Medals ceremony


Gold Medal Men - Shefa-Port Vila

The Shefa boys were more organized in the first quarter as they led 18 to 14 at the end of it. But Port Vila came from behind to take the lead in the second period.more

Gold Medal Women - Shefa-Luganville

The Shefa girls looked cool through out the game as Luganville was not providing any threat to John Kalo's girls. Antoinette Terimala and Lisa Tokatake kept scoring power lay ups.more

Bronze Medal Men - Sanma-Penama

The Sanma boys played hard and were ahead in the game but the Penama team kept it. Sanma tried all different offenses going from motion to over load to run and gun but Penama kept trailing from 1 to 3 points behind.more

Day 6: Finals Day : Bronze Medal Women - Sanma-Port Vila

The Sanma girls know that Port Vila had more experience players but they also know that in this game any one will have a fare chance to win.
The Sanma girls played with their heart and managed to keep Port Vila in their range.more

Sanma-Port Vila Men


Sanma-Port Vila Women

Port Vila scored the opening basket and maintained the lead. Sanma's Susie Taoka was injured and could not support the team in the center area.more

Shefa-Penama Men

The Shefa made an early run away but was cought up by Penama at half time as the score was 18 all. The game was so hot that the Penama supporters could not stop cheering for their team.more

Day 5: Shefa-Penama Women

The Penama girls played hard to keep up with the Shefa team. Some of the main players of the Penama team arrived late and were able to be subed in.more

Sanma-Shefa Men

A tight first period. The score board was 6-5 in favor of Santo. Sanma's Big Man Michael Bule just arrived from Santo and was in as first five.more

Sanma-Shefa Women

Shefa girls looked cool through out the game as they knew they would not get any threat from the Sanma team. Amelia Kasten from Sanma scored 12 points for Sanma in the game to increase the Sanma score board.more

Luganville-Port Vila Men

The Port Vila boys played well in the opening period against Luganville boys who tried to stay in the range. Port Vila out scored Luganville 16 to 6 at the end of period 1 and kept the lead through out the game.more

Day 4: Luganville-Port Vila Women

The first quarter started and Luganville girls did not look intimidated at all in front of the Port Vila team as they played hard and out scored Vila 10 to 4 at the end of 1st period.more

Luganville-Sanma Men

The game of the day was between Luganville et Sanma. The Sanma team was much taller and therefore was getting all the rebounds from Luganville.more

Luganville-Sanma Women

Luganville scored the first basket out of the jump ball and went on ahead 19 to 6 at half time.more

Penama-Port Vila Men

The second game of the day between Penama boys and Port Vila was also competitive at the start. Scores were tied at 6 at 5 minutes Port Vila took the advantage and pulled of in the second period when Penama entered it's young players.more

Day 3 : Penama-Port Vila Women

Four new girls arrived yesterday with the second delegation who arrived late. Queneth, Uri, Eliana and Flora were a strong re enforcement to the Penama team.more

Shefa-Port Vila Men

The game everyone was waiting for it, was between Port Vila and Shefa in the men's division.
Port Vila boys started very strong with a zone press and came up with a Natu Vira who intercepted a pass and scored an open lay up.more

Shefa-Port Vila Women

Shefa girls did not score any on the opening 5 minutes of the first quarter when Polinda Lango scored a jumper at the score was 6 to 2 in favor of Port Vila.more

Penama-Luganville Men

The second game was in the boys division between Penama and Luganville. Penama recruted some new and strong players who helped make a difference in the team.more

Day 2 : Penama-Luganville Women

Day two of the tournament started with Penama girls against Luganville and at the opening jump ball to the end of first quarter, Penama girls were ahead 9 to 2. However the Luganville coach Allan Mahit got his team spirit back together and Luganville caught up.more

Day one news

The opening game of the 2009 National Games was between the Sanma and Penama women at 4pm in the gymnasium of EX FOL.more

Shefa Teams

Hera are the Shefa teamsmore

Luganville Teams

Here are the Luganville teamsmore

Penama Teams

Here are the Penama teamsmore

Sanma teams

Here are the sanma Men and women.more

Technical meeting

The technical meeting of the basketball competition was held on Friday 4th December after the official opening of the games. The meeting was held at the games village at Malapoa College in one of the class rooms.more

Late night work for the Vasanoc staff

Accreditation work with the Vasanoc staff went on until late night at the NOC office on Wednesday 2 November at night.more

Minikin arrives in Vila for the games

Brian Minikin the ONOC Development Manager has arrived in Vanuatu to organize a workshop on Website, Database and Software in preeration for the 6th Vanuatu Games.more


Tha 6th Nationla (Provincial) Games OF Vanuatu will now be hosted by Port Vila the Capital city.more
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Tam Tam

Basketball at the STAD Monday and Tuesday.