Tournament Manual


1. Games will be held at the Palau National Gymnasium or other facilities if deemed necessary. Players and spectators alike are reminded not to litter the area. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited inside the gym.

2. The Games shall be conducted under the direct supervision of the Palau Basketball Federation in accordance with the FIBA Rules and Regulations of Basketball. Games will be held in both men's and women's divisions.

3. A Technical Committee composed of the following people will oversee the entire tournament; in addition to serving as the Protest Committee: Alson Shiro, Tournament Director. Topps Sungino, Asst. Tournament Director. Frank Kyota, Consulting Advisor , Sinton Soalablai, Consulting Advisor, Myers Techitong, Rules & Regulations Advisor, Jubilee Kuartei, Technical Director and Edson Chiokai, Referees Coordinator

4. All players must be drugs and alcohol free during the tournament. Any player who is found in violation of this rule will be automatically ineligible to participate in the tournament.

5. All players must be in uniform consisting of a jersey and sports shorts of the same color. Players are allowed to wear tights under their shorts, but absolutely no long pants, cut-offs or denim shorts will be allowed. No belts with metal buckles are allowed. Players with long hair must braid or tie their hair in a knot and tuck it in the jersey so that it doesn`t swing around and injure other players. Absolutely no rings, earrings, bracelets, or watches may be worn during competition.

6. Jerseys must display a number either the front or the back.

7. Absolutely no chewing of betelnut and chewing gum or tobacco during the games.

8. A team may consist of a maximum of 15 players, one coach, and one assistant coach. The team captain shall be indicated on the score sheet. Only the players from the State's official roster and recorded on the score sheet may participate in the game. Once the team captain or the coach has signed the score sheet, the recorded players cannot be changed.

9. Each State may have an unlimited number of players on the roster, but only 15 players, 2 coaches, and 1 water boy will be allowed to sit on the bench during game time.

10. All teams should be at the court at least 30 minutes prior to game time in order for the officials to prepare the score sheet. Late entries will result in a penalty of forfeiture of the game.

11. Both teams will be allowed to take the court for a five minute warm-up before game time.

12.For a protest to be entertained. Teams that protest must sign the score sheet and submit a written protest within 1 hour after the game to be valid. They must pay $25 fee for their protest to be heard by the Protest Committee. The fee is refundable if the Team protesting wins the protest. Protesting a referee's call will not be entertained.

13. If a protest is filed for any match, the Referee will inform the opposing coach and convene the Protest Committee. After consultation, the Committee will arrive at a decision and record it in writing on the score sheet. Decisions of the Protest Committee will be final.

14. All players are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times, both on and off the court in the vicinity of the Games. Any player or coach who engages in intimidating behavior or otherwise attempts to distract players on the opposing team or hassles the Referees and/or Games Officials will be warned first, then may be ejected from the game by the Referee if the behavior continues.

15. Promoting the game of Basketball to the Youth of Palau is the number 1 priority of the Palau Basketball Federation and the Tournament Officers of the 2007 Belau Games. With this in mind, all the States Representatives have agreed to allow two (2) All-star player from MSPG in 2005 and Micro Games 2006 Competition during a game. Any violation of this rule will result in a technical foul to the coach.