8th Micronesian Games July 20th to July 30th, Pohnpei

The Micronesian Games is 3 days out till it begins and we have 9 countries competing in the men's championship and 7 in the women's championship.more

Guam U19 girls account for Under 16's

Alina Bonto scored a game high 20 points, outscoring the U16 Guam Women’s team single-handedly through three quarters, to lead the U19 team in the big win. The U16 team had a rough second quarter scoring just two points after scoring 12 in the first quarter.more

Day 1 Game reports

Men - Guam U19's 80 defeat Palau men 51; CNMI women 45 defeat Guam U16 girls 29; Guam U16 boys defeat CNMI 72-67more

U19 Micronesian Basketball Tournament Begins!

The 2013 Mens and Women’s Micronesia Basketball Tournament kicked off Sunday afternoon with a short ceremony blessing to honor teams from Guam, Palau, and the CNMI. Each participating island has a men’s and women’s team to represent them and Guam has an U19 and U16 for both men and women.more

CNMI women's team based on experience

A much-experienced team will see action for the CNMI in the MBT U19 in Guam starting this weekend. “We've got some veteran players from the 2010 Micronesian Games, the 2011 MBT, and MISO, along with some young and upcoming talents,” said Basketball Association of Northern Mariana Islands vice president Elias Rangamar when asked for the composition of the CNMI team.more

Ngara women's group donate to Palau teams

Members of the Ngara Maiberel women's group of Koror donatied $500 to assist with the men and women Team Palau for the MBT 19U in Guam. The Palau Basketball Federation thanks the women group and many other community organizations, businesses and state governments for their generous donation.more

CNMI men's team to MBT announced

Explosive guard Ichitaro Faisao and Jack Aranda lead the 12-player roster of the CNMI U19 Junior National Team that will compete in the MBT U19 Tournament in Guam.Faisao and Aranda played for Kagman High School and Saipan Southern High School in the Marianas Interscholastic Sports Organization and were among the top scorers on their respective teams.more

Team Palau set to leave for MBT 19 Under cagefest

From Palau Basketball Website: Team Palau are set to leave early Saturday in time for the opening of the Matson’s men’s and women’s Micronesian Basketball Tournament which is set to open on June 23 at the FDMS Phoenix Center in Guam.more

Looking for 2012 results and stats?

Click on the 'Schedule and Results' tab above, then click on results to see game scores. By clicking on a team name or the stats icon, you will be able to see the team stats. Double click on a players name and all their game stats from the tournament can be seen. Thanks to FIBA Live Stats for making this all possible.more

Welcome to the MBT website

This website has been set up to display all the inforamtion and results for all of the Micronesian Basketball Tournaments. Currently the results and stats of the 2012 MBT can be found under the 'results' tab. The draw for the 2013 Under 19's will be appearing soon.more
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Notice Board

8th Micronesian Games, Pohnpei
July 20th to July 30th, 2014

Basketball Schedule

 Monday July 21st
8am M Kosrae vs Yap -
10am W Nauru vs Palau -
12noon M RMI vs Guam -
2pm W Chuuk vs RMI -
4pm M Chuuk vs CNMI -
6pm W Pohnpei vs CNMI -
8pm M Pohnpei vs Nauru -

Tuesday July 22nd
8am  M CNMI vs Nauru -
10am  W Guam vs CNMI -
12noon M Yap vs RMI -
2pm W Nauru vs RMI -
4pm M Chuuk vs Palau -
6pm W Chuuk vs Pohnpei -
8pm M Guam vs Kosrae -

Wednesday July 23rd
8am M Nauru vs Chuuk -
10am W CNMI vs Nauru -
12noon M Yap vs Guam -
2pm W Palau vs Guam -
4pm  M RMI vs Kosrae -
6pm  W Pohnpei vs RMI -
8pm M Pohnpei vs CNMI -

Thursday July 24th
10am W Palau vs RMI -
12noon M Palau vs Nauru -
2pm W Guam vs Chuuk -
4pm  W Nauru vs Pohnpei -
6pm M Chuuk vs Pohnpei -

Friday July 25th
10am W Chuuk vs Nauru -
12noon M CNMI vs Chuuk -
2pm W RMI vs Guam - 
4pm W CNMI vs Palau -
6pm  M Pohnpei vs Palau -

Saturday July 26th
8am W CNMI vs Chuuk -
10am W Guam vs Nauru -
12noon W Palau vs Pohnpei -
2pm M MP1 Pool B: 1 vs Pool A: 4 -
4pm  M MP2 Pool A: 2 vs Pool B: 3 -
6pm  M MP3 Pool B: 2 vs Pool A: 3 -
8pm M MP4 Pool A: 1 vs Pool B: 4

Sunday July 27th
12noon W Chuuk vs Palau -
2pm W RMI vs CNMI -
4pm W Pohnpei vs Guam -
6pm  M Loser MP1 vs Loser MP3 -
8pm M Loser MP2 vs Loser MP4 -

Monday July 28th
8am W 5 vs 6 -
10am M RG 5&6 WMR1 vs WMR2 -
12noon M RG 7&8 LMR1 vs LMR2 -
2pm W WSF # 1 vs # 4 -
4pm W WSF # 2 vs # 3 -
6pm M MSF1 Winner MP1 vs Winner MP2 -
8pm M MSF2 Winner MP3 vs Winner MP4 - 

Tuesday July 29th
2pm W Bronze Loser WSF1 vs Loser WSF2 -
4pm M Bronze Loser MSF1 vs MSF2 -
6pm W Gold Winner WSF1 vs WSF2 -
8pm M Gold Winner MSF1 vs MSF2



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