teams exceeding number of rep players

As per section 12 of the Condition of Entry document teams that exceed the recommended number of representative players automatically give the opposing team a 2-point advantage.

We have identified that the following teams have exceeded the number of rep players and any team playing these teams will be automatically awarded a 2-point advantage:more

COE (Condition of Entry)

Rules and Regulations for playing at South Tweed Touch Football Club - document subject to changemore

How many Rep players can i have in my team?

a break down of the rules around representative players in Friday night teams.more

Code of Conduct - All Players to read

Please read carefully before signing, as NO TEAM will be eligible to compete in the Junior Competitions unless this document is completed and handed to South Tweed Touch Football Association (STTFA) prior to commencement of 2017 competition. Team Delegate must ensure that all players in their team have seen this form. A completed form signed by the Team Delegate must be returned to STTFAmore

what are the rules for under 8 mixed?

break down of the modified rules and the team makeup for under 8 mixed teams.more

Team Delegate

Letter for all team delegates - 2017 - 18 seaonmore

Age Cut OFF

What team should my child play inmore

Key Dates

2017-18 key datesmore
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