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Video of closing and medals now online

WYNC is over, the teams have flown away but the memories linger on.
It was a fantastic occasion and Rarotonga loved hosting the twenty teams of young netballers. This video is of the final march past and the presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals as well as the Millenium Trophy.more

Video of positions 9 to 20 now online

Short video of the teams in final postions nine to twenty.more

NZ loses WYNC final to a fired-up Australian team

NZ lacked the fire and determination that was required to be truly competitive against such a dominant Australian side on Thursday night, especially for the final of the World Youth Netball Championships.more

Aussies win the World Title

A first quarter onslaught by the Australians left too great a gap for the Kiwis to make up but they gave it a good shot. Australia win 64 to 46more

TEAM LINEUPS for the Gold Medal Game

Click on moremore

TEAM LINEUPS for the Bronze Medal Game

Click on more for the starting lineupsmore

Cook Islands vs South Africa

This was the for the right to play for fifth and sixth placing and after their poor showing against Australia the previous night Team Cook Islanders lifted their game to convincingly beat the South Africans and raise their current world ranking status. South Africa will now play for 7th and 8th while the Cooks have a shot at 5th against Malawimore

NZ vs Jamaica

Team New Zealand knew they were in for a tough game against the tall Jamaicans and it proved to be thriller right from the first whistle as they steadily shot their way to win the night.more

Trinidad & Tobago vs Barbados

This was a thrilling and close match up and could have gone either way until the last goals posted by Trinidad & Tobago led them to a four goal victory over Barbados.more

New pool play video online

Action fromAustralia v Botswana and South Africa v Samoamore

Australia fire up against England

Australia was all fired up to dominate in Tuesday night’s semi-final against England.more

Well deserved win to Malawi

Malawi celebrated their win with their supporters.more

South Africa shut down by English defence

One of the lowest first quarter scores of the tournament indicated how evenly matched these teams were, coming into Monday night’s match.more

Wales vs Malaysia

Wales demonstrated their higher standing in the world rankings over Malaysia with their superior play on the court. Wales is currently 18th and Malaysia is 20th.more

Fiji vs Samoa

The play off between Fiji and Samoa was a competition of who could out-do the other in offence and defence.more

Australia vs Cook Islands

Australia’s speed, height and powerful ball passing right throughout the match were the dominant factors for defeating Team Cook Islands in their quarter final encounter.more

New Zealand v Malawi

Malawi tested New Zealand in their fiery match.more

Scotland vs Botswana

It was light pickings for Team Botswana as Scotland dominated on the court.more

USA vs Vanuatu

Team USA were a determined team as they ground down Team Ni Vanuatu to eventually come out a winner for the first time in this competition.more

Jamaicans move to semi-final against NZ

Northern Ireland players were all geared up for a hard game but gave the Jamaicans as good as they got in a fiercely fought battle on the court on Monday evening.more

Trinidad & Tobago vs Papua New Guinea

Trinidad & Tobago are one of the current top ten in the world and their play reminded Papua New Guinea of their status.more

Wales vs Samoa

The Samoan girls made a huge effort as they lifted their game to pip Wales by a point.more

Fiji vs Malaysia

Fiji dominated through all the quarters to eventually outscore and outplay the Malaysian girls.more

Scotland vs Vanuatu

Scotland faced a determined Vanuatu side that had everything to play for to improve on their world standing.more

Singapore vs Barbados

This was a close game but Barbados was able to keep the Singaporeans at bay until the final whistle.more

Botswana vs USA

This was a tough encounter for the last of the play-offs between USA and Botswana.more

Finals Draw

Click on more to view the finals draw. To view scores as they happen, click on fixtures/results, finals draw, then click on all rounds. You will see all updated scores.more

Video of pool play now online

A short video of three pool play matchesmore

Trinidad and Tobago vs Scotland

Saturday’s game was a do or die game for Scotland who, despite their valiant efforts on court, have not been favoured by a win during this tournament.more

Papua New Guinea vs United States of America

It was a very relieved PNG side at the end of a grueling match against USA.more

Malawi vs Singapore

Malawi has done it again with their match against Singapore. Accurate shooting, ball snatching and height were some of their advantages in Saturday evening’s match.more

South Africa vs Botswana

The energetic team from South Africa dominated their way to victory over Botswana.more

Northern Ireland vs Barbados

A fit and prepared Northern Ireland team came out and took control with a victory over Barbados.more

Jamaica vs Papua New Guinea

The Jamaican team joined together with the Papua New Guineans in a huddle at the end of their match.more

New Zealand vs Northern Ireland

The New Zealand team gathered for a half-time huddle before they took to the court again, leading Northern Ireland by 44-13.more
Cook Islands versus England

England vs Cook Islands

England won their third game coming off a bye on Thursday.more

Wales vs Vanuatu

A solid Wales kept on top of their shorter Pacific challenger team Ni Vanuatu, who were kept out of the points tally for the first ten minutes of the first quarter.more

Botswana vs Samoa

A rejuvenated Team Samoa played their way to victory over Team Botswana, with a powerful start leading to a 10 point difference after the first two quarters.more

Fiji vs South Africa

Fiji and South Africa lit up court number one with their display of skills and spills.more

Jamaica vs Malawi

Jamaica stood at ease during the playing of the anthems of Singapore and USA on Court2, in anticipation of a game that they must have known was going to be a real test of their skills.more

Samoa vs South Africa

The players in this match turned out to be evenly matched in height but Samoa lacked some of the fire that they showed in their game against Australia on Wednesday. In fact they looked rather tired at times.more

Australia vs Botswana

Australia dominated throughout this match with their superior game plan, fitness and height.more

New Zealand vs Scotland

New Zealand really needed the breaks after a feisty performance by the Scottish team in today’s game at the Telecom Stadium.more

Cook Islands v Wales video online

A short video of some of the action in the Cook Islands v Wales match on opening day.more

Singapore v USA

The skills and determination and quick court coverage by the girls from Singapore gave them their second of the tournament.

Against a lack lustre team from the USA, Singapore was able to quickly move the ball down court to their goal shoot Cassandra Soh. Though consistent at putting the ball into the net, she ended up with a creditable tally of goals.more

Trinidad/Tobago 59 vs Barbados 33

Trinidad & Tobago coming in as favourites against their Caribbean neighbour Barbados and didn’t disappoint themselves.

They were all over Barbados in the first quarter racing away with a 20 – 6 advantage and continued to the end whistle to win 59 – 33.

Barbados took any advantage they had and used well to service the equally brave goal attack and goal shoot to at least keep the momentummore

England & Fiji teams welcomed

Arorangi School welcomed the English and Fijian teams in a traditional way that captivated the hearts of those present. The little children were so excited and had learnt their songs and positions to stand and also perform. They stood to attention when they were prompted to sing, to move, to shout but you could see how joyful they were to see these beautiful young athletes.more

Fiji wins first Pacific Rivalry

Team Fiji U21 defeated Samoa in their first game of the competition.

It was not easy for the Bula girls as Samoa was up to the challenge.

It was Pacific rivalry at its very best. Defence was the key factor for the Fijian girls and their lack of height and size made very determined winners.more

Jamaica lights up Court One on Day 2

The “Sunshine Girls” from Jamaica are here to play.

Not only that, but they are also here to stamp their mark as one of the team to be on the look out for.

It was a one sided affair as they started to pile on points starting from the word go.

Team USA had no answer for the precision onslaught as they tried to break through the Jamaican defence.


Northern Ireland vs Scotland

The girls from the celtic isles were evenly matched with Northern Ireland looking to raise their ranking beating Scotland 53 – 40.

Scotland has played in 10 more competitions than Northern Ireland, this competition may see the lower ranks move around.

Scotland is ranked 13 with Northern Ireland at 19 so a few more wins could help them change on the world ranking table.more

Program fixture and results so far

Check the results of Tuesday's eight games here.more

Day two matches

Most of today's games were somewhat one-sided when you look at the scores but on the court teams gave it their all.more

Avarua school children fly the flag for Vanuatu

One of the big hits of the World Youth Netball Championships has been the enthusiastic support of schools for their adopted countries.more

Plenty to shout about

The students from Titikaveka College who are hosting New Zealand during their stay on Rarotonga, had a lot to shout and sing about tonight.more

New Zealand vs Barbados

Prematch warm ups were intense and focused for both teams on court tonight as New Zealand and Barbados prepared for their first match of the WYNC tournament on Court 1 at the Telecom Stadium.more

Opening Ceremony video online

Twenty teams, a short prayer, three brief speeches and Cook Islands entertainment kept the packed arena enthralled. Check out this short video of the opening ceremony.more

Titikaveka happy after Singapore win

In the first session of pool play at the World Youth Netball Championships today, Singapore met Papua New Guinea.more

Nikao Maori School cheers on Papua New Guinea

Not every team can be a winner on the court but the Nikao supporters of Papua New Guinea didn't let that worry them.more

Unfurling the Cook Islands and IFNA flags

Unfurling the Cook Islands and the INFP flags was a solemn occasion at the opening of the WYNC Gamesmore

WYNC starts with colourful opening, close contest

An excited crowd of netball fans, locals, tourists and adopt-a-school kids crowded into the Telecom Sports Arena on Monday afternoon to watch the start of the World Youth Netball Championships.more


There have been some questions about the results. On the opening game there were some internet access issues that have now been resolved. The final score of the games are now being uploaded within 7 seconds of the completion of the game. Click on Fixtures and results in the top menu.more

Cooks Win in an Opening Thriller

While the Cooks led for 99% of the game, it was never a foregone conclusion. Wales were never out of it and kept the locals honest until the end.more

Opening Ceremony A Massive Hit.

With a packed house, Rarotonga turned on a fantastic opening.more
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Thursday 20 August - GRAND FINALS
11.15am - 7th & 8th Placing Playoff
Final Results
South Africa 43 vs Northern Ireland 41

1.30pm - 5th & 6th Placing Playoff 
Final Results
Cook Islands 48 vs Malawi 61

3.45pm - Bronze & 4th Playoff 
Final Results
England 48 vs Jamaica 42

6.00pm - Gold & Silver Playoff
Final Results
Australia 64 vs New Zealand 46

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