside lanes.
 Starting or finishing with more or less than 6 crew members.
 Causing a flag to touch the water.
 Interference.
 Handling other canoes during a race.
 Unsportsmanship like behavior.
Protest Committee of the Race may include
 The Tournament Director
 Race Starting & Line Officials
 Timers of the Heat under Protest
 Board Members of CAP

20. Scoring
V-6 Sprints:
Team advancement to the finals will begin with first place in each preliminary heat. Repecharges will be run between remaining teams.
Teams placing first, second and third in each repecharge heat will advance to the finals
The Finals will consist of five teams having advanced from the semi-final heats.
Preliminary Heats – Top 1 in each heat advances to semi-finals
Heat 1: 4-5 teams
Heat 2: 4-5 teams
Heat 3: 4-5 teams
Repecharge - Top 3 advance to finals.
Open Water Distance Event:
Scoring for the open water distance event will be based on team placements.

21. Medals:
Medals will be awarded to all crew members placing in the top three - Gold, Silver and Bronze.

22. Belau Games Rules and Regulations: The General overall Rules and Regulations of the Belau Games Organizing Committee Shall be applied in the running and management of the 2009 Belau Games Canoe Event.