Tournament Manual

2015 Belau National Games

The Archery Competition will feature a series of events for both men and women (Team Event, Individual Event and a proposed Archery Biathlon Event). The tournament distance will be 40 meters (or based on agreed distance by all teams) for both Men and Women.

Prior to the start of the event, there will be a four to five days training/practice camp for all archers.  Upon the completion of the training camp, the competition scheduled will finalized and made available to all participating states. 

All coaches and athletes are required to attend this four to five days training prior to the competition events. Failure to attend this training will be automatically disqualified from the competition. There will be Technical Meeting for all coaches that will be held prior to the event to discuss a number of issues pertaining to the details of rules and regulations, safety issues, training and games. Players and other interested persons are welcome to attend any of the meetings called by Archery Tournament Director.

The days of matches will be numbered and plays continuously from match #1 until the day’s matches are finished. All archers must be at the venue site during matches and ready for a match when called upon.  

In case of excessive rain during the course of the tournament, the Tournament Director, in conjunction with Tournament Referee, coaches and the venue operation committee, will determine how the remaining matches will be rescheduled.

General Rules and Regulations

The Archery Competition will be run in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in this manual; the International Archery Federation Rules of Archery; and the International Archery Federation Code of Conduct.  For clarification of any rule or regulation, notify the Tournament Director.  


Bows and arrows are considered dangerous weapons. No player is allowed to carry the bow and/or arrow outside the designated shooting zone. There is only one shooting target to aim for. Do not point your bow and arrow towards the spectators, or on any object other than the shooting target. Failure to comply with this safety rule will be subjected to disqualification of the entire event.


The venue for practices will be the Emmaus High School Field. All players will be placed on the distance of 40 meters during practice. (The schedule for practice and event will be given out at the technical committee meeting. Please review the tentative schedule at the end of this document)



Event Composition:

  1. 1.      Team Event

Each state will be allowed to enter a men’s team and women’s team. Men’s and women’s team may have no more than 4 players in a team, with 3 archers as the main team and 1 alternate. 

  1. 2.      Individual Event:

Each state will be allowed to enter 5 Men and 5 Women for individual event.  A minimum of 1 player can still enter in the Individual Event

  1. 3.      Archery Biathlon: (Still needs approval from states at the Technical Meeting)

Each State will be allowed to enter 3 Men and 3 Women for the Archery Biathlon Event. A Minimum of 1 Archer can still enter in the Archery Biathlon. (The Archery Biathlon will consist of 3 Kilometer obstacle course run and then shoot 3 arrows at the target for points and time)


Bows and Arrows used will be those sanctioned by Palau Archery Association in accordance with FITA standards.


Players must register with the Tournament Director at the venue where their matches will be played at least twenty minutes prior to their matches.

Warm-up and Rest Periods

Players may have three (3) minutes warm-up with only three arrows before the start of their matches.