Solomons Complete Race

Fifiteen minutes after the Gold was won by Australia the Islanders are still in the course running.Despite this the boys will remember this event as one of the greatest competition they have attended.Well done boys.more

Australian Snatch Gold

Australia won the Gold Medal for his country in the 2006 Triathlon in the Commonwealth Games.he is the first Australian Male to win a Gold Medal in this race.The Silver goes to NZ and bronze to Australia.more

Racing for Gold

The Australian from Melbourne is taking the lead, Peter Robinson is racing away, another Australian was 8 secs behind.They are now side by side and the 26yrs, Bradley looking very strong taking over from Robinson.Looking Comfortable infront.more

Canada Pushes Harder

Australia takes the lead in the race after 1hr 12mins in the first and second place.This guys knows whatthey are doing, but Canada came back in the race taking the lead keeping thing to themselves.more

Solomon Islanders Giving Their Best

Solomon ISlanders racing are giving all their best in the race.They are way back behind in the race but the boys are giving all they got.The boys came over 2 months a ago to train in Gold Coast, now they putting in their effort into the race.more

Canada Takes the Lead

After 50 mins of the race Paul of Canada took the lead again.Paul Tichlaar is looking harp in this race.The Pacific Islanders are no where to be seen in this leading group.They just finish their third lap and another two laps to go.more

Solomons Came out of the Water

Solomons Stanley and Willy came out of the water while the African triathlete is leading the race.Marcus of Solomons came out at 33 minutes into the race.These boys are first timers in a Commonwealth Game.Storm from SA lead the race after 33mins.more

The Competition Begins

The triathlon comp begins and 12 minutes gone and Canada is still leading in the swimming.After 17 minutes Timothy Don from England is out of the water leading the race and is still leading atfer 21 minutes by approx 50m infront of the others.more

Altona Triathlon Club Host Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands National Triathlon Team competes yesturday 12 of March Altona triathlon club yesturday.

The club management gave the boys free entry in the competition.The competition started yesturday at 7am....more

Thomas Henderson qualifies for Games

18 January:

Cook Islands Triathlete Thomas Henderson has qualified for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in March.

At just 19, Henderson will be heading off to his first games following a successful year in 2005. In that year he competed in the Mini South Pacific Games for the first time in Palau and picked up a bronze medal.more

Road Events to showcase Melbourne to the world

The Minster for the Commonwealth Games, Mr Justin Madden, has announced the courses for the Marathon, Triathlon, Cycling Road Race, Cycling Time Trial and 20km and 50km Race Walks Road Events around many of Melbourne's iconic landmarks, boulevards and vistas.more
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