Tournament Manual


PNOC Affiliated Sports Member)

 Men's and Women's Fast-Pitch

 The Men's & Women's Fast Pitch Games will be held at the Meyuns Ball Field. The games will use a Double Elimination format. Teams will be dropped from the tournament after their second loss.  Any teams that forfeits twice will be dropped from the tournament. ISF Rules & Regulations will be the official rule for the Softball Tournament.

 All players must be in Uniform (matching shirts). Wearing caps is optional. Women are allowed to wear sports shoes or rubber spikes.  Men are allowed to wear sports shoes, rubber spikes or metal spikes. Bare feet, cut-off pants/shorts will NOT be allowed, however sport shorts are permissible. Players are reminded to remove all jewelry (watch, necklace, earrings, etc.  Palauan money optional) before the game begins. Any player who refuses to remove his/her jewelry will be automatically ineligible to compete in the game. Shirts MUST display the State's name on the front and a number on the back. Numbers MUST be at least six (6) inches high. A batter MUST wear a batting helmet while at bat.

Each Team may consist a MINIMUM of Ten (10) players, one coach and one manager. The Team Manager shall be indicated on the lineup. Only the player from the State's Official Roster may participate in the game.

All teams schedule should be at the field at least thirty (30) minutes prior to game time and the following Teams must be 30 minutes after initial game. Team lineups must be presented with the batting order, field position and the uniform number of each player by the coach or team manager to the scorekeeper no later than fifteen (15) minutes before game time, in order that officials may prepare the lineup. Three (3) copies must be prepared and distributed : 1)Scorekeeper 2)Plate Umpire and 3)Opposing Team.

There will be NO grace period. The team manager or coach for each team will be required to sign the lineup when it is ready. After the signing of the lineup, the team manager will represent his team in the toss. The toss is carried out prior to the game.

Each team taking the field will be allowed a warm-up period of five pitches before the opposing team comes up to bat. At the end of that period, the Umpire will call a "batter up".

 For Fast Pitch, a game consists of Seven (7) innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes time limitation, whichever comes first.

· A Ten (10) Run rule will be in effect after five and half innings of play if the Home team is ahead.

· A Fifteen (15) Run rule will be in effect after four and half innings of play.

 The Twenty (20) Run rule will be in effect after three innings of play.

In the event a game is called due to rain, it will be rescheduled for a later date if necessary as determined by the Tournament Director(s).

8. In Fast Pitch, the "Mercy Rule" shall apply during the Championship games - Twenty (20) runs after three innings or Ten (10) runs after five innings.


Arguing Calls - any team member disputing the judgment of balls and strikes will constitute a team warning. Any repeat offense shall result in the ejection of that team member.

 Violations and Penalties - Players, coaches or managers shall not make disparaging or insulting remarks to, or about opposing players, officials or spectators, or commit other acts that could be considered unsportmanship conduct.

Belau Softball Umpire Association (BSUA) will umpire games.

Any protest must be respectfully voiced by the team manager or coach to the Plate Umpire at the time it occurs. If, in the opinion of the Plate Umpire, the protest is deemed valid or invalid, he will consult with the Tournament Director(s). Scorekeeper will be record the Protest, however, the Plate Umpire must render a decision at that time. The decision rendered on a protested game must result in one of the following: a)The protest is determined invalid and the game score must stand; or b) The protest is determined to be valid because of a misinterpretation of the rules, in which case, the game will be replayed from the point at which the protest was made. Decision of the Plate Umpire is FINAL.