Japanese Provide excellent Bench Mark

The presence of the Japanese team in the 2004 Oceania Tournament provided our Oceania Werstlers with a great bench mark for the future.more

Men' Freestyle Today

Sunday May 30...

The Men's Freestyle started off this morning with the usual and expected domination by the talented Japanese wrestlers.more

President Happy with the Start

The President of Oceania Wrestling, Selwyn Metcalfe of New Zealand is happy but acknowledges that the sport has many hurdles to overcome before becoming a viable sport in Oceania.more

Championships Underway

The 2004 Oceania Championships got underway on time this morning.

After a brief Opening Ceremony, the Tournament kicked off with the Junior Freestyle events and the mens' Senior Greco. The Women's Freestyle folloed in the afternoon.more

Provisional Draws Completed

The Provisional Draws for the 2004 oceania Wrestling Championships have been completed.

Check the Fixture/Results Section for Details.more

Weigh ins Tonight

May 27 2004

Weigh-ins for the 2004 Wrestling Oceania Championship are taking place at the Marriott Hotel Tonight at 6:00pm. The Final Competitions Draws will be done after this and will be posted in the Fixture/Results Section Tonight...more

Oceania Congress Completed

The Annual Congress of the Oceania Wrestling Federation took place this morning with FILA President Mr Raphael Martinetti in Attendance.more

Australia Bring Three Juniors

After weeks of conjecture, The Australians are Coming...more

Regional Solidarity Support Forthcoming

The Secretary General of the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC), Dr Robin Mitchell, announced a Regional Solidarity Grant of $10,000.00 to support the Oceania Wrestling Championships and the education programs surrounding them..more

Japan To Send Full Team

The Japan Wrestling Federation will send a full team to Guam for the Oceania Championships...more

Oceania for Guam

Oceania Wrestling is Coming To Guam on May 28 2004...more
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